Days 48 & 49 Motorhoming in Spain … Estepona and Istan

Sorry if I seem to be posting two days at a time, but our internet connection is so patchy that I sometimes lose the will to live. Also as we are still in the same camp site it’s a little difficult to find exciting things to write about.

We still have the hire car and so have taken advantage and been on some really good day trips. As I explained in my last post we have a serious problem with our battery charger! Until we get it sorted we are very much stuck here!! The electrician who said he’d pop by – didn’t!! And so as we know absolutely nothing about the workings of Harry we set off with an address in our pockets and a notebook full of words that we had translated on the internet we headed for the town of Estepona, which is just up the coast, the other side of Marbella.

We entered the address into our friend the Sat Nav (she’s really pushing her luck!) and followed the directions to the letter, what a mistake! We ended up in a country lane which was barely wide enough for our little Hyundai hire car, thank goodness we didn’t bring Harry (if you knew how many times we’ve said that over the last week!!) Poor Harry! He gets left at home with an ailing battery while we go out gallivanting 🙂

The next thing you know, I’m in a stable yard, using my best Spanish (well miming!) “I’m lost, where is this address?” and I show the scrap of paper, I nod enthusiastically as the stable hand garbles, very quickly may I add, directions,  I watch his hand and eye gestures, ahh I think, it’s up there to the right on the top of the hill, “muchos gracias!!” Dammit – I got it right!! There it was on the right at the top of the hill. Time for a load of miming and speaking very slowly, we manage to explain to the chap what’s wrong with Harry, yes they can fix it, it’ll take 24 hours, but no point in taking it in till Monday because of the weekend. So three guesses where we’ll be going on Monday – hopefully it won’t cost an arm and a leg. I have had a look and I believe it may just be covered by the warranty, so I’ll need to be making calls to the UK to get it sorted.

While we were there we decided to have a look at the town of Estepona. Well it’s lovely, there is a 3 kilometre promenade along side the sandy beach, lined with palm trees. There is the more modern shopping area and of course there is the older quarter which is a network of narrow streets, white houses with shutters and little cafes. It’s really beautiful but what makes this village different is that each street has different coloured flowerpots. There are also some lovely tiled poems on the walls of buildings by a Malagan poet, I really must get round to translating them.  It’s absolutely gorgeous and of course visiting at this time of year has the added bonus that it is quiet and relatively tourist free! I’m quite looking forward to returning on Monday, I just hope they will be able to get Harry back on his feet.



When I got up this morning there was a lovely red sky and as the day broke it was decidedly cloudy 😦 I asked kindly whether we could go to Istan, another hill top village, I think I may be pushing my luck with the Hubster! Snaking roads are now becoming a daily occurrence and they aren’t becoming any more endearing to him! Oops  I’m so glad we made the effort. Now then what’s different about this town is not the white washed houses, not the quaint squares, the church tower or even the views! This little village is made up of higgledy piggledy streets, narrow alleyways, which are beautifully paved and we wandered around aimlessly until we realised that the villagers actually drive cars down these alleyways!! I couldn’t believe it, and to prove it – you will see in one of my photos there is distinctly a garage!!! What a drive to work that must be! As we sat in the church square, having a coffee, three vans and a digger turned up, we made some lame joke about it being rush hour but honestly it truly takes seeing to believe! Another thing this village has is several fountains which are beautifully tiled and have water coming directly from the mountains so it is fresh, cold and clear and really rather nice. There is a channel that has been carved out and the water gushes down along the edge of the street making quite a noise in this docile little town.

On the way back from Istan, even though the clouds were now beginning to cloak the summits of the mountains, the views were again stunning, we passed a dam which is pretty impressive but also the motorway bridge with Marbella in the background.

We did a bit of grocery shopping on the way home and bought ourselves a lamp as last night with no electric lighting, we found it quite a challenge playing cards by candlelight!! The poor Hubster even cooked our dinner while I held a torch!! Roll on Monday ha ha! We also bought some fish called Jurel Blanco which if Google is correct is White Horse Mackerel! Well it was a new one for us and was really tasty although we both agreed next time we’ll get the sardines again!! The sun is trying ever so hard to fight through the clouds so hopefully we’ll have a pleasant evening.

6 thoughts on “Days 48 & 49 Motorhoming in Spain … Estepona and Istan

  1. So Harry’s difficulties aren’t a complete loss. Would you have seen those little towns if Harry were working properly? I do hope you’re able to fix him without it costing too dear, in funds or time. 🙂

  2. Hi, there is an app called iTranslate Apple, will translate what you say into Spanish, It says what you said in Spanish & writes it as well. So the Spaniard can read what you are trying to say. Does require wifi. I usually practice several sentences. With a battery can be good to remove connections & vaseline them to ensure good electrical contact. Years ago had loads of problems all down to a poor earth connection. Good luck, Roger

    • Oh Roger, we’ve had fun and games with this box of tricks over the last couple of days! Anyway as a result we’ve taken it to a garage in Estepona this morning and we’re crossing everything, hoping they can sort it out and that it won’t be too pricey! So at the mo, we have mains electricity only, ie charging laptop and fuelling a little lamp we bought! We have no 12 volt power which is all the light, the electric step, the water pump and the fridge! So let’s see what tomorrow will bring! Thank you so much for getting in touch I’ve made notes of your comments should we need them in the future!

      • Good luck & I hope it’s good news.

        The thermistor in the fridge freezer of Hettie the Hymer packed up on Friday-frozen lettuce, yogurt & cream! New one should arrive tomorrow.

        We are fulltiming down the road from the home we sold. My good news is I’ve been discharged by orthopaedic surgeon (30 broken bones in tib & fib in April!). After I restore ankle mobility we’re off house-hunting in France early next year. Exciting times!

      • Oh Roger that sounds terrible, is it the result of a car/bike accident? I’m glad you’ve be put back together again! It must have been a worrying time! We too hope to end up in France although we can’t decide on a region! Good luck, as you say exciting times 🙂

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