Day 35 Motorhoming in Spain … Isla Plana to Palomares

Last night was different! To say the least!! Charlie wasn’t well and so I had to wake the Hubster to lift him out of the van, this meant me padding around the campsite in the dark, in my pjs and with my eyes closed most of the time!  The first time, I felt so sorry for him, he just couldn’t find anywhere ‘to go’, it was gravel everywhere. he’s used to good, old, green grass from the UK! . Eventually, he got himself sorted and I went back to the van and woke the Hubster yet again to lift him back in. I got into bed, it was now gone 2 am, 15 minutes later I was just dropping off and the boy starts whining again. He’s got a problem – so up we get, and off we go again! Why is it walking on gravel in the middle of the night sounds like a pneumatic drill? As for dry leaves, well that sounds like an earthquake, I was sure I was waking everybody up!! Eventually at about 4 am I got to bed proper! Shattered!! I can only say that my temper has been somewhat short today. My Mum always knew that if I didn’t get enough sleep I would be narky the next day!!! She was so right!

Anyway leaving the campsite this morning was no hardship, it was a strange place,  it wasn’t manicured, there was very little foliage, however once again the sanitary services were impeccable. There was a community of Dutch and Brits who were there for 6 months and they’d been there for the last 14 years, so in a way we felt that we were intruding!! Not that they didn’t make us feel welcome, they were incredibly kind, advising us that there was a ‘great social club down the road that does a smashing fish and chips on a Wednesday’ !!!! I say no more Smile But bless them all, they all stood outside their motorhomes/caravans and waved us off this morning wishing us well and a safe trip. What can I say? Lovely, kind people.

Today’s trip was through some of the starkest countryside to date, it was arid, rocky and sandy and then we would round a corner  and come across an oasis of Palm Trees or even more pretty meticulous rows of red and green salad! As for the tomato crops – well I think it’s turned into Polytunnel world. It amazes me that these people have managed to tame this beast and earn a living from it. Quite remarkable!



Sierra Cabrera




Oasis of Palm trees




Salad anyone?




Poly tunnels, tomato land.


We were going to Mojacar, at last some culture, something of real interest, this little white-washed, this village, which clings to the top of a hill has been inhabited since the Bronze Age!! It’s been the stronghold of so many different peoples and tribes. It was lovely to see something that wasn’t brand new and built for tourists. The view was staggering and every corner we turned there was a pretty little alleyway, flowers etc..


The only house that wasn’t white and blue!


Tile details around doorway


Bella Vista


Pretty archway at Mojacar

Pretty archway at Mojacar

What do I like best, blue sky or white doorway?

What do I like best, blue sky or white doorway?

A shady corner

A shady corner

Church Square

Church Square

Find the motorhome!

Find the motorhome!


We drove to not one, not two, not three but 4 campsites and eventually settled on the fourth, as time was running out!! We are so damn fussy!! And let me tell you this campsite is a duo campsite, Naturista or Textile!!!  Anyway once we’d settled in, fed Charlie, we took the bikes with the trailer down to the beach as I said we’re  definitely textile, although on the beach there was a mix of both. It must be my age as it didn’t even make me blush!!  Now we are sat relaxing with a glass of Rose and crisps!!! Charlie however, refuses to get out of his trailer!!! It’s fantastic it even has a netting cover so he isn’t bothered by the flies!

Oh and for those of you wondering we do have a bike rack which we put to the test today, well we still have our bikes!! I’ll post some photos of it tomorrow as it is rather special 🙂

6 thoughts on “Day 35 Motorhoming in Spain … Isla Plana to Palomares

  1. ah those phtos are really lovely, that blue sky and the white building, the flowers round that arch the wooden door all smashing. poor charlie i hope he gets on ok. xxxxxxxx its cold and the heating is on. slae at m and s ha ha xxxx

    • It was such a lovely village, so pretty with all the flowers, Charlie is much much better, I don’t know what happened! Maybe he ate something he shouldn’t have, he’s become such a greedy so and so now he’s older!!! (like his Mum!)

  2. Wow… desert… I spotted Harry! So glad to hear how well the trailer working for Charlie, though sorry to hear you and he had a rough night. I hope last night was more peaceful.

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