Day 17 & 18 Motorhoming in France … Cordes to Pont de Sarlas and then on to Millau

I didn’t blog yesterday, two reasons really, it was a relatively non descriptive day and then on top of that no internet connection!! We woke in Cordes to beautiful blue skies and mist, it was really beautiful, and Harry was parked next to a brother!!

IMG_1016   IMG_1015

We spent the day going from one Aire to another, and none of them really pleased us, one was right next to a Livestock Market and was full of flies, a no-no for me, so that wasn’t going to be our stop for the night, although we did meet an English couple who’d been there for one night and were thinking of staying another!! They must have had bigger fly swatters than us Smile However the roads were fantastic, and we even managed to do a little bit of overtaking!!

IMG_1032   IMG_1026

We eventually settled in a town called Pont de Sarlas, which had apparently closed down! All the shutters were shut, and we saw no one! Even so we settled into one of the 5 campervan bays in an otherwise empty and massive car park and decided to call it a day. Well, don’t be fooled by these small villages, everything happens at night! We heard and saw a massive milk lorry park up at about 6pm, on the back of his milk truck he had a extra milk truck, I’m talking big, very big,  No sooner had he parked, he unhitched the back lorry and drove off! At 2am, we heard him return, unloaded his cargo of milk into the truck and then shot off again. He was back at 6 am – collected the solitary truck and took off. What a job! We also found that we had about 8 neighbours who’d turned up during the night!


Today, however, we’ve had a brilliant time, the weather has been fine and actually very warm. We went to Roquefort, birthplace of the smelly cheese, What a hike, we parked in the camper van area and walked up to the Societe Roquefort cave, for a visit and ‘degustation’. What is it about France, everything that is good is very high up and demands a walk more or less on your knees? Well we arrived, hot, sweaty and ready for a little culture, guess what? Closed for lunch until 2pm…were we going to wait? NO WAY JOSE!! We had Charlie waiting in the van, so walked all the way back down to have some lunch! What a shame! Never mind, we may not know how it’s made but we know where it’s made! (Back end of nowhere!) but we’re pleased we went all the less!

IMG_1089   IMG_1092   IMG_1096

Great views again – this place is on top of the world.

IMG_1102   IMG_1098

Then on to the Millau Bridge. I was so excited, I don’t think the Hubster shared my enthusiasm as he’s the one doing the driving and we both suffer from Vertigo (him worse than me!!) Well what an experience! This bridge is truly amazing in fact it isn’t a bridge. Now for a little bit of totally useless information, what’s the difference between a bridge and a viaduct? A bridge joins two points and a Viaduct joins two high points. There you go, bet you didn’t think you’d learn anything from my blog did you?

IMG_1047   IMG_1050   IMG_1058

The views were simply breath-taking.

IMG_1059   IMG_1068  

We drove over it and it was actually a bit of a let down, you can’t really see anything as there are barriers either side, however we took the road down and underneath the viaduct and that is when it really hits you as to how high this structure really is!! I loved it.

IMG_1080   IMG_1116   IMG_1119

Today we have received several text messages telling us to be careful of flooding, don’t park near the rivers etc. We are parked up in a campsite called ‘Les Deux Rivieres’!! Oh dear, how did that happen? Well, don’t worry, we haven’t parked too close to the river and there is an alarm system here in the campsite!! We’ve just met two guys on motorbikes from England and they are making their way north, they stayed in a campsite in Ales, last night and got absolutely drenched. (That’s what we were planning for tomorrow, maybe we’ll have a look at the weather forecast and change our plans!!)  What we do love is the fact we’ve just had a shower and are going to take advantage of the washing machine!! We’ve plugged into the electricity and have free Wi-Fi, we are very, very relaxed and very happy. Charlie is lying outside watching the world go by and we’ve been shopping so the world is our oyster. I really must do a post on the food, we’re eating our way through France and loving it!!!

Take care all.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friends back in the UK and I hope you are all well, please note: you are being missed!! Love to all.

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