Day 53 Motorhoming in Spain … The rain in Spain …

Today’s photos were taken during our travels as simply today is yucky and I thought it better to put some colour on my blog to cheer us all up. According to my BBC weather app, we are all having a soaking today! I’ve just heard about the flooding in Northern Ireland, poor people,it must be the worst thing to have your house engulfed by dirty water.

IMG_0671   IMG_0766   IMG_2403


I was awoken by the rain clattering on the roof of the van and as I knew we were going nowhere due to Harry’s reluctance to get better, I turned over and snuggled down and went back to sleep! As a result I woke up with a massive headache and so had two paracetamol for breakfast – yum lovely!! I don’t take pills that often but this headache was a cracker! It rained for the next couple of hours and now as I sit here it is just clearing up a little the sky is a little brighter and I hope it’ll continue to improve. As I was going through my photos this morning I was suddenly aware of how much we’ve seen, how many different places we’ve visited and how very lucky we’ve been with the weather. There’s me yesterday saying how the sun wasn’t that important but boy, when it goes I certainly miss it.

We’re looking forward to seeing Jose later on today to see if he’s come up with a solution to Harry’s problem. Just a note to Yvonne, who asked if we have mains electricity, yes we do, but we are unable to convert it to 12volt, which is what we need for the lights, water pump, toilet flush etc. As for the fridge and the heating, although they both run off mains electricity and gas,we need the ‘box of tricks’ to relay or transfer the current to them and this isn’t working. Now I’m sure that is as clear as mud!!

One thing I have noticed about us having the van not working, is that normally this situation would really wind us up, however, as we aren’t going anywhere in a hurry and we have nowhere to be we can’t do anything about it and so we’ll just have to go with the flow. That’s the difference in living the way we are at the moment, it makes life very simple and what would normally be a stressful situation has no importance. Ok, so we don’t have all the mod cons but hey, we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and we have each other.  I don’t know if we made the right decision to do this journey but it is certainly having a very positive effect on our blood pressure if nothing else Smile 

We’ve been sat here for the last hour, learning Spanish! Our friends lent us some CDs to help, and it’s a really good method. I told you that I’d been brave the other day, well thanks to these CDs I actually went down to the local restaurant yesterday and said “May I have a roasted chicken and chips, takeaway please?” in Spanish! Now if that isn’t impressive I don’t know what is!!! You’ll be pleased to know that I did receive what I ordered and so we had the most delicious chicken and chips for lunch.

While we’ve been sat here the sun has come out and is shining in through the windows, flooding our little van with warm sunshine, it’s very welcome. My headache has nearly cleared up and Charlie has made signs that he wants to be outside. Our camping neighbours are now out and about, hanging out washing, going back and forth to the little grocery store, sweeping up dead leaves, walking their dogs and generally pottering around their temporary homes. The camp site’s cats are walking around avoiding the puddles, they sit in the sunshine grooming themselves and two little kittens have just kept us amused playing with each other, rolling around on a dry patch of decking.  It’s strange when it rains here,  there is not a sound, (apart from the sound of the rain on the roof) and then as soon as the weather clears up people start moving around again.

I will try and take some photos later on today if the weather stays dry. I will keep you all up to date with Harry’s progress. I apologise for not having answered all your comments, our internet connection is so erratic that once I start and then it cuts off and then I lose my patience but I must thank you for writing to me, it really does mean such a lot and we really appreciate you taking your time to get in touch. I will endeavour to answer you as soon as I can.

4 thoughts on “Day 53 Motorhoming in Spain … The rain in Spain …

  1. Glad to hear the headache is clearing. Hope it’s gone by now. The vagaries of electronics both simplify and complicate life. Slow breath in. Slow breath out. Well done on ordering the chicken and chips. Now I’m hungry. 😀

  2. i couldnt read quick enough Michelle to see if what you ordered came up ha ha. well done such a clever girl, i bet it sounded posh. Sandrine as you know is french I i decided to have a crack at greeting her in French, you well know i have a london accent well it didnt come through she said i spoke French beatifully, i was well pleased. Those spoon rests are lovely my daughter ought me one and its the most usefull holiday gift i have ever had, so if you are thinking of gifts i reccomend them . lots of love xxxx

    • Ha ha yes I ended up with roast chicken and chips so I said something right. I don’t know if you know we both speak french and we’re finding it a little confusing as Spanish is quite similar to English and French so we’re coming out with a real mish mash:)

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