Day 39 & 40 Motorhoming in Spain … Motril to Cabopino

We’ve left Motril to move even closer to Malaga so we can go and meet up with our friends. As we left Motril, more arid countryside and then we noticed that slowly the landscapes were becoming greener. It was quite refreshing, there was a lot more houses and farms dotted around the countryside. Funnily enough since we’ve been in Spain, we have see no animals at all, by animals I mean, sheep, goats, cows etc. on our way here I did get a quick glimpse of two horses on the horizon!!

We crossed over ravines and terrifying deep gorges on viaducts, each one seemingly higher than the one before, another thing, when in Spain if you’re driving along the motorway and ahead of you is a mountain, you can be pretty sure you have tunnel ahead, some of them over 2 kilometres in length. The engineering and the road building is truly awesome (please take this word literally). The design, planning and building of these roads through these mountains is mind blowing, and thank goodness they were built or we wouldn’t be able to do this trip.

We saw the huge building on the coast of Fuengirola, testament to the 70’s when international travel to warmer climes must have been in full swing. Not incredibly attractive but nonetheless spectacular. We saw luscious, green, golf courses springing up with huge amounts of flats, apartments and villas close by.

We are currently in Cabopino, a small, newly built town and marina, the camp site has everything you could possibly wish for, it is within walking distance of the beach, the pitches are large, the bath/shower facilities are spotless, the swimming pool is open and clean,it’s busy so lots to look at and keep us entertained, the price is good, the internet although a little patchy – works, there is a bar, a dog washing facility, (not as incredible as the last one, this is really just a hose pipe!!) and an Italian restaurant, so, can you feel a “BUT” coming on? and of course with me there has to be a ‘BUT’!!! I don’t know if I’m incredibly fussy ‘but’ we went, yesterday, to the beach and we nearly got run over!!! The road to the beach is a death trap,you have to actually walk on the slip road to the motorway, there is no possible way of cycling over with Charlie in tow!!!  For those of you who know Charlie you’ll know that he is prone to throwing himself at passing cars! (I think he has a deathwish) I’m afraid the Hubster had to hold him as he was too much of a handful for me. Once at the beach it was ‘no dogs allowed’ which was a real let down for Charlie (he got so excited as we approached!!) Bless … he also needed to cool down after his traumatising walk!

This morning we got up early before it got too warm and took Charlie for a walk down to the village and marina, it was a good, long walk but we paced ourselves and decided to go at Charlie’s pace – not fast – trust me!!! The village was lovely, absolutely pristine, flats and apartments overlooking the little marina with beautiful white and navy shiny boats and yachts. Around the marina a plethora of cafes and restaurants, most of which closed at that time but really very pretty, we found one and sat watching the workers haul one of the yachts out of the water! Wow and we think driving Harry is a challenge. Unfortunately there was nothing else, not a shop, not a newsagents, not a pharmacy (not that I need one!) it’s very strange.

Back at the campsite, the weather is warm and with that comes the flies! I spoke to a couple of neighbours who come here most winters and they say this is the worst they’ve ever encountered. It really is annoying. Everyone is swatting! Left, right and centre!!  So you see, you just can’t have it all!

I’m feeling a little down today which seems incredibly selfish and unfair, maybe I’m missing my family, (certainly not the weather – I’d rather have heat and flies than heating and hot pies!) I think I’m just a little disappointed with the location of the camp-site and having looked at others on the internet they seem to be all very similar BUT oh yes another BUT you can’t keep a good woman down and I’m on a mission to find a solution…. so watch this space! Hope you like the photos. By the way do you prefer a slide show of photos as below or thumbnails, please let me know.

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11 thoughts on “Day 39 & 40 Motorhoming in Spain … Motril to Cabopino

  1. My nephew Steve & his wife Ed are there at the moment-large caravan & Adria motorhome. Probably thousands there! Roger

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    • Ah, it’s a small world isn’t it? In this site probably 100’s more than 1000’s! But on the coast itself, loads of Brits! We’ve woken to another beautiful day, doors and windows at 7 am! Can’t be bad! Does your nephew stay for the winter or is he passing through?

  2. You’re allowed to have bad or simply sad days. I wasn’t sure I liked the slideshow at first because sometimes I wanted to go faster and sometimes slower. Then I took a deep breath and let it out slowly and quite enjoyed watching it through several times.

    • Yes i think youre right, it just feels so ungrateful when im doing what everyone else would love to do, just goes to show, thats life! I think ill alternate between photos and slideshows, just a little bit of variation! Glad you enjoyed the photos though

  3. Fabulous photos Michelle looks bril. Hope you don’t still feel down. Sometimes for no reason it can happen. Big hug for charlie hope he is enjoying his adventures. Rose x

    • Hey just realised Saluki is you Rose!!! I’m back up on top of the world again no worries! Charlie is being a little star. Adventures is infact the correct word for him, it’s all new and he’s taking it in his stride 🙂

  4. well as you can see i am catching up on your lovely emails. I have been at work last week and dont get home until 11.45 pm so get tired. Do you Remember Rebecca Reah, her brother was killed last fri. he was run over. very sad. poor family I dont have jarva so prefer pictures. xxxxxx

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