Day 27 Motorhoming in Spain … Creixell to L’hospitalier de l’infant!

Well I can see all my moaning and complaining has paid off! Spain has pulled out all the stops today … and boy does she mean business!

It started last night with the most incredible sunset, a good night’s sleep and then …


… I awoke at 4:20 this morning as before going to bed last night, I’d decided to get up and take some photos of the sunrise! Yes, I know, call me a fool! However, I must have been so excited I woke up about 3 hours too soonSmile By the time I’d crashed to the loo, spilt water on the counter and banged and crashed around, inevitably the Hubster was awake too! Bless him, he never complains, we sat up in bed, with the windows wide open, sipping coffee and smoking ciggies. We opened up the front blinds and just sat there enjoying the view of the Med and listening to the crashing of the waves and trying to work out what all the twinkling lights on the horizon were! (we think they were boats!) I felt like an irresponsible teenager, damn if someone had lent me a surf board, I’d have been in the surf!! Well maybe not but you get my drift! I tell you the day started with a bang!


The sun came up about 7:30ish, but before that I’d had a lovely walk with Charlie on the beach, we were the only ones there! I thought as he was now so old, I’d let him off the lead and he could have a run around, well, I can tell you there is life in the old dog still, he was off, I tried to keep up with him but he’d decided there was an ocean to be chased! As soon as I caught up he was put back on the extending lead! Fourteen and a half my foot!! I couldn’t believe the ‘get up and go’ in this old boy.


I set up my tripod and waited and waited and waited some more, would the sun ever come over the horizon. It did and it was truly stunning. I was stood on my own in the sand on a beach as long as the Blackpool promenade and there wasn’t a soul to be seen. The sunrise was exceptional, don’t know if my photos are up to scratch, but I enjoyed every little second.


Not too much driving today, but you know what? Spain banished some of the trucks, gave us a two lane road and some stunning scenery to boot. I reckon it’s a ploy to get rid of moaners!!! If you can’t hack the first two days, you don’t deserve the bounty!!


I’ve seen castles, olive groves, vineyards, mountains, delightful little villages, palm trees, oh and a fun fair with the roller coaster of my nightmares!! I I mean really Spain, what were you thinking showing me all those industrial estates?

We haven’t gone very far today, we’re on the outskirts of a village/town called L’hospitalier de l’infant!! Odd name but it goes back to the days when Hospitalier meant Hospitality and this was the place for a rest for travellers between Barcelona and Valencia. We have picked the ‘most’ fab campsite (again at a price) Spain isn’t cheap for motorhomers, that’s for sure!! We once agian have a pitch overlooking the beach and the Med! We are parked under a pine tree and there are dry stone walls and olive trees everywhere. As I type there are a grand total of 5 people on the beach … packed I tell you, packed!!  The site is at the end of the town and has a beach walk of about 2 kilometres to the marina and town centre!  Given that we were up so early, we’ve had lunch, washed down with some Rose wine and are now feeling decidedly sleepy! So I think the walk will be for this evening, that way it will be cooler and Charlie will be able to come with us, I don’t think we’ll need the pushchair as it’s a walk along the beach and he just loves it!


I would like to say that none of the photos have been enhanced they are straight out of the camera, some may have been cropped but apart from that – this is what I saw!!! Enjoy the photos.

Especially this one that I took as we drove through an underpass – you can see just how much room there was to spare, I wanted to get out and take a photo but I couldn’t open the door!!! The Hubster is my Hero!!! (it’s what I call a ‘breath in moment’!!


9 thoughts on “Day 27 Motorhoming in Spain … Creixell to L’hospitalier de l’infant!

    • It was amazing, Nanny!!! I couldn’t believe it, so far had a good day today, let’s see what tomorrow brings. Charlie has walked for miles today, he’s discovered paddling in the sea and we can’t get him out!!!!

      • smashing as usual the boats lightson the horizone, and those other photos you captured everything fantastic. I am so happt harlie loved the sea side bless him xxxxxxxxx be safe xx

      • Hi Yvonne, how are you getting on at work? I hope it’s all OK do say hi to everyone for me. Charlie is such a little corker, he’s loving the sea…it was so hot today he even got his tummy wet!! He goes to bed soaking and can’t wait to get out there in the morning!!! We have a water baby on our hands! Wasn’t the sunset and sunrise incredible, I’m so glad I got up early to capture it. Much love Michelle

  1. Looks amazing Michelle!!! Hope you are enjoying your trip, everyone misses you back home. Keep exploring and see you soon xxxx

    • Oh Nicky, that’s made my day hearing from you! At last tonight we have the internet so I can blog again and answer messages, I think about you all such a lot, but must say, I’ve been in my bikini in the Med today, it’s boiling and I love it. Please say hi to everyone for me. Love you lots and thank you so much for writing to me xxxxxxxxxxxx Daddy says Hola!!

  2. So glad to hear the adventure has turned for the better. Love hearing about Charlie’s fun and wishing I’d taken my dog to the beach. The pictures are simply gorgeous!

    • Oh Judy, he’s getting braver by the day, today he even got his underbelly wet!! Who knows he may even learn to swim if he carries on like this! Bless him, he sleeps so well, he snores so loudly I’m afraid he’ll wake the whole campsite!!!

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