Day 43 Motorhoming in Spain … Puerto Banus Day Trip

Last night was a true eye opener for me! It was Halloween. Wow! The Spanish love Halloween. It was amazing, everyone in the family joined in, Mums, Dads, Teenagers, kiddies and even babies were dressed up and made up with cuts, dripping blood, black eye make up, black lips etc. There were so many cobwebs hanging up, I thought I was having an OCD cleaning nightmare. Dads were cutting up cardboard boxes, spraying with colour and next door but one to us even had a torture chamber outside their caravan! I kid you not! Blades, machetes, blood running down the curtains it was a work of art. I have a photo on a phone somewhere but internet connection is so patchy I haven’t the patience to disconnect here, reconnect on the phone, email the photo and then reconnect here!!

Anyway, back to Halloween, we went for a walk with Charlie and had a look at all the decorations, lights, ghouls, ghosts and we got scared away by a hunchback! The atmosphere was magical, as good as any Christmas in England. The kiddies were so excited going from pitch to pitch and when they got to us, noticed the number plate and actually called “Trick or Treat” in English!!! How canny are these little ones? Thank goodness I had some sweeties in. (I don’t normally share but on this occasion I thought it better, I wouldn’t fancy a trick from these little monsters!!)  We sat outside watching for a while but went inside when the firecrackers were let off, Charlie wasn’t overly impressed and by the amount of barking we could hear on the site, some of the other dogs weren’t too impressed either.

As a result of it being a party night the noise went on and on, and on,  til way past 2 in the morning, say no more!!

Here are a couple of photos that I took this morning.

IMG_2452   IMG_2453   IMG_2454


Today is All Saints Day or Dias de los Muertos (probably spelt that totally wrong) anyway meaning Day of the Dead. It’s the day when the Spanish pay honour to those who’ve died and so they visit the cemetery with flowers. We’ve seen many people walking around carrying flowers, it’s a lovely tradition, it doesn’t appear sombre in the least. In Mijas the council have put on extra buses to the cemetery, isn’t that wonderful?

We decided to go and visit the Beautiful People today! We went to Puerto Banus to see how the other half live, and boy don’t they live well?



Not at all impressed by Puerto Banus!!

Beautiful avenues lined with palm trees, shiny clean pavements, more designer shops than you can shake a stick at (we did notice there are no prices) a case of if you have to ask the price, you probably  definitely can’t afford it. And while I think of it, as we wandered past the stalls on the prom, I was reminded that it is actually November, time to pick up a fur coat maybe?

The Winter Collection is in

The Winter Collection is in

Shopping anyone?

Shopping anyone?

We had a stroll around the harbour, I must say I love big yachts even though I would hate to go on the water. I just find them so striking and stunning in the navy and white and they are always so clean and shiny! We saw two in particular that took my fancy on arriving back here, I just had to Google them, the first one the Lady Haya belongs to the King of Saudi and the other one Galactica Star is the one that JayZ and Beyonce with baby,Blue Ivy, had a hol recently. I only rub shoulders with the best you know!!

IMG_2468 IMG_2469 IMG_2473

Tomorrow is going to be totally brilliant, we are going to Malaga to meet up with some really special friends. I just can’t wait! Will I be able to sleep tonight, probably not, firstly I’m excited for tomorrow and secondly I can feel an air of expectation in the camp site, there are already ghoulish cries and screams over a loudspeaker!!  I think we’re in for another fiesta!!! Ole 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Day 43 Motorhoming in Spain … Puerto Banus Day Trip

    • Well the adventures are coming in thick and fast, we’ve had the most exciting two days. I’m having terrible trouble uploading photos but I’m hoping and praying you’ll get a couple of slide shows as I’ve taken so many photos. It’s been so brilliant, I’m absolutely buzzing 🙂 Another mini break for you!

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