Day 34 Motorhoming in Spain … La Marina to Isla Plana

Day 34 has been a day of ups and downs. We got up this morning and it was fresher than it has been over the last week or so. We thought we were in for a cloudy day, don’t be fooled – it’s been a scorcher!

OK so again it’s all about the dog!!! We decided to leave the campsite relatively early and get cracking, go to Decathlon or Carrefour and see what bikes and trailers were available. We got to the first Carrefour and for once were able to park due to the lack of height barrier ! Do you have any idea how frustrating that is? The Hubster popped in to have a look and came back with news that there was everything we needed, so we left Charlie in Harry and raced off to have a butchers. After much sign language and many embarrassing silences, we came out of Carrefour with two bicycles and a trailer!! (an expense we hadn’t counted on!!) However, we really do need to adjust as we go along and if we are to have a senile dog on our hands we need to accommodate him.

We got back to Harry with our brand new shiny bikes, it was just like Christmas! I couldn’t stop grinning, I don’t think I’ve ever had a bike. The grin soon disappeared when we had to work out how to get them in the van!!! We ended up, making up the bed and putting one bike on top of the other!!! Then there was the trailer in a massive box, we wedged that in the bathroom!

Delighted and eager to play with our new toys, we set off to find somewhere for a coffee. We went off the beaten track and I’m so glad we did, not far from La Manga we did a little detour to a tiny village and just look at this, absolutely idyllic. There were big, silver fish jumping out of the water unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch one on the camera but it was pretty special. However, not so cool as we had nowhere to sit in the van, as there were bikes everywhere!!!  Outside was far to hot for us and Charlie! Also in this village I found the only Tobacconist who doesn’t sell cigarettes!!! That’s a new one for me Smile


We continued and what did Spain throw at us, another bloody mountain range! Oh my poor husband, he hates heights and we seem to get one every other day! Talk about face your fears, it doesn’t help you know!! However we saw a different side to Spain today, it was dry, arid and quite inhospitable but very, very interesting. We came around one corner and found an ultra modern building on passing I saw it was a monastery!


Then just when you think you are at the end of the world and will never see another living soul, over the horizon you see this!! It really is quite strange.


We went to the Campsite we’d decided to stay at, in a delightful spot on the Med, but on arrival I noticed that they had cut back all the trees, there wasn’t an inch of shade to be had. We’re living in a tin can!!! With a dog who’s wearing his best fur coat! I mean, for goodness sake, it was over 30 degrees!!! It’s not called the Costa Calida (The Warm Coast) for nothing!!! We were also starving hungry, had no food in the van (just bikes!), and now we had nowhere to stay!!


We turned and went in the opposite direction and came to a Lidl, a little wanting in the selection department but we got a supply of goodies. Then we came across a campsite, we pulled in asked the price and took the first pitch.

We set about unloading the bikes, assembling the trailer and trying it out, much to the amusement of all our neighbours (most of whom are English). They tell us they come here every year for 6 months and have been coming here for the last 15 years!!!

I gave Charlie one biscuit as a training aid and assumed it would take approximately 4 days to get him accustomed to the trailer, are you kidding he was in it and settled like a shot and before you know it the Hubster was cycling around the campsite with dog in tow, it was as if he knew what we had in mind. I, on the other hand, am not a natural cyclist and so on my maiden voyage around the campsite nearly came a cropper twice on the gravel. I bet it won’t be long till I tell you I’ve grazed my knees!


As a treat for us and for Charlie we went down to the beach as the sun was setting and Charlie was absolutely thrilled, I swear he smiles!!! We took him back to the van, now a lot cooler and the Hubster and I went for a short bike ride into the scrubland at the back of the campsite, just as the sun was setting. A good end to a mixed up day.


We have Wi-Fi here, but only for one device and we’ve already signed on with the ipad, so this post will hit you tomorrow!!

Keep well everyone.

13 thoughts on “Day 34 Motorhoming in Spain … La Marina to Isla Plana

  1. Really enjoying the posts. For Wifi, have you thought about getting an i-Boost? Not only does it find wifi signals that are normally out of range for most devices, you can use it for your one device log on and then connect all other devices via the i-Boost wireless network. It’s a great tool if you both need to have internet access at the same time. I have nothing to do with the company, but found them to be very helpful:

    Enjoy the trip and keep the posts coming!


    • Hi Paul, thanks so much for your comment, we did look at the iboost and considered it, but on most campsites we manage to get free wifi which allows us both to get online, Facetime and Viber calls. Having said that today’s campsite isn’t brilliant!! Maybe we’ll have another look. Thanks so much for following our journey, let’s hope it continues as well as it has so far. My biggest disaster is that i dropped my camera and so can’t change lenses!!! I think I’ll have to send it to the Doctors and get it mended on our return 🙂

  2. I love the trailer! And so does Charlie, clearly! Smart dog. Honestly, I have pictures similar to some of yours from right around here. I didn’t know Spain had desert like that. Then again, the travel shows usually only highlight the cities and tourist spots. I’m looking forward to more adventures on your bicycles.

    • You are like me, I had no idea Spain was so arid, what is the weather like with you? We’re having good weather here, I’m still in my shorts so it’ll make the Winter shorter and easier to bear! Unfortunately we are really unable to do the ‘cities’ with Charlie but we have a cunning plan for Malaga so watch this space = we think we’ve found a solution!!!

      • We dip below 0 C a few times during the winter, but we’ve also reached 50 C a time or two… or three in the summer. Sunshine is pretty much 365 days a year, though a few of those will have storms mixed in. The storms are spectacular. Florida is considered the lightning capital of the world, and Arizona comes in second. 🙂

      • That sounds absolutley amazing! I find storms really scary, probably because we dont really get that many of them but theyre so powerful. We had quite a few in the UK this summer probably because we had such an unusually hot summer. Do you get twisters?

      • Every few years we’ll have one touch down. Not quite like the Midwest where it tears through the city. However, we have microbursts several times a year. A small area will experience tornado force winds.

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