Day 16 Motorhoming in France … Lanuejouls to Cordes sur Ciel

Well we thought we had reached the summit with Rocamadour. This country has blown us away. We lived in and around Paris as teenagers and in our twenties, we got married in Paris, but had never visited the country apart from holidaying in the south. It seems it’s been saving up all it’s treasures for us. I’m on top of the world, literally!

We got up this morning to grey skies and drizzle, a bit like being back in the UK, I can’t say it made me miss it all … yet! Anyway we set off this morning and I had planned a day of easy driving for the Hubster but the GPS lady had other ideas, I swear she is determined to try and spoil our trip! She took us through valleys and troughs, up hills and inclines that only goats should try to conquer. Harry did so well. although at times I thought he was going to give one last cough and give up the ghost! I’m pleased to say both The Hubster and Harry survived the journey, I said nothing and Charlie kept his head down, wise move!!

We have been through farming country and there were vistas that reminded me of my home country, Wales, very green, and lots of cows although in Wales we do have slightly more sheep than cows. We traversed some mountain range that wasn’t even on the map! We undertook hairpin bends that doubled back on themselves so much that we were going back the way we came.

All of this in order to get to a town called Cordes sur Ciel (Cordes on Sky) I guess the name should’ve given us a clue! It was going to be uphill all the way!

We found the Aire but just missed the turning, only to find men dressed in red T-shirts directing traffic over a one-way only bridge on a very, (and I mean very, narrow country lane). It appeared that today was the day when they have the under 15’s football selection, everyone, his wife, grandma and grandpa were out on the road and we needed to perform a three point turn in the middle of it all!! No mean feat – I can tell you but the Hubster kicked in big style, it was if he’d been driving Harry all his life, OK so we held up the traffic (for a short while) but he did it and it was one heck of an achievement, and he did it in three manoeuvres!

We decided we were up for a walk into the village, we thought it best to leave Charlie and thank goodness we did – he would never had made it and I don’t think we would’ve made it had we taken the buggy with us. It is the most incredible town, built high on a hill, and to get up to the summit you have to use leg power! (20 minutes to the summit). After our climb of 216 steps at Rocamadour yesterday – I didn’t think we’d make it! Talk about an uphill struggle, we needed crampons, I can’t believe people actually choose to live here! What amazed me even more was the amount of people smoking, I could hardly draw a breath – let alone puff on a ciggie!!

It is a town steeped in Cathar History, I won’t give you a history lesson, you can Google it if you want but I’m so impressed, I actually ran out of space on my 16MB memory card. Now that’s impressive. I just couldn’t stop myself!

We’ve come back down into the aire and I’ve helped myself to two glasses of the Rose wine we chose yesterday at the Wine Cave and am already feeling decidedly squiffy!!! I’ve had a quick look at the map and am determined to get us on to a dual carriageway tomorrow!! We need a break from all these twisty, turning roads. Also I’ve think we’ve done as many castles as we need, time for bridges me thinks!! (Millau isn’t that far away) tee hee!!!

What on earth will tomorrow produce? We’re ready for it! Bring it onSmile

6 thoughts on “Day 16 Motorhoming in France … Lanuejouls to Cordes sur Ciel

    • You have no idea!! Trust me we don’t do ‘walking’ let alone climbing!! But it was sooooo worth it. And then today we climbed again in vain but great views. How’s work going????

  1. Hi Michelle we stayed at milau overnight on the 1/10/14, views a gorgeous, but electricity madam etc etc
    Loving your blog, and know I’m back home will leave a few more comments xx

    • We’re in Millau now on a nice camping site. Although the skies are blackening by the minute!!! Hope Harry is waterproof!! Hope you’ve had a good time. Such a shame we couldn’t get to see you before you left. Another time for sure. Love to Dave xxx

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