Day 55 Motorhoming in Spain … Harry’s Health, Bottles and Dogs

OK so this is the moment that everyone has been waiting for … the outcome of the mechanic’s visit yesterday … is Harry up and running? Well, sort of, not exactly a resounding “Yes” is it?

Jose and Dr Willy turned up, on time as promised, with big smiles but we could see that their smiles although genuine hid a worrying frown, they couldn’t sort Harry out. Harry is ill! It’s possibly not the magic box of tricks after all, it’s something inside Harry. So Jose and Dr Willy set up a ‘quick fix’ solution to tide us over until after the weekend. They have connected a charger to our leisure battery which means we have full use of all of Harry’s facilities. We have both been absolutely astounded by the quality of service, nothing seems to be too much trouble for these guys. I mean they were under no obligation whatsoever to sort us out, they could’ve so easily have told us to bring the van in on Monday and not done an additional thing, but no, they actually drove out to us and set us up so that we have no inconvenience. Now this is the way to run a business, I believe it’s what we call customer service! And wow, to have running water again and a fridge that keeps cool is quite a luxury. We had a bottle of bubbly to celebrate, no silly, not champagne but an equally quaffable bottle of Cava at a snip from Lidl … I tell you … we know how to live life in the fast lane! It must be the Marbella effectSmile

On Monday or possibly Tuesday we have to present Harry to the garage where a special “Electronics Man” will be waiting to meet him, give him the once over and tell us how we can mend the problem so it looks as though we will be leaving Cabapino at last and heading west!

In the meantime the sun is shining down and we are making the most of the water and the sunshine to have a thorough clean out, plus we are now very aware that it will soon be time to tie things down and get ship shape in order to get Harry back on the road. That’s going to take some doing, we’ve got so used to leaving things out and about and not having to secure anything.

The other day I bumped into a lovely lady, from the Netherlands, as I was going to the bottle bank. Oh dear reader, how I would love to tell you I had a basket full of empties but no it was merely an empty coffee jar! She stopped me and although we don’t speak a word of each other’s language I soon understood that she was asking me if she could have the jar, as she covered them with cord and made vases out of them! Of course, I said, she was welcome to it. In fact a few days later I had another empty jar (we drink far too much coffee!) so I dropped it off at her caravan. There I saw the work she did on the empties, bottles, jars, empty glass yoghourt pots! Wow, it’s totally brilliant!


A couple of days later, Joke (pronounced Yoga) came by and offered me a lovely bottle covered from head to toe in lovely shiny threads in shades of orange (just happens to be my favourite colour). I accepted graciously, well I couldn’t say no, it was far too beautiful.

Today, as a photo challenge I thought I would take a photo of the said bottle in the sunshine lying on one of my orange sweaters. Joke walked by and before you know it we had transported a selection of her work and I was taking photos of them propped up on the wall behind the van. I just had to share them with you, what an incredibly talented lady!

IMG_3089  IMG_3098  IMG_3100  IMG_3105IMG_3111  IMG_3114  IMG_3122 


And if that wasn’t enough, she also has the most adorable dog called Simba, well say no more, I just couldn’t resist that little face, isn’t he the sweetest little thing? It’s been a while since I worked on a dog photo but I’m quite pleased with the result.


Right that’s it for today folks, I’m off to get a bit of a top up on my tan, it’s beautiful here today and after yesterday’s deluge I think everything needs drying out!!

Take care



6 thoughts on “Day 55 Motorhoming in Spain … Harry’s Health, Bottles and Dogs

  1. well that was interesting as usual. Those bottles and containers take some patience dont they. How clever. xxxxxxxxx Good luck with the repairs xx

    • you know what Yvonne, if I did a bottle like that I would end up with all the bits of string stuck to my fingers and glue would be everywhere apart from on the bottle. I’m so impressed when people do such intricate things, i’m afraid I’m a bit like a bull in a china shop 🙂

  2. Think of what you’d have missed out on experiencing if Harry had worked perfectly! Praying the electric man is able to fix Harry. What lovely bottles, and Simba is a cutie. 🙂

    • Well tomorrow will be interesting we have to drive Harry over to Estepona to the garage so they can have a look at his connections! Hopefully all will be sorted out soon and well know what the problem is!

  3. Hi, This is copied from an Electro Block Discussion on the Hymer Club International forum (HCI) & the switch to change to gel or other type of batteries.

    “this link will take you to an English translation of the electrobloc instruction manual. Page 5 gives a picture of the switch being discussed. With English instructions

    Hope it helps,


    Dr.Roger Waldram Doctor of Psychotherapy Practice

    • Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the link, we’d found this forum and it’s been a great help. We are taking the van over to the garage in Estepona tomorrow for the Electronics man to have a look. It’s thought that it isn’t the elctroblock, now they’re thinking it’s a connection within the van! We have fingers and toes crossed that maybe tomorrow night all will be a lot clearer. I can’t tell you how impressed we’ve been with the service. Definitely recommend Surcaravaning in Estepona. They’ve be brilliant.

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