Day 36 and 37 Motorhoming in Spain … Palomares and on to Motril

I apologise in advance – this may be a long post, I’d already written Day 36’s post but couldn’t upload it and here we are on Day 37 so I may as well do both at the same time.

DAY 36

Well, this may have been our 4th camp-site and we chose it, the camp-site itself is fine, we have a generous pitch and the facilities are great. On arrival there’s a big sign saying 350 metres to the beach ah yes well the gate at the end of the site is closed because that’s where the nudists are and we aren’t allowed to go down there!!! So if we want to go to the beach we have to go out of the main gate and down the road and keep going, past the petrol station etc. etc., and by the time you’re there, it’s no longer 350 metres!!! We did it last night on the bikes with Charlie in tow, not the nicest road to cycle and unfortunately when we got there it wasn’t the most attractive beach either! What a shame! Another downside is that there is nothing in the vicinity and to add insult to injury the swimming pool is open but as it’s the end of the season it hasn’t been cleaned!!! So that too is a no-no!  As a result of all of this, we’ve decided to have a rest today, I’ve spent the morning sorting out my body, not a moment too soon!! I’ve bleached out my coffee cups and done a load of hand washing which is now on my makeshift line in the sun.

Last night as we were overlooking the beach, we stood in the car park being surrounded by guys on motocross bikes kicking up the sand – much to Charlie’s dismay, he absolutely hates motorbikes but didn’t try to get out of the trailer. As we hovered, we were approached by two very brown English women who were enquiring about the trailer that we have for Charlie, they thought it would be ideal for their old dog. They were motorhomers and had parked up in the sandy, gravel car park and were planning on stopping the night, not the nicest spot if I may say but each to their own. As we were chatting with them a young guy  with dreadlocks sauntered by, one of the ladies’ dogs walked up to him, he obviously wasn’t overly keen and gently lifted his flip flopped foot to prevent the dog from coming too close. The dog returned to it’s owners. With that one of the husbands said very loudly in the direction of the young man “Oi don’t you f***ing kick my dog!” the young man returned to face the man and in very good but broken English explained he had simply lifted his foot to discourage the dog and why, in fact, wasn’t the dog on a lead? Oh how unpleasant, the young guy came across as polite and gentle, the Englishman was aggressive and rude and I felt very uncomfortable. I’m not quite sure why he was like this, no harm at all had been done to his dog, he was as they say ‘crusin for a brusin’ and it could so easily have kicked off.

Maybe it’s because it’s so hot and sunny or maybe it’s the flies that make the English so irritable!! I must admit they are really getting to us! We are under constant attack from the little blighters, however, I have found that anti mosquito spray keeps them at bay for about an hour so we did manage to sit out for a coffee this morning without being pestered! I have noticed in each camp-site people actually walk around with fly swatters!! Great accessory ha ha. Mine is lime green by the way 🙂 The hubster has been tinkering with Charlie’s trailer and now the base of it is flat and his bedding fits a treat so while we are outside he lies in it!! And the bonus is there is a netting cover which prevents him from being bothered by the flies.

I think we’ve made a decision (although it could change so don’t quote me) I think we are going to get up on the motorway and make our way over to Malaga asap to see our friends. We may as well get there, book into a camp-site and settle for a while. I don’t really see the point of going from one camp-site to the next just seeing the same thing over and over again. We’ve travelled many kilometres looking for something authentic but in my opinion a village is a village is a village. We enjoyed Mojacar yesterday but personally I don’t see the point of travelling for an hour or so to go and see another white washed village with shops that sell the same items, leather bracelets, t shirts with the name of the town, china statues, keyrings etc etc. I think we’ll get more satisfaction from visiting a larger town and now that we can take Charlie and our bikes I think we’re eager to move on. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t tire of seeing the coastline it is truly stunning and if we find a camp-site by the beach all the better!!

I haven’t yet taken any photos today so I shall take my camera out later when we go for our bike ride and add them later.

DAY 37

We got up promptly this morning, we had a long journey ahead of us. We did agree to jump up onto the motorway and give it some welly and get closer to Malaga. We sorted out where we were going to stay by finding a site on the internet. The other great thing about today is that it’s Sunday so I took the bull by the horns and drove!! Yes! You did read correctly, I thought being a Sunday the routes would be quieter plus most of the journey was via Autopista and so it would be the perfect opportunity for me to get used to the size, width and feel of Harry. Having said that I was a little dozy on getting up, so let the Hubster drive onto the motorway and I took over at the first service station. (When I could actually see out of my puffy eyes!!!)

Well, what a journey, I loved it, sailing down an empty motorway at about 90 kilometres an hour with no one around was bliss. I did have a bit of a shaky moment when I was overtaken by a huge great juggernaut zooming past but it was fine. I also was very aware of the size of the van when up on the viaducts with a cross wind!! I did tunnels, I did bridges, I did viaducts and I had my own fair share of mountain passes but at least there were two lanes so it was really great and I got a huge feeling of freedom, it was quite extraordinary. I felt as though I was really on an adventure! It was also really satisfying to allow the Hubster some time off, and believe it or not he looked rather relaxed!!

Sod’s law that today we saw some of the most impressive and stunning shorelines, the Hubster was under strict instructions to take photos!!! I drove approximately 100 kilometres and we didn’t get lost and I didn’t have to do a three-point-turn either. On coming to the end of the motorway it was my intention to hand the beast back to the Hubster to negotiate the towns and villages in order to get to the campsite in one piece! Find a parking place, you have got to be kidding me, not so much as a gravel patch of land, I was in it up to my neck and there was no going back!! I tackled villages, larger towns, narrow roads, roundabouts, traffic lights, it was all there for the taking, it went pretty well until I heard the Hubster shout “move over, move over, you’re too close, you’re going to hit the dustbin!!!” I swerved rather niftily and all was well with the world!!! (the bin survived as did we!!) We arrived at the camp site and I actually drove in and parked so today has been one of great achievement so we’re off to the local beach bar to celebrate!!


6 thoughts on “Day 36 and 37 Motorhoming in Spain … Palomares and on to Motril

  1. oh that was smashing, i felt i was there with you. I thought charlies carriage was one of those. good on him prince charlie eh. I liked the photo of you it was good to see you. and the red clip in your hair. Fancy that English bloke gettin. xxxx
    g het up like that, people are so ready to figh these days. Poor young man eh. You are amazing driving that wagon good on you. Bet you were tired at the end of it. We altered our clocks last night so gone back an hour, dark at 5 . I aint appy mate. hate the winter and you did say how nice and warm it is for you. Bless , you deserve it. Just orderd some pyjamas on the m and s web site with staff discount ready for the onslaught of winter. lots of love

    • the driving was fantastic if not a little scary!!! You’re so right people are so up tight, he was on holiday for goodness sake i don’t know why he was so aggressive. thank goodness you told me the clocks went back, we had no idea! It’s still lovely here, I’m still in my shorts, I don’t know how long it will last but it’ll make the winter more bearable.

    • Oh it was fantastic, I loved every minute even the scary bits!!! The trailer is worth it’s weight in gold and the plus is that we are getting fitter!! It’s such fun and the reaction we get from passers by is fantastic. Yesterday we had children following us on their bikes calling to Charlie, it was so sweet!

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