Motorhoming in Spain … Ouch!

Do you  know the song “I left my heart in San Francisco”? Yep? Well, now then I would like you to sing that with the following words; “I left my tooth in Cabopino”!

Before leaving the UK I went and had all my check ups,my dentist said that there was a tooth (in fact two) that looked a little iffy and may need to come out quite soon.  A couple of days ago my lower back molar started moving, rocking back and for and generally getting in the way, my tongue suddenly had a life of it’s own and was pushing the tooth around until I ended up with a sore tongue and the inside of my cheek was painful too. Time to bite the bullet and make any appointment to see the dentist. Now fortunately, I don’t mind going to the dentist, try and get me into a hairdressers and that’s a different story! I love the smell at the dentists and all in all i haven’t had too many horrible, nasty experiences, OK they’ve touched a nerve a couple of times but that pain is over so quickly that by the time you’ve left the surgery, it’s all forgotten.

Anyway back to my story, there is a shopping centre about 1 kilometre away and above one of the supermarkets is a dentist. It’s a British Dentist, not that that is overly important but i did want to be able to explain the problem in my mother tongue. My appointment was yesterday at noon. I went in and was greeted by a lovely, Spanish receptionist, Raquel, and was taken into the examination room, the dentist, Dr Belinda, was also Spanish and they both spoke perfect English. I felt embarrassed that my Spanish is more or less zilch. The dentist was a beautiful, young lady, she had a look at the offending tooth and agreed it must be removed. She injected my gum, quoting “The muscle is very tough” now then I’m not sure if she meant ‘all jaw muscles are tough’ or just mine in particular, if so I would guess it’s down to the fact that I talk so much!!

The first injection didn’t give enough numbness so another was popped in! Oh lucky me! Then the extraction, I won’t go into too many details as I know people can get quite queasy! But suffice to say, the tooth was removed a wad of gauze popped into place. It always makes me laugh when they say “Bite down on that” and you can’t feel a thing, I wasn’t sure whether I was biting down on the dressing or on my now completely numb tongue!

We went to pay, now for another shock, I thought the bill would sting more than the injections, but no, it was a very reasonable 60 Euros.

All in all, i was very impressed, Raquel and Dr Belinda had such a lovely gentle manner and when you are away from home that is so important. They made a rather traumatic visit so much more bearable.

It was a miserable day yesterday with rain, wind and thunder! We walked back from the dentist alongside the dual carriageway with lorries whizzing by at a rate of knots. It was horrible and I was feeling slightly under par. I got back to the van. pulled down the bed, climbed in and promptly fell asleep, I was waiting for the injections to wear off, oh my, did I know when they wore off! The pain was excruciating, I felt as though my head was going to explode. As a result I spent all day yesterday in bed waking every four hours to take my Paracetamol and Codeine. This morning I’ve woken up and the site of the tooth is fine but my jaw feels like I’ve done a couple of rounds with Mike Tyson. i shall keep an eye on it today, as this weekend is a Bank Holiday and everything will be closed.


So there you go, we seem to be leaving bits of us all along our route in Spain, there’s a little bit of Harry the Hymer in the Carrefour car park in Motril and there’s a little bit of me, the hidden gypsy, in the bin at the dentist at Calahonda!!

On the up side, we’ve woken up early and although it was slightly chilly, it is now lovely and I’m sat outside in my t-shirt in the sunshine. I watched the BBC weather forecast this morning and see that it’s a very chilly morning in the UK. I thought of all my friends going to walk their dogs up in the woods, the dogs will be loving it, although I’m quite sure that hats, scarves and gloves were called for. I do miss my morning walks and chats with my friends, I wonder sometimes if they miss me as much. We had a lovely walk with Charlie, we went down to the beach and he chased sticks and dodged the surf. He’s now laying in the sun, in his trailer which has become his favourite place to be, come rain or shine, he can watch the world go by in safety.


I’m also hugely excited as our friends are coming over tomorrow until Monday, I’ve checked the weather forecast and it’s looking good. So fingers crossed – no more teeth problems, good food, wine and lots of laughter … could be the best medicine!

Apologies for the lack of photos today, not really feeling that inspired yet! maybe later!!

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Ouch!

  1. Glad the tooth is taken care of and the pain has subsided. Looks like that trailer has more than paid for itself. You shared my favorite picture of the day: Charlie sunning. 🙂

    • Oh Judy, you won’t believe it, I have to go back to the dentist tomorrow, one of my fillings fell out, sod’s law! Honestly, I was brushing my teeth and it just pinged out! At least I’m happy that I’d found a good dentist who was gentle and gave good service so I’m very pleased about that!

      • Ugh! How frustrating! Over the last decade or so, my dentists have been replacing my old fillings with new ones. I still have a few fillings that need to be replaced. Happy you have a good dentist. God bless.

      • Oh how I wish I could replace all my fillings, this dentist put a white one in and it looks so much better than the amalgam ones supplied by the NHS in the UK, If I win the lottery I think I’ll get my teeth sorted out. It’s so unfair, I really look after them but they are just not in good shape. Things at least not hurting too much now though!

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