Motorhoming in Spain … Day trippin’

We’ve had a hire car for a couple of days and have been off on day trips. Yesterday we took a trip to the beach with Charlie, he wasn’t feeling himself and so we ended up taking photos of one another, we did take him for another visit to the beach, but I honestly think seeing his friend in Malaga takes it out of him, it takes two days for him to recover. I took another photo of the Lifeguards seats, this time with blue seas!

IMG_7438        IMG_7444

Today we left the campsite relatively early, it was a beautiful day, blue skies and a really good forecast, so we thought we would go up to Torqual de Antequera. There are magnificent rock formations and incredible views. As we drove up, we noticed the clouds clinging to the mountain tops but the sky was still blue and so we were in for some wonderful sights. We reached Antequera and the temperature dropped rapidly, it was now reading 14.5 degrees, it was 21 when we left the campsite.


The weather didn’t improve, so as we climbed the mountain  roads up to the park we couldn’t even see the road in front of us.


Here’s a photo of what we should’ve seen, a beautiful range of mountains


And this is what we actually saw!


Yep, total white-out! I’m glad to say as we dropped down a little bit we did get some views of the mountains towards the sea and some of the lovely rock formations but trust me, not a day to be taking photos! Well, unless you are a professional, we saw these guys taking photos of a sports model on the rocks.



The trip back was superb, the sun came back out and we passed through some lovely countryside, lots and lots of agricultural land.


We stopped off at the shops on the way home and bought the biggest bag of prawns (in their shells) which went down very well once back at the van with a bottle of something chilled and I’m not talking water!!

Funny thing is we didn’t feel as though today was a waste of time, we had a great time and I’m sure you can imagine how many giggles we had and how many jokes we made about the stunning views from the top!!

7 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Day trippin’

  1. ah you 2 are so lucky to have the romance and fun still. It must be quite romantic living the life . The photos as usual are smashing. Gail is flying out to Barcelona fri sat and sunday. its just crap here and what with the threat of bleeding terrorist its not good, so keep going xxxxxxxx

    • Oh dear Yvonne, I don’t think we’ll come back now! I’m loving this, I, personally think it’s the best thing we’ve ever done. Goodness knows what we’ll do when it’s over but for now I’m going to enjoy each and every minute xxx Lots of love to you xxx

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