Day ? Who knows? Motorhoming in Spain … Back to the garage!

Yes that’s correct, I no longer know what day number we are, come to think of it, I don’t even know what day of the week it is, let alone the date! And up until today, for the last week in fact, we haven’t even known what time it is due to Harry’s control panel being compromised. OK we have mobile phones, laptop, iPad etc. but that would mean hunting through the cupboards, plugging them in every time we want to know what time it is. So we’ve been living according to our stomachs, breakfast o’clock, elevenses o’clock, lunch o’clock, Charlie let’s us know when it is 4pm to the minute and then it’s dinner o’clock and bed o’clock. Oh if only I could live like this forever, it really suits my slovenly attitude! Ha ha Smile

Yesterday was a special day, even if we didn’t know ‘what’ day it was. We drove over to Estepona to take Harry to see Jose and the infamous Dr Willy. It occurred to me as we drove over that I had a big smile on my face, this doesn’t happen when I normally go to a garage but these guys have been such fun, they’ve really managed to remove the stress from the whole situation. We were so eager that when we got there, they were shut for lunch, the sign on the gate informed us they opened again at 4pm which was the time they’d asked us to go over, so we sat outside the garage compound and fed Charlie who was now whining that it was surely his teatime no matter where we were! I took advantage of the spare time to take some photos. The garage is at the top of a hill with some cracking views.


Once inside the compound, Dr Willy and Jose started fiddling about in the compartment next to the passenger seat of the van, pulling up wires, connecting things, testing connections, there was much oohing and ahhing and giggling (not sure why) there were a few jokes told and translations attempted, we had a couple of swear words when some of the tiny little components slipped out of Dr Willy’s big hands to the floor. 30 minutes later a satisfied, “Done, is ready!” said Jose.


We all waited with baited breath as Dr Willy went over and plugged Harry into the mains, would there be a bang, would there be sparks, would we all end up with perms? No… silence, Jose pressed the all-important button on the control panel, and YES the leisure battery was charging from the mains. What a relief! Harry is cured, it’s a miracle – well not really – just two great mechanics and a pretty good ‘electronics man’. We were delighted, there was much shaking of hands, kissing, hugging and profuse thanking. The two Germans who came in with their camping car who were waiting for service must have wondered what was going on, such a public display of affection!!!


Then the dreaded moment, bearing in mind we’d already paid 60Euros to have the Electroblock repaired once, it had been repaired a second time since, we’d had visits from the guys to the camp site on two occasions, what on earth was this going to cost us, was our trip going to be cut short due to repair costs, we held our breath as Jose printed off the invoice and handed it to the Hubster, I couldn’t wait, I peered over his shoulder. “You what? You have got to be kidding me? How much?” It was such a paltry amount that we asked if he’d made a mistake, no that was correcto! We paid with unease. These guys had been truly fantastic, the service second to none and now we felt as though we’d not paid enough. I can’t thank them enough. On the off chance we showed Jose the damage we caused when we left a little bit of Harry back in a car park in Motril, “No problemo, we order for you!” and so we’ve ordered the panel for the damaged locker along with a new window catch for the bathroom window, which has been sealed closed since we got Harry!


We celebrated last night by turning on every light, I actually found myself playing with the taps, running water – yea baby!! We sat eating dinner seeing each other in full glory (I use the term very loosely indeed!) for the first time in over a week! The chicken and minced beef were retrieved from the neighbour and it was chilled not room temperature Rose that I drank last night! We even had a play with the heating which until now has only been put on for about 30 minutes, within 20 minutes we were stripping off fleeces and sitting in sleeveless t’.shirts at 8:30 pm!


And so there you go, yesterday was a very good day.

Yesterday we also acquired some new neighbours, from England. I knew immediately that we would get on, they are both young, (which is unusual out here) and they both have a wicked sense of humour.  The guy has an electric folding bike which he has left with us for the day to play with while they go off on a day trip. Oh my, we have laughed, this thing has a mind of it’s own, but guess what we want for Christmas?


As we have to wait for the spare parts to come in to the garage we’ve decided to stay put here at the camp site until they arrive, also if we stay here another 8 days, we get a 30% reduction on our camp site fees, so it’d be rather daft to move on now and miss the offer. It also means we may just get the chance to pop over to Malaga to see our friends again, And although today is cloudy it just goes to show, there is always a silver lining!!



2 thoughts on “Day ? Who knows? Motorhoming in Spain … Back to the garage!

    • I agree with you Judy, it’s been a blessing in disguise. We’ve met some lovely people and now we have some friends coming over too! It’s so good to know that Harry is back on his feet too. Such a relief 😀

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