Motorhoming in Spain … Addictions

Hi there,

Well today, we woke up to blue skies and sunshine, I’ll admit it’s a little chilly first thing but by the time I’m up and dressed – it’s shorts and tee shirt for me. The only trouble is I refuse to get dressed until the weather has settled and made it’s mind up therefore I’m not really up and ready to do anything til at least 10 am! Yep, I admit it, I’ve turned into a slob, I slob around in my jogging bottoms until the sun hits van!

This is the beginning of one of my new addictions: Sunshine – as you’ll know if you’ve read my blog recently, we’ve had a couple of days of grey skies and heavy rain and I found that my mood sank to the bottom of my Wellingtons. I was so miserable and yet today the sun was out and I was a different person. I woke with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. I’m definitely hooked on this sunshine thingy. I don’t think I would ever tire of it. The great thing is that the sun we’re having right now is the perfect temperature, it’s not the kind of sunshine that makes you break out into a sweat, it’s a gentle sun that warms the bones … it’s truly delightful and I’m loving it.

Another addiction that I’ve (no we’ve) acquired is “Curb your Enthusiasm” starring Larry David. Now then, back in the UK we both worked very silly hours so we would miss all these series that were shown on the TV. We’d never heard of this series, but we have some lovely neighbours who have the box set. They let us borrow the first CD and that was it – the addiction started. We were warned that it’s not for everyone, it has very Jewish humour and also there is some very foul language in it but it is just sooo funny! We are now on the 5th series, and it just makes us laugh out loud. If you’ve never heard of it or seen it, do try it but I’m warning you – you too could become an addict.

We watch a series and when they are finished we wait to see if the neighbours are in so we can go and get the next set. I feel like I’m going to a dealer to get my fix!! I normally wait until the cover of darkness to hide my shameful habit.

Today we went for a lovely walk down to the port and walked along the sea wall, it was lovely, we got to the end and just sat watching the sea lapping gently onto the rocks. What amazed us was that, this is the first walk we wanted to take when we arrived here about 30 odd days ago and Charlie just couldn’t do it, he was shattered and looked miserable, he just didn’t have the energy and it was, in fact, really sad, we’d both thought that maybe we were pushing the old boy too much and maybe he wouldn’t last the journey. Today however he walked down with a spring in his step and he managed the whole walk, there and back and even managed another walk in the afternoon. I’m quite sure that the warm sunshine is having a positive effect on his old bones. He seems incredibly happy and relaxed. Although tomorrow I think he’s going to have a little ‘down day’ his friend the African Grey Parrot is leaving. I think he’s going to miss him.  However, we have noticed that Charlie no longer looks at us when we call his name, we think it’s due to the fact that Chicco the Parrot calls his name so often that he no longer takes any notice of it!

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4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Addictions

  1. Oh man, I admit after seeing those sun drenched photos I’m a tad jealous! It’s grey here in the UK, followed by fog, mist, some more grey…a touch of sky? Oh, no, just some grey stuff. This must be a dumb question, but what the hell, are you missing anything you left behind for your adventure?

    • Oh if you only knew how much I’m loving this sun! We’re planning on moving in a week or so and I have a feeling we’ll be leaving the sunshine for a while maybe we’ll pop down on to the coast later on for some warmth! Now then, not a dumb question at all, I’ve thought long and hard and I must be a very sad person, apart from friends and family the only two things I miss are my iMac and a decent internet connection! Now I wonder what that says about me? Sad geek maybe! How’s the book going? Any sales? Gosh I do wish you well, I’m so very impressed!

  2. We’ve an overcast day, here. It started with a lovely sunrise, predicting rain later today… maybe. So happy to hear Charlie is doing so well, aside from his selective hearing. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    • Oh we’ve had a couple of days of rain,but at least on the sunny days, it’s so lovely and warm. Charlie is doing well, he’s had a mega walk today and is now lying in the sun, loving every minute. Sorry no good photos today, so no beauty to share, you’ll see why when you read today’s post!!!

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