Motorhoming in Spain … It never rains …

…it pours!!

That was an expression my Mum used to use quite often as I remember! I’m not sure why but if it was anything like we’ve been through today,  I have a belated sympathy for her.


Just before going to bed last night I received an email from a friend asking if we were ok, had we had much damage from the tornado? Tornado? What tornado? I quickly went online and just a couple of miles up the road there was, in fact, a tornado which wreaked havoc, it devastated a campsite, destroyed a petrol station, brought down trees and generally caused mayhem, fortunately no one was killed! But no, we hadn’t had an encounter with a tornado thank goodness. That really is the last thing we need!


We went to bed last night safe in the knowledge that we were well and truly blessed and very lucky to have escaped the storm even though it was absolutely throwing it down, this isn’t normally a problem but when I say threw it down – it really did.  It was like sleeping in a war zone, it sounded like gunfire as the rain came straight down on the roof about 10 inches from my head! I did eventually drop off and slept relatively well, but every time I woke up, it was still raining. Coming from England, I was born with webbed feet, I’m accustomed to the rain. So no problems there.


When I woke from my slumber this morning, I noticed the Hubster surrounded by cloths and buckets, “What on earth was going on?” Well dear, little, Harry has sprung a leak! Yep the seal around the skylight appears to be letting in water, and there was an awful lot of it, so we had puddles and drips everywhere. Now then before I go on, and before you worry too much, let me just reassure you that the bed is dry, the cushions haven’t been soaked, it’s simply coming down through the roof onto the floor so trust me it could be worse!


The Hubster had come up with a solution. He’d already been up on the roof to inspect the seal, nothing seemed to be amiss and he could see no way of solving the problem, so it was on to Plan B. Put a hat on Harry! Before I had time to down my second coffee of the day, I was stood in the rain (yes it continued to chuck it down) in my pjs, flip-flops and coat and hat, holding and pulling cords and helping the hubster and our extremely, helpful and  friendly neighbour to hoist a tarpaulin over Harry’s head! Not an easy task at the best of times but with the rain dribbling down into my sleeves, the wind blowing at gale force 8 (I made that up, but it was very windy!) my feet were getting wetter and wetter and colder, and my mood wasn’t improving either, all in all it wasn’t the most pleasant start to the day!


However, Harry is now sporting a rather fetching grey hat! Actually he looks a bit of a plonker but what else can we do? We have more rain forecast for at least two days so we’d better just suck it up and get on with it.

IMG_7532   IMG_7534

As I type this the sun has actually put in an appearance, and just in time, as some of you will know Charlie just hates the rain and so he will cross his legs for as long as is necessary in order to put off going out. There was a moment when I thought we may find some additional puddles but no, we got out for a walk just in time!


Anyway enough doom and gloom, let me tell you about our new neighbour, Chicco, the African Grey Parrot! This little chap is totally amazing, he talks, he has quite a repertoire of songs, including, the theme tune from Scooby Doo, The theme tune to Dad’s Army, Love and Marriage and of course the Direct Line advert!! One thing that really makes us giggle is that each time he sees Charlie, he shouts “Bad Dog, Bad Dog!”.He’s really amusing. His owners have gone out and we can hear him in the van chatting away and singing, they told us that if he makes too much noise we’re to shout “Settle Petal!” and that will shut him up! We’ve decided we’ll put up with the whistling, it’s lovely.


So who knows what I’ll be blogging about next time? Will we survive the next couple of days rain? Will Harry hold on to his hat? Who knows?

Say one for us please!!

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … It never rains …

  1. Quite the adventure you’re having. The hat is a brilliant solution to your problem. Well done. My dog hated going out in the rain, too. What a character Chicco is. 😀 God bless.

    • Chicco actually called out Charlie’s name this morning!! Can you believe it? He’s so clever.Charlie gets so excited when he sees the bird, he just sits looking at him and the bird gets all excited fluffing up his feathers, it’s so amusing to watch!!

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