Days 50 & 51 Motorhoming in Spain … Marbella and Malaga

Well, I feel like we’re sat in a waiting room at the hospital, the day before yesterday we played around with Harry’s little box of tricks, we plugged, unplugged, dashed to the local shop to buy spare fuses, inserted one, plugged back in, BANG, SPARKS & SMOKE!! Time to stop messing and call in the professionals!
Yesterday we went to Malaga to see our friends and had a fabulous day, more on that later.
The day before we went to Marbella, more on that later too!
I must tell you first about Harry! This morning we drove back to Estepona (50 kilometres along the coast) in the hire car, tucked away in a plastic bag we had the precious battery charger (at least now we know what it’s called!) we have left it at the garage, they are going to diagnose it! I feel like poor Harry is having a biopsy and we are the nervous parents waiting for the results?
OK I won’t go into too much technical detail, firstly because I have no idea what I’m talking about and I can already feel your eyes glazing over with disinterest! But let’s just say that we have no working fridge, no water coming out of the taps, no toilet flush, no interior lights apart from the little clip-on light we purchased at Carrefour the other day and we have no electric step, which may not sound a big deal to you but when you are just 5 foot and a fart, like me, and it’s the day after my friends in Malaga ‘made’ me climb a mountain, and my muscles are protesting, getting in and out of the van is no easy task.
We will hear Harry’s diagnosis tomorrow and I shall keep you informed, please hold back with the Get Well cards as I have very little room to put them!
Now then back to Marbella! I told you a couple of days ago that we’d been to Puerto Banus and as far as I was concerned I was of the opinion that Marbella would be very similar, how wrong can you be? It is the most delightful town, it has, admittedly, been a little bit over done with the tall hotels on the front but the old quarter is just superb. Every thing you look at is beautiful, without being staged or contrived. In the centre of Marbella old town is the Plaza de los Naranjos, as you enter the square the brightness of the parasols and the lushness of all the orange trees is a sight to behold, it really does stop you in your tracks while you stand back and try to absorb it all.
I resorted to taking the pushchair and it was just so liberating to actually see the whole town without being held back by the old boy! I still can’t really explain the reaction people have when they see Charlie in the pushchair, children squeal with delight, people of all nationalities coo, smile and approach us to talk, chaps on their cycle rides stop in their tracks to say hello. They ask questions and pet and stroke Charlie. It is quite incredible, this old dog has brought out the most genuine kindness in complete strangers. Maybe the human race isn’t as bad as I’d always thought!
I’m hoping this will work and to follow there should be a slideshow of photos from Marbella.

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Next, our day trip to Malaga to see our friends. We drove over on Sunday morning along the A7 which is a dual carriageway that runs along the coast with the sea on our right and the mountains on our left. It’s been a little chilly over the last couple of days and I have dragged out a pair of jeans that was sulking at the back of the shelf! The scenery on our way over was somewhat eerie, the dark clouds clung to the very tips of the mountains creating a ring of black shadows at the summit, eerie but beautiful nonetheless. Once again Charlie and his chum we’re happy to be reunited. After delicious fresh coffee and croissants my friend says chirpily, “Would you come and do my daily walk?” Well yes of course, what a splendid idea. What our lovely friend didn’t tell us is that slap bang in the middle of Malaga is a mountain, and that climbing it – is her daily walk! We spluttered, coughed and wheezed our way up to the summit, along winding roads and paths, up through shady pines, her dog frolicking, chasing sticks while Charlie lay in his buggy! (We took in turns to push the 25 kilos of lifeless dog!) it was worth every single step, to arrive at the top and to fill our lungs with fresh air and take in the views over the sea and the city, simply magnificent. Going downhill, you’d have thought it would’ve been easier than the ascent, but a dog of that weight -on wheels,can really gather momentum! We’re lucky we didn’t all end up in a heap at the bottom of the mountain! We concurred that refreshment and sustenance was called for, so we made our way to the beach, sat at a Chingurito bar, dogs lying under the shade of the palm trees whilst we had a really lovely lunch of fresh charcoal grilled sardines with a bottle of chilled white wine! We all thought we were very grown up and civilised! After another walk discovering the back streets and alleys we returned and before you know it, it was dinner time! Time really does fly when you’re enjoying yourself, I hate saying goodbye as I know that soon we must kick start ourselves and Harry and continue on our journey but I’m going to find it hard saying goodbye to these friends as heaven knows when we’ll see them again!

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2 thoughts on “Days 50 & 51 Motorhoming in Spain … Marbella and Malaga

  1. Gorgeous pictures! I do hope Harry recovers fully. Charlie’s adventures in the world are such a delight to read. Compassion touches all but the hardest of hearts. I wonder if a lot of those people recognize an old dog and remember one dear to their hearts? Godspeed.

    • I think Charlie has a special something, he wasn’t the easiest of dogs but now he’s older he really is showing that he is a complete and utter star. As you say I think maybe people do remember a companion they once had, and it’s good that Charlie can bring out that softness in people. I always wanted a dog that I could use as a PAT dog (Pets as Therapy), visiting people in Old People’s Homes, Hospitals etc but I’m afraid Charlie was such a tinker when younger it wasn’t possible, now he would be perfect, it’s a thought I keep in the back of my head should the occasion arise although at nearly 15 years – it may not be Charlie’s job, maybe another?????

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