Day 52 Motorhoming in Spain… Harry’s problems!

Oh dear, what a day!

It poured down last night and again most of the morning, it was grey, wet and miserable! We drove over to Estepona to collect the battery charger, fixed! Oh thank goodness, it cost 60 Euros but worth every penny … or so we thought! Once back at the campsite we plugged in the charger, I stood by with my heart beating, I just couldn’t wait to get Harry up and running again, We switched on the mains electricity, nothing! We switched it off and on again, nothing! Then we checked all the wiring, it looked correct, still nothing! I won’t tell you the word I used!

Then for the nightmare phone call to the mechanic who speaks a little English, there’s no room for mime on a payphone plus it was chucking it down and we were getting wetter and wetter!

We’re thinking we need a new leisure battery as this one just isn’t charging, we were told that a new one was fitted when we bought the van although I’m beginning to doubt that, we’ve had a catalogue of issues with the dealer so we’re better off sorting it out ourselves than relying on someone back in the UK with no notion of urgency.

So we took ourselves off to the local shopping complex where we had noticed a ‘Norauto’ similar to ‘Halfords’ in England. I surprised myself by actually managing to say “Hello, I need a leisure battery for my motorhome” in Spanish!! Impressive no? How sad is this? That was the high point of my day today! It didn’t last, as they didn’t have what we needed!!

Our day hasn’t been a good one and on top of this Charlie hasn’t been well, I’m not sure what’s wrong, he doesn’t want to walk, (well he hates the rain anyway) he doesn’t want cuddles and he’s scratching and nibbling at his tum. Poor old soul!

I think tonight, as once again, we have no light, no heating, no water or fridge we’ll set up the bed as a couch and get Charlie up and we’ll all snuggle up and watch a film on the laptop, (At least that works) I did mention to our neighbours that the candlelight dinners are wearing a little thin! Ha ha. It’s now 5:30 pm and we are sat here by candlelight, it’s going to be an early night for us, methinks!

On the upside, the mechanic, bless him, has said he will pop over and see us tomorrow to see if he can work out the problem. So who knows this time tomorrow night, we may just have heating, lights, water and a flushing loo. Maybe I should get some champagne in, just in case!

Now then as today was so pants, I didn’t take any photos at all, but I did find some time to sit and play with a photo that the hubster took of me the other day in Malaga. Now I don’t normally do this as it is in fact a self-portrait, but I just love the effect that this has. It’s my first attempt at anything like this and I really like the outcome. So when you look at it, please ignore the model and just look at the technique!!!

Chin up and hoping for a good day tomorrow. Hoping that all of you, dear blog readers, have had a better day than me.

self portrait

14 thoughts on “Day 52 Motorhoming in Spain… Harry’s problems!

  1. feel your pain – we are stuck here waiting for a motor for the wipers, 6 days now. And now the fridge relay has gone on the blink 😦 hope you get your battery sorted soon

      • Villers Sur Mer, Normandy. We know it like the back of our hands now 🙂 fingers crossed we should be fixed and moving Friday

      • Hi well today is Friday and I wonder if you have moved yet? Oh my goodness, what kind of weather have you had? Are you planning on moving down South, if so, a word of warning, the weather has been pretty miserable for the last two days! I’ll order some sunshine for you 🙂 We’re waiting for the mechanic to turn up, fingers crossed that this may be his last visit although I seriously doubt it. Could be here til Xmas!!! happy travels

  2. dont you have electric hook up, we didnt have battery but elec hook up? your poor little boy has tummy ache i think. hope tomorrow is better. its cold and wet here. on my summer hols at the moment. i would love to have gone away but no money and derek isnt fit only had 3 days in 2 years . its boring and cant get leg wet so cant swim in the sea anyway. need to RUN away xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2014 17:48:12 +0000 To:

    • Oh Yvonne you sound so down! It’s probably the whole thing of going back to work and if your leg still isn’t 100% then you’re not going to feel back to normal are you? Have you thought of looking at a break somewhere in the Canary Islands, I went last year with my sisters for just 4 days, it was seriously cheap as chips and although it wasn’t really warm enough for swimming it was just good to feel the sun and warm the bones. If it’s too late, how about renting some really cracking videos, curling up on the sofa with hot chocolate, a blanket and a bar of chocolate or marshmallows? that used to do the trick for me. Either way, enjoy your days off and don’t go cleaning any damn windows!!!! Lots and lots of love Michelle. PS I answered your question about the electrics in today’s blog!

  3. I belong to ‘Motorhome Fun’ & ‘Motorhome Facts’ groups-they’re only about a tenner each to join. Find them very helpful to get problems sorted. The usual is that someone has a motorhome like yours with ‘that’ problem & sorted it by doing such & such. For example with our fridge deciding to freeze the lettuce, coleslaw & me cream discovered I needed a new thermistor & Thetford who make the fridge-freezer provided a temporary fix.

    I hope you soon get Harry sorted & Charlie feels better. We’re sat in the middle of a rainstorm here in South Lincolnshire tho’ the BBC weather app. says ‘Cloudy/Sunny’ by 12-believe it when it happens!
    All the best,

    • Well I don’t know if you’ve seen my latest post, we have a mechanic called Jose, who is on the case. The service has been second to none, although he isn’t too sure what’s going on! He’s calling back later today with another possible solution!! Fingers crossed! Charlie is perkier today although the same as you we’ve had a downpour today and there is a chilly wind. As for the forums, I seem to pass half my time trawling the web and it is absolutely brilliant as you say there is always someone who’s had the same problem! The only problem I have here is the internet connection is a little scrappy to say the least but hey ho such is life. I like to think of all of this as character forming ha ha:)

  4. So sorry to hear about the continuing debacle. I suspect Charlie senses your distress. Just a guess. I hope the mechanic is able to straighten things out in a satisfactory manner. As to the photo, what an interesting technique!

    • And so it goes on… it’s a ongoing saga!! The upside is that we’ve found one of the most incredibly kind and generous mechanics, one of a dying breed I think! We’ve gone past the distress stage and are now in the “go with the flow” stage so that’s is also a positive point!! Keeping our chins up in the most British way we know 😀

  5. We had good and bad news. Bad news was garage had ordered wrong motor – arrrrggggh. Good news they did a bodge job to last us the weekend, we need to go back again Monday to get the right motor. We may never leave Normandy!!! We have moved 2 hours up the coast for a change of scenery and will head back Monday. Weather here is good, sunny and reasonably warm. The odd shower but nothing to worry about if you have windscreen wipers 🙂 Hope your problems are fixed soon – good luck x

    • Oh dear we are in the same position the mechanic came by yesterday and set up a “make do” solution until Monday possibly Tuesday but at least for now we have all services so we’re going mad cleaning and washing now we have running water and the sun has come out to boot! Good luck:)

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