Day 12 Motorhoming in France … Les Eyzies to Belves

Wow, Wow and wow some more!

Today we got up to more mist, but at least it was dry. We slept really well and as we sipped our morning coffee, the local policewoman came round all the motorhomes and collected the 5 Euro charge for an overnight stay. (Dont think there’s too much crime in Les Eyzies!) It was well worth it, we felt safe even though we were only 4 vans on the whole aire which caters for at least 20! I think the season is winding down.

We left and went for a quick visit to one of the caves, this area is full of them it’s where the Cro Magnon men used to live – it’s really very impressive, but I won’t give you a history lesson – too many facts for my small brain to retain, but let’s just say, it was an awful long time ago!! Pre Starbucks that’s for sure Smile

We went to see our friends and unfortunately the house was all shuttered up and we learned later on today that they are still in the UK on family matters, it was such a disappointment. We decided to forge ahead and go to Sarlat, well, I can say it is probably the most beautiful town I’ve ever been to, it was simply stunning. It’s has a main modern street that is impeccably clean and has all the usual high street shops and then there is the Medieval centre which is just fascinating. Every turning was picture perfect, it was a bit like being inside a postcard!  I’m sure you could lose yourself within the little alleyways and roads, it was superb and I absolutely loved it.

We had found a parking spot just as we entered Sarlat and I decided there and then that the pushchair was being taken with us!! Oh yes we did!!! And thank goodness we did, Charlie walked for the first 10 – 15 minutes and then showed that he wanted to get into the buggy. I couldn’t believe it! He settled in and was as good as gold, he didn’t shift. Even when we were browsing in shops he just lay there watching us, I didn’t even have to tie him in. He knows a good thing my dog! He honestly had a massive smile on his face, as did many passers by! We had so many comments and even people calling to their children to come and see the ‘old dog in a buggy’!! I did explain to everyone that he was very old and they all thought it was a wonderful idea. Without the buggy, we wouldn’t have seen Sarlat and I’m so glad I did.

After lunch in Sarlat, we got lost, we took the wrong road, again! This is becoming a daily habit, not just once a day either. The Sat Nav woman is in the glove box and isn’t allowed out until she promises to behave. We said we would go to the next town and turn around. The next town was called La Roque-Gageac. I couldn’t believe my eyes as we came around the corner and got our first glimpse of this stunning town, set into the hills with rocks above and in the foreground a wide expanse of water.  There was no way we were just going to turn around, we got out for a wander and ended up have two of the most delicious and huge ice cream sundaes! The sun was out and we were loving it!

We are now in the town of Belves which is also really pretty (is this getting a little boring yet?) The view we have from Harry tonight is stunning. It’s good to see some open countryside after all the narrow, winding roads!

Oh and tonight we’re celebrating – we’ve swatted the damn fly that has been travelling with us for the last two days! Pesky little so and so, we have been swatting him every five minutes and he always seems to get away, NOT tonight, we got him!! RIP Pesky Fly. (knowing our luck all his family will turn up to bug us now!)(

Hope you enjoy the photos:

8 thoughts on “Day 12 Motorhoming in France … Les Eyzies to Belves

  1. yay charlie snuggled in buggy. how lovely if you get hard up you could charge people to look at him, put a bonnett on him ha ha. xx

    • Don’t tempt me, I was ripped off today. There was a lady collecting for the French RSPCA and she had a mini piglet with her, so cute but I forked out 15 Euros!! She saw me coming!!! Maybe we will buy a bonnet for the boy after all!!

  2. I loved the photo of the mountain and the mist, even now it seems you’ve come such a long way since you first decided on your great adventure! Long may the road continue to bring excitement and wonder to you!

    • Hi there, How lovely to hear from you, we’re having a great time although today, my temper was somewhat frayed!! We’re so looking forward to the rest of our journey although to be quite honest I would stay in France forever, I love it. I hope all is going well for you … what’s happening with your books??????

  3. Dogs are the best icebreakers! Especially kindness to dogs. So cute! I’m sorry you missed your friends. Sounds like the lost situation was a bit of wonderful serendipity. Wow! Those pictures are gorgeous! Postcard beautiful! I’m awed by the knowledge you really saw those stunning places. I only pin them on Pinterest. 🙂 What a lovely picture of you and Charlie.

    • Oh dear, I’ve let myself down today, I lost my rag!! Charlie was a absolute pain and I lost my temper with him. I was paid back big time you’ll see on Day 13!! I do feel for him although he does test my patience sometimes! He still loves me though – honest!! I’m so happy you’re enjoying our trip, maybe good times and bad after today!!!!

      • Oh no, far from perfect! You should ask those who know me – I’m sure they’d have something to say on the subject!! Yes dogs do have a skill for calming you down, although I think it was all a bit much the other day, all’s well now though!!

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