Day 30 Motorhoming in Spain … Oliva Again!

Right, I have confession to make, the last two days have been a little tough! I know, I know, we have sunshine, beaches, the Med, no work, what more could we ask for? Well that’s just it, what more do we need? We sat down and had a talk, why weren’t we over the moon? I think Spain is such a change from France and for my part, like a fool, I naively thought that we would just do what we did in France, going from village to village, soaking up the atmosphere, stopping off at an aire and treating ourselves to a campsite every now and then.

Well it’s not like that here in Spain!!! We have now hit what can only be described as ‘over wintering’ land! It’s where people come to stay and linger, soak up the sun, and avoid paying winter heating bills back home. We can buy, PG Tips, Heinz Baked Beans and everyone and I mean everyone speaks English and German. The campsite prices are as follows, 1 night, 30 days, 60 days, 90 days and more than 90 days, the longer you stay the cheaper it gets. It is quite unbelievable! I can totally understand why people come here for so long. I can honestly say, I’ve seen some of the most beautiful beaches and at this time of year, they are totally uncluttered and so calm and quiet.

I was concerned that we were rushing down motorways just to stay in another campsite! If we go somewhere to ‘see’ something we have the added problem that Charlie isn’t up to it, and it’s far too warm to leave him in the van, so that’s scuppered that part of the plan. So what have we come up with? a slightly altered plan, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!! Ha Ha! As a result,  we’ve opted to stay on this campsite for another day which is fabulous and within a stone’s throw of the beach (and what a beach!!) It means that we don’t have to pack everything back up and get back on the road today.

I’ve spent the day pottering and doing nothing in particular, I went to the beach and it was sheer bliss, just lying on the soft white sand and gazing out at the sea, magic! I even had a dip, (in fact i had three, it was so warm and beautiful),the hubster has listened to his music, we’ve taken advantage of our rather pricey internet connection and we’ve found a site for tomorrow night and we may stay there a little longer too if it’s agreeable. Why not?

OK so we’re not ‘discovering’ Spain, but we’re having a fabulous break, perhaps Portugal will lend itself to more visiting, especially when we travel further north and maybe it won’t be so hot for the doggy!

Anyway, I will leave you with some photos of today’s beach. I apologise if it makes you pig sick, but what can I do, the coast line here is to die for!!!

6 thoughts on “Day 30 Motorhoming in Spain … Oliva Again!

  1. Dear Charlie I love our photo your braging mum sent. So glad your mum and dad are in the lovely sun shine and warm sea. I cant complain, its been so warm here to day but tomorrow I might have to pay the price for a lovely warm day. I am not loking forward to nov as the wather men I have heard tell we here in Englsnd will have snow and the coldest winter or some years. So Charlie i will think of the photo of you sitting under the palm tree, and I do think i see a smile on yur face, you also have a pushchair incase its too arm for you. I remain your jealous frined yvonne. ps you have a lovely mum xxxxxx

    • Hi Yvonne, thanks for writing to me…I’m dictating this to the mad woman. I’m having a good time although I do find the driving bit a bit of a drag but the humans are pretty good at stopping often enough for me to get some fresh air and to let me pee on as much of Spain as I can!! Apparantly they’ve got a new beach for me to explore tomorrow!! But I’ve also heard there’s a dog shower, I’m not too sure about that, paddling is one thing being dowsed in water is not my idea of fun! i’ll let you know how I get on! The mad woman says hi, and yep she’s ok!!!! Take care and chat soon. Much love The Handsome one”!!!!

    • It’s been brilliant, now we’ve actually worked out what we’re doing!! It’s taken a while, Spain through a spanner in the works but I suppose that’s all part of the journey. I think we’re back on track now!!

  2. Awww thanks for thinking of me! I do love keeping up with your journey ! Quite envious of the sunshine and beaches! Can’t wait to join you at some point! X

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