Day 46 & 47 Motorhoming in Spain … Cabopino

Oh dear, we’re not really motorhoming anymore! We haven’t moved in two days!! When I say moved, I mean, in a vehicle to another place, we’re still in Cabopino and will be here for a while yet. It’s so lovely, it would be pointless to move on just yet – agree???

Yesterday, we woke to grey skies, it had rained overnight, however it had stopped raining and it was warm so we took Charlie for a walk on the ‘Dogs Forbidden’ beach, We assumed there would be no sunbathers and we were right, in fact there was no one at all, so we, in effect, had a private beach! It was superb, for once the Med was a little agitated and there were some waves, much to Charlie’s surprise and dismay! He was more than happy though, as we were able to let him off the lead and he had a ball just running (well hobbling) free Smile I can’t believe that I didn’t have my camera with me – dammit!

As the van was cool, we left Charlie and went off in the Hire Car to the local little town resort and did a bit of grocery shopping. By the time we returned the sun was out and the clouds were thinning, I sat out for a while it was lovely. So yesterday, I took no photos at all. Last night we snuggled up and watched a film on the laptop, it was called Inkheart, a fantastical tale about imaginary worlds, it was pretty good actually. We don’t like watching films on the laptop as the sound is very tinny, but we have a gadget, a new toy which so far has been used endlessly. It’s a Bose, portable speaker which has Bluetooth connection facility and has fantastic sound quality, in fact it’s so good that we’ve shown it to friends and three of them have been out and bought one. It comes highly recommended!

Today, we woke to bright blue skies and sunshine, what could possibly go wrong today right? Well, I got up and realised that the flush on the loo wasn’t working. After much searching, pushing buttons, switches, turning things on and off again, checking the control panel (which has never really worked and can’t be relied on anyway!) we came to the conclusion that although we are plugged into electricity here at the campsite, our leisure battery isn’t charging! Now is this a problem? Yep it is! As the leisure battery is the battery that powers all our 12v appliances, which includes lights, water pump etc. that means that if we use them the battery isn’t recharging and if we let it drain completely, it’ll be good for nothing and we’ll have to get a new one!

I got bored pressing buttons and lifting things and holding things and passing things so I went off for a walk! You can always rely on me during a crisis! (Well, nothing was happening anyway!) I decided to go and have a look for a couple here on the campsite, not that I knew them, but a couple of days ago I received a message, on this blog, from someone in the UK saying his nephew and wife were staying here too, I thought it only polite to search them out, hunt them down and say ‘howdy’. I found them about 4 rows away from us. They were really lovely and I’m glad I popped in. Not only that they know everyone on the camp site and introduced us to – guess what? an electrician!!! Can you believe it? After me, trying to explain what exactly was happening in Harry, made it all as clear as mud, I did notice that everyone had a somewhat confused look on their faces. Anyway, this lovely chap said he was going out for the day but would try and pop back and see us later to see if he could find a solution.

Given that we had absolutely no idea what to do, we took Charlie down to the beach, a few more people there today but no sunbathers just dog walkers, so we were in good company I took my camera and played with some of the settings, so I apologise if all the photos are taken from the same position but I’m quite pleased with the results.

Still with the battery in crisis what did we do next? We had some lunch and a glass of wine! Perfect no?

4 thoughts on “Day 46 & 47 Motorhoming in Spain … Cabopino

  1. How delightful to find an electrician when you needed one! I hope everything’s back up to snuff. I’m imagining Charlie playing in the surf, and smiling.

    • Well I’m afraid the electrician didn’t appear so we’re sat in candlelight and no water or electricity! We have been today to a repair place (my spanish is rubbish!) but they can’t do anything til Monday! So we’re going to have to put up with it til then! But we’re ok and managing! I will blog tomorrow with some cheerful photos of a Spanish town we visited today. Hope you are well. I really appreciate you writing to me it makes it all worthwhile. Take care. Michelle

      • Sorry to hear the electrician failed to appear, but you sound like you’ve made the best of it. Well done! It’s been a lovely day here. I started the morning with a croissant and hot chocolate at my favorite local eatery and met a rather handsome gentleman on his way to Rocky Point for a motorcycle rally. I’ve spent the rest of the day editing, straightening out a finance snag, reading an early Diane Gaston Regency romance novel, and spent a little time with my sister and BIL’s dog. 🙂 Looking forward to the next installment.

      • You sound like you’ve had an exciting day! How wonderful! I’ve been messing with photos for hours and gave up eventually as the internet was so patchy. I’ve uploaded some of the photos this morning hope you like them !

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