Day 41 Motorhoming in Spain … Cabapino

So what do you do all day? That is surely a question you must be asking!

Well let me take you through today, so far anyway.

I woke up at 7am, it was still dark, Charlie needed to go out so I took him for a walk to the bottom of the campsite where there is a dog area.  I put the kettle on before leaving so that it would be ready to make our morning coffee by the time I got back. Charlie lies outside most of the morning as it’s lovely and cool and we have a tree on our pitch offering some shade.


Then once we’d been coffeed we set about a bit of a clean, the hubster did inside and I did outside, (well it’s a bit cramped if we are both inside!!) I brushed off the rugs, I did some washing which is almost dry on our makeshift line. I did the washing up from yesterday, I was feeling down yesterday and so let it pile up!! shame on me Smile

The hubster did a bit of browsing on the net and came up with Radio 2!! How odd to have Chris Evans here in the van with us!  It was great to hear a familiar voice. According to Chris you’re having a bit of a heat wave over there in the UK. I’m glad for you all, it’ll make the winter that much shorter.

When that was done we decided to have some breakfast, pumpkin bread with cream cheese and honey with more coffee! Then it was time to walk the dog, so we set off around the perimeter of the the camp site.It is terraced and we are about a third of the way up so we set off for the top. On the top terraces are mobile homes and static caravans, they are totally fabulous with delightful decking areas, parasols and exotic plants, under the pine trees giving beautiful dappled shade. It’s quite a hike up there for Charlie but we walked slowly and enjoyed having a good nosey!! The campsite is wrapped around by a beautiful golf course, and we could see some of the fairways and greens, it’s mouth-wateringly close!! it’s a shame we can’t use it, well we could but we couldn’t leave Charlie for 3-4 hours, it would just get too hot for him.


I spent a good hour last night before dropping off to sleep trying to work out why I was so glum yesterday, I think I’ve worked it out. Until now our journey has been a bit of an adventure, discovering places etc. Suddenly we find ourselves on a true holiday campsite and I believe that deep down, I feel as if I’m cheating, as if this is a bit of a cop out. However, this is our journey and if this is what has presented itself to us then we must make the most of it, after all this is truly paradise, It is really beautiful here and for a holiday, I couldn’t imagine a better place, it really has everything. It’s such a shame that Charlie deteriorated as quickly as he did but we (truly) wouldn’t have it any other way. We love that he is here with us.

So with my new attitude, I decided to make the most of the wonderful facilities and went off to the pool, which may I add is superb (if not a wee bit chilly on first dip!!) also as if that wasn’t enough, I had it to myself. For goodness sake it’s heaven!! I’ve included some photos of me, sorry I’m not exactly the mermaid but boy it felt good.


We will have lunch in a while and then, who knows I may just nip back to the pool!!

We have decided to hire a car, this means we will be able to do day trips and take Charlie with us, we will be able to park a lot more easily nearer town so it won’t  be far for him to walk. It also means we will be free to pop over to Malaga to see our friends. I can’t wait especially as they have a dog (Charlie’s chum) and they haven’t seen each other for ages so it’ll be interesting to see how they react when they see each other!!

In the evenings, we play scrabble, I blog, mess about with photos, browse the internet and we often play cards, and we normally have a bet,  and when I win, I’m always delighted (it doesn’t happen often!!)  last time I won this rather splendid wicker basket which has proved to be really, really useful.


So you see, the day fills up quickly. When we are on the road, then most of the time is spent driving or poring over maps!! Ha ha.

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