Day 42 Motorhoming in Spain … Mijas Day Trip

I can only hope that I will be able to write this post with the humour and imagery that it deserves!

When you think of Spanish people, I don’t know, if like me, you imagine the mañana effect, dark, swarthy men, beautiful, olive skinned señoritas, stunningly, attractive children playing together in town squares, all of whom talk with a soft,velvety, comforting lisp?

Well, now dear reader, I would like you to close your eyes and picture the following:
The Hubster and I have spent a lovely relaxing day in the sun, dipping in and out of the pool, we’ve dined on a beautiful meal of Chicken with White Wine, Cream and Mushroom sauce, accompanied by a glass of chilled Rose. We are sat chilling, just ready for bed, we have the windows wide open with the blinds pulled down, we are in our own little private space, it’s heaven!
“Gosh” I say “that sounds like a late arrival!” As I hear a motor turning over, followed by the crunching of gravel. Yep, I thought that’s someone manoeuvring into a pitch, then I hear the occupants of the aforementioned vehicle, ah I think, that’s Mum, ah a baby, a young girl and that’s Dad’s voice. Oh lovely a Spanish family on their hols. Then it starts, banging, crashing, thumping, talking, no I lie, screaming at each other, are they arguing I wonder? Then the baby starts scriking, the young girl is trying to placate the baby by copying it’s cry at a louder level!

Then we hear another motor and another and I think maybe two more, followed by the thumping, crashing but this is something else, they quite obviously all know each other and there is much screaming, yelling, hi cheers and shrieks of laughter. Children are now running around in the dark, squealing, squawking. playing ‘who can bounce the ball – the loudest’  and generally making a right old din!

Outside Harry, our own personal neighbours have set up an outside light that would be worthy of any lighthouse, it’s bright, so bright that the light is leaking through our blinds, that takes some doing as they are black out blinds. I did take a quick peek and damn near got blinded! There was Mum with babe in arms, Dad, who now had a friend as did the little girl, in fact I think I counted four! And they all talked louder than the other and I noticed that they do actually all talk at the same time! Mum now also has a friend and they are discussing something which obviously isn’t private as the whole camp site can hear all the ins and outs! At the end of each phrase Mum says “eeeeeh” in a very high, squeaky pitch.
We get into bed resigned to the fact that it may be a long night, but no, things quiet down a little. Why? I hear you ask! Well, of course – silly me it’s 11:00pm time to cook the dinner! Out come the pans, yet more banging and crashing, stirring and whirring, cutlery banging on crockery. I can only guess that Dad needs to be shouted at to give him a list of ingredients, well that’s what it sounded like to me!
Eventually things kind of died down, by which time I was wide awake and resorted to counting sheep! I slept very badly. This morning I wake up and there are our new neighbours, big smiles and big ‘Holas’ what can you say? They’re lovely, just a little loud in the decibel department! We did notice that two of our neighbours left at 7 this morning and I spoke to the couple directly next to us and they’ve had enough so they’re leaving tomorrow. What a shame! We however have decided to ‘live and let live’! Although we had decided to have an early night but we see things are just hotting up for Halloween!! All the kiddies are disguised as are the tents, caravans and motorhomes! We have no decorations so maybe I’ll just sit out the front and pretend to be a witch! Won’t take a disguise for that!!!

Although we did have a bit of a cop out! Today we hired a car and took off to Mijas, a beautiful mountain village. I swear the Sat Nav lady is trying to kill us, she took us up roads that were indescribable, at one stage we actually had to stop on a very sharp, uphill corner and put the car into first gear, as we took off I think we left half the tyre on the road, there was such a squealing not to mention poor Charlie in the back holding on by his fingernails!!  We did get there and it was worth it. I must admit as we were going up the hills, I suddenly realised why Mijas was famous – for it’s donkeys!! Aha, it all became clear, I kept schtum!! I wasn’t going to admit it to the Hubster while he was contending with the roads. All I can say is thank goodness we didn’t take Harry, he’d never have made it!


I will leave you with a slideshow today – as one reader Judy says, if it’s slow, just take a deep breath, lean back and enjoy.

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4 thoughts on “Day 42 Motorhoming in Spain … Mijas Day Trip

    • Oh Judy you do make me laugh … in my stride? Well, it’s a case of putting up or getting out so we’re living with it!! It won’t be forever and it is showing us a side that until now was hidden 😀

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