Day 25 Motorhoming in France/Spain … Argeles sur Mer to Mataro

Sorry there wasn’t a blog yesterday … I didn’t have the heart or the energy to write last night. I’ve read so many other blogs and every day seems to be ideal, now either we’re very unlucky or some people don’t tell it as it is! It’s not all plain sailing trust me!

We left Argeles and even though we’d had a tough time there (mega walk from Hell) we loved it, so I wasn’t overly happy to be leaving! However, Spain was calling just a couple of kilometres up the road so off we went.

Now then I’m in charge of the map, and I over-ride the silly woman on the Sat Nav, we’d decided that we’d had enough of the twisty, turning, coast roads so we’d just nip across the border on the motorway, even if it meant paying the odd toll here and there, at least we would arrive in Spain refreshed. Well that was the idea anyway, I’m not sure where I went wrong but by the time we’d figured out that I’d made a massive boo-boo, it was too late to turn back (anyway there was nowhere to turn around!) We carried on, what a drive! I don’t know who was more exhausted or stressed out, the hubster for keeping Harry on the very narrow roads, or me with the sheer drops over the side, plummeting down on to the rocks with the waves crashing below!


When we eventually stopped (at the top!) we had a reviving coffee! We got out for a walk about, it was truly incredible, the photos don’t do it justice, but even on solid ground I felt queasy! And we’d only done a third of the journey, back behind the wheel and we were off.


Crossing the border into Spain was a strange feeling, the old border crossing, now defunct, was an ominous sign!! We continued and started to look for a motorhome parking space, somewhere to have lunch. We came to Girona, it looked absolutely fabulous, but motorhome friendly, it is not! The hubster parked up in a bus park and I ran off in search of the Tourist Information Office, well it was just like Venice, I ran over bridges, down alleyways, through arches, asking everyone the way.  After a good 40 minutes, I suddenly realised that every little alleyway looked exactly the same, I was aware the hubster was waiting for me and in fear of getting lost, I returned to the van disheartened. We left Girona, what a shame, it really did look lovely but what can you do?


We continued, looking for a Motorhome spot, “There’s one!” I cried, oh the relief, we were starving. Emmmm, what can I say, Industrial Estate, Graffiti, Groups of Neer do wells! Who cares? We ate and moved on!! We weren’t on the motorway as we thought it would be easier to take the N11 and that way we would find somewhere for the night! What innocent fools we are!


We drove through parts of Spain that are best left alone! It was truly horrible, deep down all I could think is I wanted to go back to Argeles!! So far nothing appealed to me at all. The hubster looked crest fallen, it was now well past 4pm (Charlie’s tea time) and he hadn’t made a peep, he knew there was no point, he could feel the stress!.

The road, went alongside the coast – sounds wonderful doesn’t’ it? Well between the road and the coast is a railway line, so if you want to go into the towns you have to go under the railway line, often the tunnels too low for Harry, on two or three occasions we went and found No Motorhome signs everywhere! Three point turns a go-go! Back on to the road with no parking!!! On and on it went past bingo halls, more furniture and kitchen shops that I could care to mention, every single campsite closed for the season. (Just as well they looked awful, with big plastic dinosaurs/cats/cartoon figures waiting eerily at the gates!)

Then we saw it, a campsite, open, no garish colours, water slides or bingo/discotheque! We pulled in, relief, registered, paid a princely sum for the privilege and set up on our pitch. We sat, we said nothing, there was no need!

We had a massive glass of red wine, a bowl of delicious pasta and sat in the evening sun. We had Wi-Fi!! (again at a price) but we were going to use it. I think we’ve found somewhere for tonight. (don’t hold your breath!)

Every time we’ve met someone they’ve said, “If you love France, you’re gonna love “Spain” Oh yeah, well, it isn’t floating my boat at the moment! So, Spain, if you’re listening:

“pull your bloody socks up!!”

It’s now 6:30 in the morning, I slept incredibly well, I’m writing this and the Hubster is on the web checking out where we’re going today, the sunrise was fantastic and the dog is happy.

It’s a new day, let’s see what happens!!! I’ve no idea if we will have internet connection today, so you’ll have to wait and see what happens!!!

4 thoughts on “Day 25 Motorhoming in France/Spain … Argeles sur Mer to Mataro

  1. For heavens sake be careful in Spain, don’t park up just anywhere for the night, either a proper camping spot or, one of the motorway service stations. Take care

    Kind Regards


    • Oh don’t worry Alison, we’re far too sensible for that, we’re on a good campsite tonight with views of the med and are litterally parked on the beach!! But I’m afraid, Spain isn’t ticking any boxes for me yet, but I’m a determined young chicken and will persevere!!! Give our love to Dave, hope all is well. Much love M xx

  2. I am sitting in a McDonalds just outside of Barcelona, looking for somewhere to park our R.V. for a little rest and stumbled upon this blog… such a wonderfully accurate description of that road that goes along the coast… not ideally!
    My husband and I have been living in our R.V. for over a year now and havent had as much trouble anywhere as we are having in Spain. And I foolishly imagined it was be completely havenly here. We have 2 months more to go but I am not sure we will cope!
    Well, reading your blog and getting a smile out of it sure made my day a little bit sunnier. No, it is not all smooth sailing! Thanks for saying it! Hope your trip ended well and you have had a great holiday season.

    • Hi there, thanks for getting in touch, I’m guessing you are from the US? Am I right? We’re settled here in Cabopino and are ready to move again, we’re thinking of going back along the coast towards Almeria, which means we’ll keep the good weather, although I don’t think there is that much to visit in that region. One thing that we have learned is that the motorway system in Spain is really superb, even I managed to drive the van on some days! (and most of them are free!) the roads definately get better as you come further south although the N340 and the A7 are busy, but it’s the only way to see anything!!!. I wonder if we’ll bump into you, that would be fun. We decided early on we will never return via Saint Bou to Argeles!!!! Do take care, have a very happy new year and keep safe!! Keep in touch

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