Day 24 Motorhoming in France … Argeles sur Mer

We fell asleep last night listening to the crashing of waves and the chirrup of the crickets, it was wonderful and very exciting. I’ve loved the sound of crickets since I heard them on my first trip to the South of France at the age of 13. It has stayed with me ever since, it’s a sound that represents happiness, holidays and warmth! Argeles sur Mer was going out of it’s way to make me feel very, very welcome indeed.

We woke refreshed and full of good ideas, however Argeles had other ideas in mind! We both woke up with big, pink, painful, swollen patches, we’d been bitten by something but we weren’t sure what! It certainly wasn’t mosquitos, I can hear one of those at over a mile away! I hate the things. So I know smell of a melange of Anti Pesk Spray and Anti Histamine cream, emmmm lovely!!

We knew that the original, old, town of Argeles was more inland and so we decided to get all our things together and go for a little walk to find the old quarter, What no one told us, was – that it is miles away!!! We walked, we walked, we got lost, we walked some more, all the time Charlie in the buggy was getting heavier and heavier, it was boiling hot and to be quite honest. it wasn’t the most amusing time we’ve had so far! We walked through housing estates and even along side a dual carriage way at one stage!! When we eventually got there, there was a church, a tobacconist and two cafes!


One of the latter became our refuge and we sat and enjoyed a very well earned espresso and Charlie had a bowl of water (thank goodness I’d thought to take his bowl and a bottle of H2O with us!!) Then of course we had to find our way back! We calculated that by the time we got back to Harry – we’d walked about 14 kilometres!! So we treated ourselves to some pain au chocolats!

But today has been a game of two halves, after spending the afternoon recovering, this evening we had a superb meal of Confit de Canard accompanied by a bottle of Red Wine that we had bought at The Clos Bagatelle where we stayed a couple of days ago, which was truly delicious.


We then went for a walk along the beach. It was all but empty! There was a group of German students playing Frisbee, apart from them and the odd stroller we were alone. Charlie was delighted at playing, ‘chase the wave and then run away’ and ‘who can dig the biggest hole’! He’s such a funny dog, he didn’t want to leave. The sunset was super and our moods were once again restored.


Tomorrow we set off for the Spanish border and it’s only today that we’ve really realised that we know nothing at all about Spain, I can say ‘Hola’ and that’s it!! We are really looking forward to it, but it seems that we are leaving the safety of France that we know and love so well.


Until we get our internet connection sorted we will be incommunicado!! But don’t worry, in the words of Arnold Schwarznegger – ‘I’ll be back’’ 



8 thoughts on “Day 24 Motorhoming in France … Argeles sur Mer

    • Oh Judy, France was so easy compared to Spain, and it isn’t even because of language difficulties, (I mime beautifully :D) We are parked on a beach overlooking the med tonight which is really quite special, fingers crossed that the adventure pans out well!!

  1. smashing photos of charlie, the one i like best is you and charlies foot prints in the sand. says a lot with out words xx

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