Day 22 Motorhoming in France … Carcassonne to Somewhere above Perpignan!

Honestly, two posts in one day!!! Can I take it? Yes I can!!

We woke in our large car park (Aire) to pink skies! Red sky in the morning – shepherd’s warning!! Time to move onSmile Follow the sun.

We started by saying we would spoil ourselves and get on a motorway today regardless of the tolls. We’ve seen enough rocks and hills to last us for a while. Some motorway driving would give the hubster a rest and I could even try a little shot at driving Harry again. We passed a small village and I popped out and bought some lovely fresh bread, it was still warm. As we tootled along the smell emanating from the cupboard was just too much, quick, we needed to find somewhere to stop for breakfast, before we joined the motorway.The sun was shining, the sky was turning the most beautiful shade of blue. I was seeing views from the window that made my heart skip a beat. Beautiful green pine trees against blue skies, is there anything more stunning? Then we turned a corner and in front of us was a huge expanse of silver water the sun bouncing off it blinded us. I was so moved that I actually had tears in my eyes. It was truly stunning, I’m so sorry that the photo taken from the cab doesn’t portray it’s beauty. Why is it when you need somewhere to stop, there’s nothing around. We kept going from one P sign to the next but they were all directly on the busy road normally with overflowing waste bins to boot! Things weren’t looking good, I was feeling really frustrated, we were both really hungry by now, the hubster needed to pull over and take off his jumper, he was baking in the sun behind the wheel.

Eventually we saw a sign for a campsite on the other side of the road, and outside the gates was a shaded parking area, we made for it like a bee to a honey pot. I was sure no-one would mind if we stopped for 30 minutes. We pulled up, gosh it did look appealing, pine trees, blue skies, sandy floors!

We thought we would just check out the prices!

Guess what???

We didn’t get any further down the road, we’ve paid up for a night, there must be about another 5 rigs on the whole campsite! We have it to ourselves!

The owner kindly told me there was a lovely place to walk the dog, “just go down, to the right, under the tunnel” she said. After setting up Harry, having our delicious, long-awaited breakfast, plugging everything into the electricity, we set off for our walk. Charlie delighted by all the interesting new smells.

We couldn’t believe our eyes when we came through the tunnel A huge, blue lagoon, waiting for Charlie! Not normally a swimmer, he paddles professionally!! He was in his element.

We are now sat in the sun under the awning, eating nuts and drinking Muscat! Charlie is fast asleep and I swear he just wagged his tail in his sleep. I know he won’t go on forever, he’s 14 and a half years old, for goodness sake, but boy what a way to go! He’s so happy today. Come to think of it, so am I Open-mouthed smile 

You just never know what’s around the next corner do you? And we don’t even know where we are!!!

On one last note, we’ll be crossing over in to Spain soon and as yet I’m not sure what the internet set up will be so I may be out of touch for a short while.  If you want to be sure to catch my next blog, please make sure you click on the “Follow” button then you’ll get an email telling you when I publish a blog … that way you won’t miss it!!

Enjoy the photos Smile

2 thoughts on “Day 22 Motorhoming in France … Carcassonne to Somewhere above Perpignan!

  1. I think of how many pictures I’ve taken that simply didn’t turn out and have decided that sometimes God gives me beautiful pictures meant for me. In your case, He gave you a beautiful picture that kept you looking for more and you found it. So glad you and Charlie had such a lovely day.

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