Day 15 Motorhoming in France … Rocamadour to Lanuejouls

I could hardly sleep last night, firstly I had all the sights of Rocamadour spinning around in my head and secondly, we’ve become much too blasé for laying chocks to level the van, “Nah, we’ll be alright” we say as poor Harry is lilting on the starboard! As a result I’m lying in my bed clinging on by my fingernails! We really shouldn’t be so lazy.

IMG_0861_1  IMG_0886_1  IMG_0892_1

Now I want you to picture this, given that I had a rotten night’s sleep. I’m awoken by the Hubster, it’s still dark outside. I jumped (read – stumble) out of my pit, I waddled up the lilting van into the bathroom and grab a pair of jogging bottoms and pull on my boots and a fleece. I opened the overhead locker and tried to prise my tripod out from under the piles of books, many of which landed squarely on my noggin. I stumbled out of the van mumbling goodbye to the Hubster as he passed me a flask of coffee.


I walked, (like a zombie) along the road into Rocamadour to the point where the view is best. I wanted to hurry but my feet wouldn’t walk fast enough, it must have been the 216 steps we climbed yesterday! I arrived at the point just in time … the sun was just coming over the horizon. I set up, and for the first time in an age I decided to use Manual mode on my camera. (I usually pop it on Aperture Setting and I’m pretty safe like that) I’ve not taken sun-rise photos before so I thought Manual would give me a better result. I wasn’t disappointed! The castle looked superb bathed in the warm sunlight as it came over the top and lit the walls and surrounding greenery with soft yellow light. It was well worth getting up for. By the time I returned to the van it was daylight good and proper, we sat drinking coffee when we heard a huge puffing and blowing – we went out and saw two beautiful Hot Air Balloons taking off for an early morning flight. Sheer beauty.

IMG_0896_1  IMG_0902_1

We drove to Cahors but that was a bit of a damp squib, unfortunately finding somewhere to park wasn’t that easy and Charlie was absolutely pooped, there was no way he was going to walk around town, so we settled for seeing the Pont de Valentre, and that was lovely. The weather has been amazing and went up over 30 degrees this afternoon.

IMG_0911_1  IMG_0916_1  IMG_0921_1

We’ve done a lot of driving today, through some of the wildest countryside, just trees and scrub and miles of it, hairpin bends, twists and turns. You may ask what is in Lanuejouls, actually not a lot, there is a rather nice patisserie (I bought two fruit tartlettes there!) and a tabac (good job too, we were running out of the evil weed!). What this little village has, is a lovely Aire and for just 5 Euros, there are showers, dishwashing facilities and free electricity, so we are charging every thing up. In fact we take our life in our hands when we go from one end of the van to the other, there are cables everywhere!! We’ll probably blow the National grid Open-mouthed smile

IMG_0922  IMG_0923_1  IMG_0924_1

We also stopped at a Wine Cave on our way and we bought 6 bottles of rose, I did have a tasting but it isn’t quite the same after brushing your teeth. I’m glad to report that I’ve just had a little glass with some crisps and it will do the job nicely, thank you very much.

IMG_0926_1  IMG_0927_1

We are also lovely and stable tonight, we have levelled off with the chocks and have put down the stabilisers so I’m hoping I’ll get a really good night’s sleep. Tomorrow, who knows where we’ll go – we really are getting quite unfazed by working out where to go, we are at present well off the tourist track but it’s very lovely, it’s rural France and that’s what we wanted to see.


I’m sorry to bore you with more photos of Rocamadour but it really was a sight for sore eyes.

So watch this space!

5 thoughts on “Day 15 Motorhoming in France … Rocamadour to Lanuejouls

  1. Wonderful pictures Michelle — how I would like to see it all with you. France is so special in some areas. Well done. LOL Di

  2. I love the pictures, Michelle! Wow! A feast for the eyes. Thank you for making the effort for those sunrise pictures and finding delicious fruit tarts is something to celebrate. 🙂 I’m looking forward to more.

    • Oh Judy thank you so much for your comments. I look forward to reading them every day. May I just say the fruit tarts were absolutely delicious, I should’ve taken a photo but they were devoured too quickly… strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, reine claude and cherries! Today has been a revelation, I though nothing could top Rocamadour but today has been amazing too!

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