Day 53 Motorhoming in Spain … not going anywhere!


Yep looks like we’ll be here for a while yet!

After fitting the repaired Electroblock back into Harry yesterday and nothing happening, we rang the garage in Estepona. Did they say we had to take it back to them? Did they say there was nothing they could do? Did they say it was out of their hands?  No they actually come out to us yesterday! They were fitting an awning to a motorhome on another campsite and said they would pop in and see what the problem was. What service! Jose and his trusted assistant, Doctor Willy, (I tell you no lies – that’s his name!) from Sur Caravanning in Estepona, did the same as us, plugged in, unplugged, checked, re-checked and no – Harry refused to kick in. Jose did find a blown fuse, which at one stage raised my hopes and i thought that was the cause of the problem but no it’s something else, yet to be identified! Maybe Harry likes it here so much he doesn’t want to move on Smile Anyway the outcome of the visit was that the mechanics took the ‘box of tricks’ back with them and have said they will bring it back today. I’m amazed at the good service, I’ll be even more amazed if they can rectify the problem.

IMG_3065       IMG_3066

As we were stuck in the campsite yesterday we took advantage of the washing machine, and now it looks as if the tinkers have moved in, fortunately the sun did show itself and the clothes are drying nicely. Do you realise this is the first time we’ve used a washing machine since leaving? We’ve been doing all our washing by hand and I really enjoy it! I wonder how long that will last! Charlie, who hasn’t been 100% over the last couple of days enjoyed the rest.


IMG_3060       IMG_3062


When the washing was done and the mechanics had gone, we popped over to a town up the road, we sat by the beach and had a coffee (well I had wine!!)


IMG_3069    IMG_3074   IMG_3075

Although not a totally touristy town, it was interesting to see the use of tiles and mosaics in both traditional and more modern ways.


IMG_3078     IMG_3080


And so I’m afraid I have nothing to report! We are sat here waiting for the guys to come with the Electroblock and we’re crossing our fingers that all will be well, although if I’m totally honest I’m not feeling convinced that this is the end of the story!

This morning, once again stuck waiting at the campsite, we got up early and took Charlie for a walk on the deserted beach. It’s really lovely down there early morning when there are just other fellow dog walkers. The sky was exactly the same colour as the sea and in places it was impossible to make out the horizon, it was quite strange. It was like walking along next to a huge canvas.

On another matter, we’ve mentioned to many people that we are thinking of moving on to Portugal, and we get the same answer no matter who we speak to “Noooooooooo” we are told time and time again that it’s wet, miserable, windy and cold, the lady in the van behind us said they went for 11 years until they decided enough was enough and they don’t ‘do’ Portugal in the winter anymore. She did say we might just get lucky and get a heat wave but she didn’t look overly convinced! So it looks like we’re going to have to put our thinking caps on and see where to go next. I know the idea was to chase the sun, but I’ve realised that the sun alone is not enough! Having said that I don’t know how I will react when it’s colder and maybe even worse, wetter!! But I need more than the sunshine, I need to see things, visit places, so watch this space, looks like we could change our plans! If you have any ideas please let us know, we’re open to suggestions!

And another thing, I think I uploaded the wrong photo yesterday!! It was this one I wanted you to see!!

self portrait

4 thoughts on “Day 53 Motorhoming in Spain … not going anywhere!

  1. Lovely pictures, as always. Glad to hear you’ve had such excellent service. Too often we want to hurry through the difficult parts when that’s where we learn the most. You sound more relaxed. Maybe this “break” was an opportunity to slow down and reconsider. Looking forward to hearing more.

    • Ah yes that’s exactly what I said in my blog today, suddenly we seem to realise we can’t do anything about the problem so we may as just live with it until it’s sorted after all we have no choice. This way of life is certainly bringing out a more relaxed side to us, which is wonderful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the Hubster “put up with” like this!! It’s refreshing. So instead of worrying, we just sit and have a game of cards, walk the dog or have a coffee and listen to some music. How privileged we are!

  2. blimey what a ta do, still its all experience, its not too bad here a bit like april showers. Its going to get worse though ha ha.. well into the christmas shopping the shops this ear look amazing, a bit like fairy tales all silver white and lots of natural finishes, woods and ribbons. this bleeding comp has had it and so has my temper ha ha.. its 1.35 am and just of to bed. night night .. xxxxxxxxx thank you for the emails it makes my day.

    Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 11:25:22 +0000 To:

    • Oh my goodness, I haven’t even thought about Xmas, which is actually a bit of a relief, it’s always quite a stressful time and I always leave it until the very last minute. Sounds lovely though. I’ll be interested to see what Xmas is like over here. Must go, the mechanic has just turned up….fingers crossed.

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