Day 23 Motorhoming in France … Lac de Leucate to Argeles sur Mer

As you can see from the title of this post, we’ve worked out where we were last night, our improvised stop over by the beautiful lake was called Lac Leucate (apparently it’s where they farm oysters). We were having such a lovely day yesterday, the sun was out, we’d settled into our pitch and went for a little stroll up to the shop on the campsite. Two cokes, a packet of crisps and a stale baguette Kerching! 7 Euros!!! Good job we weren’t there for two weeks! As we chatted with the owner he told us that there was heavy rain and storms forecast for the early morning  and the pitch we were on was very likely to flood! Would we mind moving? Stupid question eh? Of course we wouldn’t mind moving.  We did it immediately before cooking our dinner, sounds simple enough, roll in the awning, pack up the chairs, disassemble the table, clear the mat, close all the doors, lockers and drawers, put all the crockery and cutlery away, take in the washing that was hanging on the back of the van, take off the silver windscreen cover, close all the windows, unplug the electricity, close off the gas, reverse the van down off the chocks and store them away, close all the outside lockers, get in the dog bed and bowl etc. etc.!  Well, we must be old hands at this because it was done and dusted and we were parked in a new pitch (on the top of the hill Smile) all settled and just starting to cook our dinner within 20 minutes! (I will miss out the bit where we blew the electricity and had to plug in to another socket belonging to another pitch!) It was a good pitch under the pine trees and we decided to sit out, yeah well  paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be … I got eaten alive by mosquitos! One bite on my arm has swollen up and is lovely and red! You can actually see the swelling!

IMG_1404 We were extremely relieved to wake up this morning to find that we hadn’t had one drop of rain! So the move was in vain but it’s better to be safe than sorry, had the worst happened, I’d be in tears now.

Today we moved on to Argeles sur Mer, I’ve heard of this town but never visited. Oh it’s lovely, it has a 7 km beach which is pale gold, the Med is almost Navy blue, the sky a beautiful deep blue but behind the town is the most incredible backdrop of the Pyrenees, it really is lovely (I think I could live here!!) There is only one place that really welcomes camping cars here and it is right at the end of the beach, so it’s a long walk into the town. (Well we haven’t anything else to do!) We thought that before settling into the Campsite, we would have a little run around and see some of the area. We travelled along the coast to a village called Coullioure. Taking the coast road, with sheer drops, the Hubster did so well, I hadn’t realised just how bad his vertigo was! I in the meantime was trying to take photos, no mean feat and so some aren’t up to scratch.


It was so colourful, apparently the artist Henri Matisse would visit this town and was inspired by the light and the colour. I can see why! It turned into a drive from Hell when we decided to go into the village with the motorhome! Narrow streets, no camping car signs everywhere and just for good measure – a Sunday market! I don’t know how the Hubster drove that van today, he went up roads that would’ve been narrow had we been on a donkey let alone our 3.5 tonne baby! He needed a drink by the time we got back and I think he lost a stone in weight!


This afternoon, we could wait no longer – as soon as we’d parked up and settled, had a bite to eat, we set off for the beach and yes we both went in the water! It was glorious, although I’m a bit of a coward with waves, I did get wet and loved it. Charlie made us laugh as he’s scared of the sea and doesn’t like to get his feet wet! So was constantly jumping back as soon as a wave broke anywhere near him!

We took the buggy and once again it was worth it’s weight in gold. Lots of strange looks, lots of kind comments, and a relaxed dog and owners and on top of that I think I’ve reduced my saddlebags!! One thing about the hubster is that he may be chilling a little bit but he certainly doesn’t walk any slower, we walked at a very brisk pace at some stages overtaking joggers!! I was sweating more than they were and I probably lost more weight too!!

IMG_1403   IMG_1367IMG_1368IMG_1372   IMG_1375

I could write so much more but he’s cooking my dinner and I’m taking up precious room on the one and only table. Tonight on the menu we have Salmon steaks, sautéed potatoes and French beans, and I’m starving so I’ll say Bon Appetite  and leave you now.

Keep in touch, leave me the odd message, I love it when I get comments also if you want to share this blog with friends please do.


5 thoughts on “Day 23 Motorhoming in France … Lac de Leucate to Argeles sur Mer

    • Think I’ll be out of touch for a while, til we work out internet and phone connections in Spain, got any recommendations? Glad you”re enjoying my blog, it’s actually taking up a long time of my day, but I’m loving it!! Have seen some great places, hope Spain doesn’t let us down!!! Speak soon x Much love

  1. I recognize many of these places from pictures I’ve pinned on Pinterest. Beautiful! It’s fun seeing them knowing you’re there, right now, or yesterday. 🙂 I read somewhere that vinegar helps mosquito bites. I don’t have a problem with them, but my sister swears it works. Simply dab the vinegar on the bite right after it happens. She also ends up with welts like yours. It always makes me smile reading how the buggy is working out. Enjoy the yummy food! 🙂

    • Oh we’ve seen such lovely places, funny they should be places that you’ve pinned. I’m now not sure whether they are mosquito bites but we’re both covered in them now… it’s a very attractive look, pink blotchy legs, arms etc!! But I’m going to try the vinegar, who knows anything is worth a try!!! Will be out of touch for a while, as we don’t yet know how to connect to the internet in Spain, I think we’ll have to get a Sim card and see how it goes from there! Don’t go away we’ll be back soon!!!! Adios!!

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