Day 60 (I think) Motorhoming in Spain … Surf’s up

I mentioned we had some new neighbours yesterday, it’s funny isn’t it, with some people you just know as soon as you clap eyes on them, that they are the kind of people you’ll get on with? Well, Jane and Richard were like that! Younger than us by a good few years and such fun. We spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon, just sitting over a coffee listening to some of their (very funny) travelling stories.

New Neighbours (Not for long!)

New Neighbours (Not for long!)

Richard is one of those people who speaks in a quiet, gentle voice but has a turn of phrase that would just make everyone around him burst out laughing, quick witted and dry, a great sense of humour and boy does he need one! He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2008 (I think) and he isn’t even 50 yet. He was really quite inspirational, (I didn’t tell him though, it would’ve gone to his head!) he told stories of situations he has been in due to the PD, most people would’ve no doubt crumbled but with his outlook, he copes with it in an admirable way. It hasn’t stopped him doing what he wants, he explains, he just does things in a different way. He’s adjusted and just gets on with it. He has PD whereby he can have a seizure and he freezes, unable to move or walk, but this doesn’t stop him getting on with life, for goodness sake, here he is motorhoming around Spain!

Jane also has a wicked sense of humour and is bright and bubbly and during the two days that they were our neighbours, I didn’t see her once without a broad smile on her face. We totally enjoyed meeting them. This motorhoming game is a strange one, how can I say I’ll miss someone that I only met for two days? They were great fun, and it was good to have a really happy time and laugh.

Richard and Jane

Richard and Jane

Richard, like me, is a keen photographer and I explained that my lens was stuck, (since I dropped the damn camera) well with a little wiggling and twisting he managed to get the lens off and it’s absolutely fine, so I can now change lenses and hopefully get some different types of image.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch!! We were due to leave in a couple of days and we were building up to the ‘grand depart’ but we received a call from our friends saying they think they may be able to come over after all! So we’re absolutely chuffed to bits.

We went down to the beach with Charlie this morning, he was decidedly perky, I swear this dog is getting younger, he trotted all the way down, ran on the beach in the surf and trotted all the way back, not so much as a rest on the way back!! He’s flat out now though:)

Breaking Waves

Breaking Waves

Sunshine through the clouds

Sunshine through the clouds

The sky was grey but the wind was warm and the surf was up. The beach car park was full of vans, cars and camper-vans with surfer dudes and chicks everywhere. There were semi-clad young men left right and centre! The girls stood watching the guys from the shore, through their large, reflective, ladybug sunglasses, faded jeans and tatty tees with their tousled hair blowing in the wind, they are such a cool looking bunch. They were all so attractive. As we left the sun was just coming through the clouds and it’s really lovely and warm.

Surf's up

Surf’s up

Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave

We stood on the beach and  watched them going out through the breaking surf waiting for the right wave and coming back on their boards, it was fabulous. I could’ve stayed there all day! I took some photos, and sod’s law, I had the wrong lens on the camera, and to boot, I hadn’t cleared my memory card so I didn’t get as many shots as I would’ve liked. I’ll never make a proper photographer will I??

Surfer filmstrip

Surfer filmstrip


4 thoughts on “Day 60 (I think) Motorhoming in Spain … Surf’s up

  1. Oh That was refreshing, glad all is going well. I have just seen on face book we are going to be -7 next week here , with snow .. great. I have been off for 2 weeks on a holiday, nothing diff all week except not going to work. life is very dull for me, with the upset of my friend having motor neurone and dementia and only 61. all the messages i send i get no reply from, he cant read now i have just found out. We met when he was 17 and my floor man buffering the floors in Woking which is now the job centre, we have been in touch for many years he is 61 now and has been a person i just feel has made my life complete, so its leaving a very large hole in my world, feel so sad. Do you every feel like running away… silly me you have ha ha .. Still the problem is you take the problems with you and thoughts. night xxxxxxx

    Date: Fri, 21 Nov 2014 14:12:26 +0000 To:

    • OhYvonne, I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, it must be devastating for you. Yes you are right though, any running away and the problems come with you and are magnified when you live in a tin can van! We’ve lost a couple of friends recently and even though we know they are no longer there, it’s taking a while for it to sink in that we’ll never see them again (well not on this planet). I’m thinking of you and send you big hugs and lots of love xxxxx

    • Yes it’s funny that some people just click, the couple I talked about have gone but we’ve already emailed each other!! It’s a strange thing, this thing called “life”. charlie is absolutely brilliant and had a bonus visit to see his matey in Malaga yesterday so he’s spent most of today snoring 😀

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