Motorhoming in Portugal … and back to Spain!

Oh dear! What are we playing at? Well, we were in Spain, went along the south coast of Portugal, with plans of heading further North, saw the weather forecast and scuttled back across the border into Spain again. Well, I suppose that’s the joy of motorhoming, you can move on whenever you like to wherever you want to be!

Portugal, what we saw of it, was absolutely lovely and we’ll definitely be going back at some stage, but not just yet, we still want to feel the warmth of the sun on our old bones!

We visited Lagos on the South Coast and it was lovely, as we arrived at the seafront, we pulled up into a car park and got out for a wander, well we couldn’t have chosen a better place, just look at these photos, it was stunning. A secluded little cove with high cliffs on either side with tunnels through the rock faces to the sea beyond. The sky was blue, as was the sea in fact some people were swimming in it! All in all not my usual December weather, but I’m loving it.,






We headed towards the town for a walk about, it was very pleasant although there were a huge number of street beggars with dogs, and they seemed to take a little bit too much interest in Charlie for my liking, no matter where we went, they stared at him, pointed at him and were obviously talking about him, which I found very disconcerting! I still don’t know why. Even more disturbing, was the sight that greeted us as we walked into a little side street, yes a cardboard cut-out of Cliff Richard no less, this is obviously where he sells his wine, the shop was empty!! Not a good sign although to be honest there weren’t that many tourists there Smile There was a lovely prom along the front and we had fun watching the little fishing boats coming in.





We stayed one more night in Portugal, the terrible thing is when we move around like this we can’t remember where we’ve been and we have long conversations that normally start with “Where did we sleep last night?”. We stayed in a site in Tavira which resembled a massive car park although it was cheap, spotlessly clean and we slept really well after watching the final episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’! For those of you who’ve seen it, how on earth do you remember who is who?  I got in a real mess trying to remember all the characters but thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it was a little gory in places. (I have no sofa to hide behind in Harry!!!)

The trip back to Spain was weird, the weather was fabulous as we left and then there were patches of the densest fog but with blue sky! I’ve never experienced anything like it, it was very, very spooky. As we drove along on the motorway, we experienced something very strange, the sun was on our right hand side, suddenly we saw a tall tower on our left hand side and the sun appeared to be coming out through a cloud behind it … impossible – the sun  CANNOT be in two places at the same time. It was all rather freaky! We still can’t explain it, unless the tower had mirrors on it maybe?




Last night we stayed in a site in Spain, not far from here and found that apart from a German chap with his caravan we were the only people there. We took advantage of the washing machines and tumble dryers and now everything smells clean again. I had a choice of one of 7 showers!!! (I also smell very clean now!)


Today we have been to Cordoba, it should be called Cor!!!!! Cordoba, what an amazing place, every single corner you turn there is something of historical value, a church, a cathedral, a synagogue, a Roman ruin, along with all the tiny little streets in the Jewish Quarter, I think the highlight for me was finding the stables where they were training one of the horses that takes part in the ‘Spectacle’, it was fascinating, how on earth do they get horses to do all that?








We walked for hours, Charlie on the other hand decided as the buggy was there, he was gong to use it and bless him, although he did well, he eventually flagged out as we sat at a cafe enjoying this lovely selection of mini rolls with delicious fillings, with beer and a rather generous glass of Rose for just 11 Euros!





I finished off this afternoon skyping my friends in the UK, who were having a Christmas get together, it was so lovely to see everyone, I felt quite emotional seeing everyone together and wished I’d been there with them. However, I still have a little bit of the travel bug in me, so onwards and upwards. I think we’ll sleep well tonight after all our walking … we’re in a city camp-site and guess what? We’re the only ones here again!!! Oh and as I’m typing this the local church bells are ringing out ‘Holy Night’ it’s lovely 🙂

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Portugal … and back to Spain!

  1. The tower is quite something. I’m sure I’ve seen pictures of it on Pinterest. I’ll need to be more aware in future. I love the picture of you and Charlie. The horse was my favorite (as I love horses), until I saw Charlie snoozing in the buggy. So sweet. What an adventure you’re having, and I can’t thank you enough for sharing it. 🙂

    • I’ve since found out that the tower is a solar power you can google earth it by searching Solar Tower, Ecija, Spain. It;s a huge thing! The stables were definatley my highlight of Cordoba, as for Charlie, what can I say, he’s just such a sweetheart and everyone who sees him, loves him, he’s my little cracker. You’re in for a treat with today’s blog from Granada!!

  2. Ah that was a lovely story and those photos of Charlie with his little eyes screws up with the sun on him. I am on Skype now so we can have a chat some time if you fancy x x

    • We’re having such a lovely time, Yvonne, I don’t think I’ll ever want it to end. Charlie has been truly amazing, we didn’t think he would last the journey but he’s doing so well, if anything, he seems to be getting younger!!! I too have Skype but we have terrible problems getting internet connection that is strong enough to use it. But hopefully we can chat soon. Lots of love to you and the family, have a wonderful Christmas xxxxx

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