Days 44 & 45 Motorhoming in Spain … Malaga and Ronda

OK so I didn’t blog yesterday! I’m sorry but we had such a fantastic time in Malaga with our friends, that by the time we returned to the camp site, made some dinner, we were pooped. I’m afraid I’m going to bore you with so many photos today! I’ve gone a bit crazy! There have been so many fantastic things, my mind is buzzing!!


I must first tell you about the 1st November, I already told you how amazing Halloween was, and that we felt something was building up,  on the Saturday night. There was ghoulish laughter, screams and very spooky music coming from the entrance to the camp site, we noticed whole families going that way and eventually, we decided if we were going to have headaches from the noise, at least we should know what was causing them. Well, I’ve never seen anything like this, the camp site had ‘put on’ a ghostly passage of terror!!! It was fantastic, there must have been over 100 people queueing to go into the hellish looking place! I took some photos just to show you the effort they’d gone to!

IMG_2495 IMG_2493 IMG_2496

So you can imagine how late it was that night, but what an experience, I’m so glad I was here to see it.

The next day, Malaga! To see our friends, who we’ve not seen since we did the open doors on Harry before we left the UK. Excited is an understatement, I could hardly contain myself!  It was so fantastic to see them again. My Charlie and their dog, Archie, instantly recognised each other and after our full day, Archie their big, woolly dog even let Charlie have a nap in his bed – ahh bless!

They took us on a fantastic tour of Malaga, not at all what I was expecting, it’s appears to be an exciting city, it was quite edgy and I liked it very much, it felt comfortable and friendly. It was Sunday and so (apparently) it was quiet, seemed busy enough to me!! We walked down to the Port and then we were taken through the little back streets, it was delightful and not geared towards tourists. We sat at a pavement cafe sipping smooth, ice cold, lassies in the sunshine, delicious. Malaga has two very famous sons, Pablo Piccasso and Antonio Banderas, we saw a statue of the first but I’m afraid Tony didn’t come out to play!!! Shame 😦

I wasn’t at all sad to say goodbye as we have the hire car, and so we are definitely going to go back and visit again!!

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On arriving back at the camp site we were met by queues of caravans and motor homes leaving!! There was a mass exodus, it was all the Spanish families who had obviously had their weekend break and had to return to work. Oh my did I sleep well last night!


And then as if Malaga wasn’t brilliant enough – today we went to Ronda. Now then, as a girl coming from Wales, I know all about the Rhonda Valley and this Ronda has a valley but in no comparison what so ever. Ronda is about 60 kilometres inland from Marbella, and it feels like you’re driving forever. The drive up, was on a fantastic road, well surfaced, and wide, however it went up and up and up some more and then down a little bit into the town. More and more bends, deep ravines, how they build these roads through mountains defies comprehension. Sheer brilliance. I felt fine going up but of course on the way back down I was on the outside edge! I was so taken by the views that I didn’t really have time to be nervous apart from going over one bridge that seemed a little wonky to me!! But the real gem, is the town of Ronda, what a fantastic place! I’d never heard of it but I can thoroughly recommend it. It is truly Spanish, it was just what I was looking for. The beautiful architecture, gardens, little shady alleyways with people stood outside eating tapas, the whole atmosphere was magical. Ronda is the birthplace of Bullfighting! And there is even a Hollywood style pavement with Matadors names! The other thing that Ronda is famous for is the ‘New Bridge’ (which isn’t really new!) now then this bridge was built to connect the two sides of the town over a ravine that is 100 metres deep (the height of a 30 floor building!) The views on the way up, and from the town of Ronda are truly spectacular and breathtaking. It’s a long time since I’ve seen anything that has impressed me as much. Absolutely fantastic. DO NOT MISS IT if you ever come to Spain.

I’m hoping that my photos have by now uploaded, this internet connection is so sporadic, it keeps cutting off! Anyway, I hope that the photos will give you some idea of the incredible things we’ve seen over the last couple of days. Spain – I’m falling in love with you….:)




5 thoughts on “Days 44 & 45 Motorhoming in Spain … Malaga and Ronda

  1. that sounded great, like the horrow chambers. Fantastic so glad you were there to see that so you could show me. So pleased charlie met his old friend. and sharing the other dogs bed was sweet. xxxx Raining here heating on.. off to bed night thanks for the tour xx

    • Hey it’s raining here too!! Well we had some during the night and then a little bit this morning, but it’s still lovely and warm so I refuse to complain 🙂 You must be shattered going back to work! I hope it’s all going well. Much love Michelle

  2. I’m not sure which is more terrifying, the house of horrors or living on the edge of a plunging ravine. 🙂 Stunning pictures! I especially loved the one of you and Charlie.

    • I think I agree – my nerves are in tatters!! I think you can tell by looking at the photo of me and Charlie, we were sheltering from the wind, it was an awful long way up!! But what an incredible place, I totally loved it. Having a relaxing day today, haven’t even taken one photo yet!!! Oops!!

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