Motorhoming in Spain … Friends’ visit

Well, I’m not sure how I feel right now, we’ve just said goodbye to our very good friends Andy and Sarah. They came over on Friday and we’ve had the most fantastic 4 day weekend. We’ve eaten, walked, drunk all in excess!! It’s been amazing. It’s been a  boost.



I’m afraid I was the one who was affected the most by the alcohol content in the wine, and ended up taking a bit of a trip and grazing my knee, much to the amusement of everyone else and received a ribbing for the rest of the days that they were with us, I’m afraid I shall refrain from adding the photos Andy had such pleasure in taking of me, in my inebriated state! Although I must admit in the following photo the hubster was helping me walk in a straight line!!


We re-visited Mijas, Puerto Banus and Marbella, we’ve sat at beach bars drinking chilled wine and eating freshly barbequed sardines. We’ve loved every minute of it. Andy and Sarah have that very, special English sense of humour which has had us in stitches.




This morning, as it was our last day together we decided to walk down on the beach and have some lunch, we couldn’t believe our eyes when out at sea we saw two pods of dolphins! It was such a magical moment and I was so glad we were all together to share it. The real downer to this was the fact that both Andy and I hadn’t got our zoom lenses with us!



We went one day to Fuengirola, where as usual we saw the guys that make sand statues but the ones we saw really knew their stuff, one guy had done a complete set of the Simpsons complete with a fireplace with a living fire!! As for the second guy – he’d gone with a Christmas theme, this is totally new to me and it seemed somewhat surreal! In fact the whole Christmas in the sun is very, very strange!




As you’ll know just before Andy and Sarah came over I had my visit to the dentist to have a tooth extraction, you can imagine my horror when on the first day of their visit I lost a filling! I mean for goodness sake, what next?

So as a result of all of this tomorrow morning  I shall be ringing the dentist to see if they can fit me in for a filling. We must then see if we can get the spare parts that we ordered for Harry the Hymer, and all being well as soon as that is done we will be packing up and moving on! I really excited about the prospect of moving on again.

Here is a bonus photo, this made us giggle …


4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Friends’ visit

    • the dolphins were amazing I didn’t even know they were anywhere in this area so it was such a bonus. As for teeth, I think for now I’m sorted but such a lot of pain, I don’t think I could’ve managed a third visit!!!

  1. So thrilled you saw the dolphins, even without pictures. I love the Christmas sand art! Stunning! Thanks for the grin. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

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