Day 26 Motorhoming in Spain … Mataro to Creixell

So as I said earlier, we woke refreshed, the campsite was absolutely gorgeous, beautiful flowers in bloom, pristine showers and facilities. Charlie was as happy as a sand boy and so were we but we knew we had to move on.

IMG_1574   IMG_1576

We set off thinking, forget the small back roads today WE WILL, take it easy and take the motorway. We picked a town in the back country away from the coast on the map and decided that would be our destination today. Let’s see a real Spanish town, away from the tourists.

IMG_1577   IMG_1579

Well, I really don’t know what we’ve done to the Spanish but they are determined to try and spoil our trip!! The ‘motorway’ was two lanes only, OK that’s fair enough but it appears that today is the day when all the trucks come out to play! It was bedlam, we could hardly hear ourselves as they thundered past at terrifying speeds!! Poor Harry was rock and rollin’ all the way! I did grab my camera as usual to get some shots of the countryside, bah, what a waste of time, I promise I’m not exaggerating I couldn’t find one thing that was even remotely attractive and then when there was something of any beauty, there was either a pylon, factory, industrial estate, or another damn motorway. I’m sorry to all of you who adore Spain, but I’m not getting it. I don’t expect it to be like France but I think we’ve been spoiled!!  Maybe we’re just snobs?


We went to the town of Vilafranca del Pinedes, which surprisingly had a motorhome service area, so we parked up and took Charlie for a walk into town. It was lovely, wide avenues with street cafes, beautiful cakes shops which had us drooling at the windows. There was an older quarter to the town which too was really lovely. It was good to walk in a ‘real’ Spanish town that wasn’t catering for tourists.


There appears to be a lot of political playing going on, I believe Catalonia wants to be independent, there is graffiti everywhere as well as flags etc.


However, the down side, was there was nowhere to stay!! So back on the road and towards the coast, having learned our lesson this morning, we decided to take a main road and not a motorway. Well, here we go again, Miss Moany Knickers!!! It was a single lane road, with a solid white line in the middle, so no overtaking!  It was jam packed with the trucks that had obviously heard we were travelling that way and they insisted on creeping as close as they could to Harry’s bumper! it reminded me of dogs sniffing each other’s bottoms and Harry didn’t want to play.

Eventually we got to Creixell and found a campsite, the first we came to which was open.

OK this is where Spain excels, the campsites are fabulous, we are parked on the beach!! And what a beach, long golden sands and the view through Harry’s windows are stunning. We have electricity, Wi-Fi and all of this for just 17 Euros!! Charlie has already played ‘catch the waves’ and is happily curled up at my feet. This is the stuff we dreamed of.


We will continue to go down the coast tomorrow and see what Spain can show us. We know it’s out there, it’s just finding it!!! We’ve had a barrage of emails with suggestions so who knows.

The great thing is every night we have the hubster’s cooking to look forward to, a glass of lovely wine, and a good night’s sleep. All ready for tomorrow’s adventure.

One of the funny things that happened today was a conversation we had,

I said “ Well look on the positive side, I’d rather be doing this that being at home”

The Hubster wryly said, “What home? We don’t have a home, this is it!!!”


9 thoughts on “Day 26 Motorhoming in Spain … Mataro to Creixell

  1. I’m afraid I agree with you about Spain, a lot of graffiti and industrial areas, although I loved San Sebastián. It always feels like home when we cross the border back into France, whether we’ve been in Italy or Spain. Look forward to hearing about any glimpses of paradise on your journey. X

  2. well its looking good i must say. its chucking it down here , amanda is having 34 deg in Australia you are having nice weather , next year it will be my turn. Glad charlie has had a nice time bless him. I have work tomorrow moan moan now m turn. ha ha xxxx

  3. Hate that kind of traveling, bumper to bumper. Sorry to hear the traveling part is stressful, but love your camp’s view. Wow. Smiling at Charlie’s game of chase and runaway from the waves.

    • Yes the driving hasn’t been great but today has been fab! Wouldn’t you know it! Charlie has today at the ripe old age of 14 discovered paddling in the surf! I can’t believe it after all this time. We couldn’t get him out of the water, he loved it but trust me he’s totally shattered tonight. We probably won’t hear from him for another 2 days!!! Apart from the snoring 🙂

      • Old dog and new tricks, he’s loving the water and walking on the sand, I think he must find it soft and easy on his old bones! Either way, it’s just so lovely to see him having such a good time, it makes up for all the time travelling in the van, when we don’t hear a peep out of him, he’s such a little star.

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