Day 28 and 29 Motorhoming in Spain … L’hospitalier to Oliva via Peniscola

Oh well, what can I say, we’ve spent two days of rather (if I dare say it) boring driving. We’ve met other travellers who say, ‘Oh didn’t you know? That’s Spain for you!!!’ We seem to go from beautiful orange groves to mountains to built up coastlines and back to orange groves again. It’s strange but I think I’ve worked it out, people come to Spain for the coast, the sea, the beaches and above all the sunshine and there is just loads of all of the above.

We left L’hospitalier de l’infant for Peniscola, again I’d heard a lot about this town, it was pleasant enough, we found a campsite in the town itself which was a bonus which meant we could walk to the front promenade, shops etc., unfortunately it was boiling hot and Charlie was as stiff as a board after his massive walk the day before so rather than sulk and feel down, we took advantage of the campsite and did some washing and I did a good tidy up of the cupboards and lockers as things seem to be rattling quite a lot of late. Good job done and Charlie enjoyed lying under the van in the shade.

We left and decided we really should crack on, there’s no point in just motorway driving just to stay in another campsite, there are no aires to speak of in Spain, the ones they have are normally just huge gravel car parks or in the back of beyond on an industrial estate, so I’m afraid it’s campsites for us. Sure we want to make our budget stretch but we’re not that desperate, I’d rather cut our journey short than to stay in iffy places!!

So we are today at Oliva, a small town and we are on a large campsite again slap bang next to a stunning beach! (and once again at a price) What is really irritating is at some campsites, Wi-Fi is free or there is a minimal charge, the night before last we were charged 6 Euros for abysmal connection, hence no blog, and last night there was no Wi-Fi and tonight we’ve given in and we’re being charged 8 Euros for the privilege. What are we to do, we need Wi-Fi to work out where we’re going next, to find campsites etc.

We’re making our way down to Malaga to meet up with friends and we can’t wait to get there! We can’t wait to see our friends, we’re thinking we may stay around that area for a while. Well that’s what we’re thinking at the moment…let’s see eh?

Anyway, at least tonight I’ve done my blog and there is a plethora of photos from the last two days!!!



2 thoughts on “Day 28 and 29 Motorhoming in Spain … L’hospitalier to Oliva via Peniscola

  1. Yay for the beach! Your day 29 pictures could have been taken in Arizona, except the one with the cow on the hill. Not that we don’t have cows but I suspect that isn’t a real thing. 🙂

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