Motorhoming in Spain … The Road to Cadiz

We packed up most things yesterday in anticipation of leaving Cabopino today, all depending on my tooth! The dentist had warned me that the problem I had was very, very close to the nerve and if it played up overnight, I was to go back today for root canal treatment. I’m glad to report that. apart from a few twinges in my gum all is fine (nothing that a couple of Paracetamol won’t placate) As lovely as the dentist was, I didn’t really want to see her again!!

So first thing today, while it was still dark, in fact, we finished off all we needed to do, we closed down the gas bottles, cleared the chocks, and paid the bill! We arrived in Cabopino on the 28th Oct and it worked out at 16 Euros a day, including electricity and the dog! So all in all, not bad. We said farewell to our lovely neighbours, Kevin and Janet and set off.

It was a very strange feeling leaving, knowing we wouldn’t be returning. Although if Portugal is as miserable as people tell us – we could be back sooner than planned! As we hit the road, the weather was decidedly grey and we prepared ourselves for a gruesome journey.

First stop – Marbella to fill up on LPG. this has to be the one best thing we did when we bought Harry the Hymer, although we won’t recoup the initial outlay of the conversion, it has been so hassle free and cheap. We last filled up in Argeles sur Mer when we left France, we have used the gas every day to cook, to heat water and to heat the van and we’ve only just started on the second bottle! So now both bottles are full we shall be nice and toasty come the cooler weather.

Second stop – Estepona. As I said if Portugal really is wet and windy, we’d better be waterproof. No sooner had we arrived at Surcaravaning, Dr Willy was on the roof in a jiffy! He removed the skylight, cleaned it up and replaced it with a ‘triple’ seal.  That baby is going to last longer than Harry!! What an absolute star! Thank you Dr Willy and all the guys at Surcaravaning. By the time the skylight was back in place we could see blue skies!


Dr Willy doing his thing!


Harry being looked after!


We set off, we decided not to pop over to Gibraltar, we’ve been to the UK and weren’t in a rush to see it in miniature!!! Not yet anyway.


We continued up into the mountains and the landscape changed again, luscious green pastures, this is bull rearing country. We passed rivers and lakes, a rarity for us so far! It wasn’t until I started snapping that I realised I had the wrong lens on, so apologies for the photos.


Beware of Bikers following on one wheel!


A rare expanse of water


The roads around these parts aren’t up to the same standard as the other roads we’ve driven on, and some of them were real bone rattlers, at times I feared for my new filling, not to mention the Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar bottles tinkling away in the cupboard!!

Coming back down the other side the countryside became much drier and sandier with pine trees lining the roads, it was quite lovely.  As we had spent slightly longer at Estepona than expected we went straight to a campsite in Puerto de Santa Maria, and settled. We found our pitch, had a coffee, fed Charlie and then took him for a walk on the beach, which is lovely and sheltered and has palm trees growing on it!





We’ve had our dinner and are now settled in for the night, we must look at some maps and work out where we will go tomorrow, I’m hoping we can fit in a visit to Cadiz … let’s see!


2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … The Road to Cadiz

  1. So the adventure continues on the road. Praying your teeth give you no more trouble. Bless Dr. Willy! You’ve met some truly wonderful people. Thanks for sharing them here. 🙂

    • Dr Willy was one of the people we met that I will never forget, such a kind man, and so funny plus he knows how to mend Harry so he’s really in my good books!! As you say the adventure continues, today wasn’t the most brilliant day ‘plan wise’ but I’m so looking forward to tomorrow. Hopefully will have some photos of Seville for you. Take care and thanks for writing 🙂

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