Day 19 Motorhoming in France … Millau to Millau

Eh oui!!! We are still in Millau, we slept well and have decided to take a day off. No maps, no driving, no hairpin bends, no looking for somewhere to sleep. Harry is a total mess, we have washing everywhere, coffee cups on the counter and the table, dry autumn leaves have blown in and are dancing on the floor … but … it feels good. Although I can feel a Spring (Autumn) clean coming on!


Our campsite is very quiet barely 20 neighbours in all, which is very serene. We are at the base of a massive range of rocky cliffs, it’s really quite impressive. We are on the banks of the River Tarn which (for those of you who are worried), we checked and the level of water is very, very low). The sun is out but there is a very strong but very warm wind, it was 21 degrees during our walk this morning we have 27 degrees forecast for this afternoon and I’m sat here in my shorts and sleeveless t-shirt. (Can’t be bad for the 8th October!) I may go and sit by the river later.

IMG_1126  IMG_1150

We went for a lovely long walk this morning to discover Millau. I was aware of the name of this town before it became famous for the Viaduc but I wasn’t sure why. Today I found out, it’s famous for leather work and in particular leather gloves.

IMG_1129  IMG_1136

It’s a lovely town, we were pleasantly surprised, it has the usual big chain shops, Nocibe, Sephora, Clothes shops, along with the usual bakeries and tobacconists, cafes, bars, newspaper shops and kiosks and then there is the old quarter of the town with a tiny little market, a lovely church and some lovely old buildings (some dating back to the 12th century). We got lost, of course, and the walk lasted a lot longer than we had expected although Charlie managed to keep us with us.

IMG_1128   IMG_1148   IMG_1138

IMG_1134   IMG_1135

As we have electricity here we’re taking advantage and keeping up to date with the news and weather, and horror of horrors, it’s flooding just where we were planning to go, and there is more rain and thunderstorms forecast so we’ve gone back to the drawing board and have decided to change our route somewhat. We shall get the maps out later and have a look to see what the options are, so I’m afraid I can’t let you know in advance as we have no idea where we’re going!!

IMG_1144  IMG_1139   IMG_1137

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Motorhoming in France … Millau to Millau

  1. Beautiful! I read your posts and can feel my own stress ease. Interesting about the gloves. I’m happy to hear Charlie kept up. How exciting – I’m looking forward to the surprise new destination. 🙂

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