Day 13 Motorhoming in France … Belves to Gourdon

Today is day 13 and yes I’m very superstitious. however we woke up to the most magnificent views, to one side the sun coming up over the rooftops through the mist and to the other the sun shining down on a fortress up on the hill. Harry was quite at home in this aire, there were no services as such but it was calm and we had a good night’s sleep.

IMG_0663   IMG_0665   IMG_0667

We set off, along some incredibly twisty roads and lanes for Monpazier, it was recommended to us by some other motorhomers, Cliff and Irene, who we’re hoping to bump into in Spain, if we ever get there!

Monpazier is a Bastide town, it is built in a grid formation around the central market place. I have actually run out of superlatives – so let me just say it was very, very pretty!

The market was just setting up as we arrived and all the locals were stood around chatting, setting up their stalls and drinking coffee. It was charming.

IMG_0668    IMG_0671   IMG_0676

IMG_0677  IMG_0680  IMG_0686

Now then this is where the superstition comes into play, we went to the village and took Charlie with us, I’m afraid I lost my cool. He was an absolute pain in the backside, he wouldn’t walk at all, he dug his heels in, then we bumped into various local dogs who took a shine to his back end which set him off, big time! Grumpy old man! I’m afraid it didn’t make for a peaceful stroll around a beautiful market town! We bought a baguette and headed back to Harry. Charlie wouldn’t get in, then when he did, he wouldn’t settle out of the way, we were all three of us tripping over each other. My mood was rapidly declining, I could have screamed!! Now – every morning I prepare us a flask of coffee for the day, which means we don’t have to stop, turn the gas on and boil a kettle every time we need a cup. I put the baguette on the table, turned around to get the flask, unscrewed the top and placed it on the table – I’m not sure what happened next but I received the full contents of boiling hot coffee all down my back from my behind down to my shoes! I screamed! It was searing hot and the worst was that I couldn’t remove my shoes quick enough the boiling hot liquid had gone through my shoes and was being absorbed by my socks!. I jumped in the shower and cooled it all down. Good move I reckon, as I just have one red mark on my back and that’s it but boy it gave me a start! Really not a good start to the day at all! 

We eventually settled down, after having mopped up the spilt coffee, all over the new carpet we bought, the seats and splashed up the drawers (what a mess!) We had a cup of coffee with fresh baguette with Nutella, I apologised for shouting at both the Hubster and the dog and the mood lightened! (I did notice that neither of them apologised to me, for having refused to walk or for knocking the flask over me!!) But peace reigns again!! We left Charlie in the van and set off to see the village and yes it is very lovely, much better on our own than dragging poor Charlie out in the sun. We bought some freshly, roasted Quail and then set off to find somewhere nice to eat them.

We found a spot in Cazals, by a lake, it was peaceful and serene (just like me eh?) The quail were delicious by the way Smile

IMG_0689  IMG_0692  IMG_0693

We then continued along to where we are now, Gourdon, which seems to be quite a big town. We are in a nice peaceful spot above the town on an Aire that supposedly has room for 8 vans, we are already 12! but we have lots of space. The latest arrival actually pulled up and then turned around and left, thank goodness we arrived early.

It’s very warm today, inside 27 degrees and outside a whopping 37 degrees!! It’s fabulous but the best thing is we’ve taken advantage of this sunshine to do some washing the dog’s bed and my coffee stained clothes from this morning. So you see, all turned out fine!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 13 Motorhoming in France … Belves to Gourdon

  1. Hi chick

    I loved monpazier, I was there last year with my sister, my mobile number is 07920159377, really enjoying your blog, I think the hubster and Charlie should be apologising xx



  2. I’m sorry you were hurt and very glad you’re all right. Life happens. Good for you for not allowing it to ruin your day. Breathtaking pictures, and the fortress on the hill… Wow! I wanted to transport to the cafe and have a baguette.

    • Fortunately I have the skin of a rhino, so no damage done!! We’re in such a beautiful spot and we are so privaleged to be here, I couldn’t let it spoil our day! The sights here are truly amazing although the castles are different in the Loire region they were strong holds, here they seem to be fairytale castles, it’s simply stunning. You’ll really love the photos from Rocamadour Day 14! I still can’t believe what I’ve seen. Take care. Michelle

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