Motorhoming in Spain … A tale of two cities …NOT!

Well almost!! Not everything goes to plan when you motorhome and you have an old dog in tow!

We slept well last night at Las Dunas campsite in Puerto de Santa Maria just opposite from Cadiz. We woke and it was very chilly although there were lovely blue skies, we put the heating on to take the nip out of the air. The campsite was fine, it had everything we needed but once again, rubbish internet connection which set us back 4 Euros, it’s such a scam over here. I’m quite sure they could charge less or even nothing at all. Anyway, I was able to collect emails and write a blog although the uploading of photos took over an hour! We were so pleased it was dry last night as our pitch was on red sand which stuck to everything, I can only imagine the mess you’d get into if it rained!


We left this morning and drove over to Cadiz, over a long, low bridge. I had a look on Google earth and there was a great road along the coast with parking spaces the full length of it.  Cadiz is divided into two parts by a city wall, the old city and the new. The new city looks like any other city, in fact at one stage I could’ve sworn we were driving up Deansgate in Manchester! Then past the wall and into the old city, it looked lovely, the cobble streets made everything rattle, poor Harry he was shaken to the core, the streets are narrow and quite a challenge for the hubster and to add to this, there was obviously something going on, it was incredibly busy and on top of that they had half the roads dug up and were laying more cobbles. I kid you not, by the time we left I had a stonking headache!. It’s very difficult with an old dog, most people park outside Cadiz and go in and explore by bus, unfortunately dogs aren’t allowed on public transport so we have to find somewhere to park and today wasn’t our lucky day! Such a shame, I can say that this morning was the first time since our departure that I have felt real disappointment. Cadiz looked fascinating but I’m afraid it’s going to have to go on a ‘to do’ list!


We set off, I was soon cheered up by the country side. This really is a country with so much variety in landscapes. We’ve seen Olive groves, Oranges, Lettuces and today something new, solar panels! We stopped off for a coffee and I think I have at long last learned a lesson in motor homing – when you’ve been riding over cobblestones, BEWARE when you open cupboards and overhead lockers and the fridge. Things inevitably move and on many occasions I have ended up with various bits and bobs landing on my head! We could tell we were approaching Seville by the copious amount of oranges on the trees!! Charlie isn’t too sure about this travelling, he’d become quite settled at the campsite and had a routine, now he has to wait until we let him out for a wee etc. He’ll soon settle I have no doubt.

IMG_7755    IMG_7761    IMG_7769IMG_7772   IMG_7779


I had found a Motorhome stopover in Seville on the internet so we headed there,  We are just next to the docks in a large concrete car park! How salubrious! It has metal fencing all around and has just one loo but it also has 24 hour security, a barrier and free Wi-Fi in a little room in the main building. There is repair garage for motorhomes and also a motorhome carwash! So I guess it’s the place to be. We know how to live eh? It costs just 12 Euros a night and 3 Euros for Electricity.


We arrived just after lunch and couldn’t decide how to play the day, we settled for an afternoon chilling here in the van and then we’ll get up early tomorrow and attack Seville. We were going to take the bikes with Charlie’s trailer but I’m not sure if that will be too stressful for the hubster as I don’t know if there are cycle routes or whether there are just cycle lanes, it would make a huge difference. So I’m opting for foot power and taking the pushchair. They say it is a 10 minute walk to the centre of Seville, I have a feeling that I shall blog differently tomorrow. In Spain everything is just 10 minutes on foot, but is rarely the case!!

IMG_7791    IMG_7792

I’m sorry the photos are hardly inspirational today but hey, that’s what we saw – so that’s what you get!! Hopefully we’ll have something more beautiful and cultural tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … A tale of two cities …NOT!

  1. Dogs love their routine. Creatures of habit. 🙂 Harry looks very handsome. An interesting collection of photographs. I so appreciate you sharing your adventure, however it happens.

    • Judy thank you so much, poor Charlie, he’s not sure what’s going on and now he;s started scratching again, I think it may be stress! He’s had a massive walk around Seville today and I think you’ll appreciate that they are much more attractive photos today. Hope you are well.

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