Motorhoming in Spain … Super Seville


We didn’t sleep very well last night, not only has the temperature dropped but we are parked directly opposite the Seville Docks and they work all night and I mean all night. So there was a cacophony of unknown clangs, bangs, whirrs and buzzes which constantly woke us up. We woke up feeling a little chilly but after a couple of coffees, we locked up the van and taking the pushchair with us as a safety net we set off. I was right, there is no way it’s 10 mins on foot, by Lear jet maybe!!


We entered Seville by going into the Park of Marie Louisa and it was stunning, I love city parks, no matter where, be it London, New York,  Marbella, Paris and now Seville, they are such havens of peace in an otherwise busy city. This park was superb, lovely sandy walk ways, beautiful street lamps and kiosks selling warm, freshly made gaufres. Of course, this park was crammed with beautiful orange trees and stunning buildings of Moorish design – absolutely beautiful.



It’s from this park that we arrived at the ‘Plaza d’Espana’, what a gem, simply stunning. A huge beautiful building, the architecture was so attractive, arches, bridges, fountains, columns and all around the building were simply beautiful tiled plaques representing all the areas of Spain. We loved it.  There were the inevitable pavement sellers, fans, castanets, paintings etc. I was approached by a Romani Gypsy who wanted to sell me some Lucky Heather, Hey hang on a minute, I’m  meant to be the Gypsy!!! I declined as nicely as I could and she gave me a really evil look – I hope she didn’t put a spell on me! If so it’ll be a trip back to the dentist – something isn’t quite right with my tooth but I’ve decided to ignore it as much as i can for now!!!




I went into a Pharmacy to buy some Paracetamol pain killers and they were extra strength, and 40 in a box. This just wouldn’t happen in the UK it’s law that you can only buy 16 tablets unless you go to the medicine counter and even then you only get 500mg strength. Something else I bought over the counter that really shocked me was a Ventolin inhaler! Now, that you can only get on prescription from a doctor in the UK! So I shall be stocking up on those while I’m here!


We really felt the cold walking along and I wished I’d had my gloves but we stopped for a lovely cup of hot chocolate at a pavement cafe with a heater, so once we’d defrosted we set off again. Charlie did ever so well but fell at the last hurdle and climbed into the pushchair and we pushed him for the last mile!



We’re back in the van now, the sun has come out, we’re going to eat, watch a movie, have an early night and set off in the morning….ooh I’m loving this trip.

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