Motorhoming in Spain … Christmas Food Shopping!

Last night I did manage to go out with the camera and take a couple of shots of some of the decorations around the site. It really is quite Christmassy here although it all seems a bit strange during the day time.





I feel as though something terrible is going to happen, it can’t be right that I’m so happy and contented. One thing that’s for sure is that when all of this is over, I will be covered in deep wrinkles the result of smiling so much! I’m enjoying this so much, I never want it to end. Unfortunatly I think we will both have to work well into our 80s in order to pay for it all!! Worth every penny though!

We woke up and it was still dark and yet we sat drinking our coffee with the windows open at 8:30 a.m. (how civilized!) Our neighbours, Kevin and Jan popped over to say they were popping into Fuengirola to do a bit of shopping and would we like a lift, well we couldn’t say no! Off we went, leaving Charlie in Harry with a raw carrot and a couple of biscuits, so he was absolutely fine. Fuengirola is the same as any other shopping centre in the UK, except it’s the palm trees that are covered in Christmas lights!



Well, honestly, I was amazed, we ended up at Iceland!!! Which had a small area dedicated to Waitrose products, I mean really! Talk about home away from home. The tills were ringing, people queuing at the cash desks, paying for turkey, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, mince pies etc. … it was exactly the same as the 23rd December back in the UK except the sun was shining, the carol singers were Spanish girls playing guitars and there were palm trees in the car park! Now then – not so long ago, I would’ve berated these English people from doing exactly the same as they would back home, but now I totally understand what’s going on. The people here are living their lives but in the sun, so I say good on them for doing what is traditional.



We, on the other hand, are somewhat different, we bought some steak, some potatoes and a bottle of bubbly and that’s about it! That’s going to be our Christmas Dinner, and if everything goes to plan, we will be parked up at the beach.  However, one of the most brilliant things happened at Iceland, I found mixer biscuits for Charlie, that doesn’t sound overly exciting but you wouldn’t believe it, it is damn near impossible to buy ordinary mixer biscuits over here, they have just about every single brand of complete meal but no plain biscuits. We have been cooking rice for Charlie every day and so tonight it will be a huge relief to just serve him what he’s used to. We bought two mega bags just to tide us over!!

After a wonderful lunch of grilled marinated Chicken the Hubster has popped out to see if he can buy a Sim card with some data on it, so that if the internet connection is bad here on Christmas Day, we will be able to use it to contact the family. While he was gone, I took Charlie for a walk on the beach. What a pleasure! I ended up lying in the sand dunes with Charlie by my side, just taking in the view of the azure blue sea and watching children in the water (yes it’s that warm!!)

But I suppose you can’t have it all, and although our new pitch is totally level, we are under a massive pine tree which blocks all the sunshine – dammit, but hey, I’m not complaining.

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Christmas Food Shopping!

  1. Christmas lights! Very pretty. Yay for finding biscuits for Charlie! Is he as happy about the find? I’m curious if he’s grown accustomed to his new diet. The day sounds well spent, specially the laying on the sand with Charlie and watching the sea. Happy Christmas!

    • Oh my, it’s been our biggest problem finding the right food for Charlie’s sensitive tummy, poor little soul, we’ve tried everything and ended up with rice, canned meat and a raw carrot! Now we have his bickies and canned meat, he’s absolutley chuffed, all back to normal and he looks happier and healthier for it. When we got here he could barely walk 500metres, yesterday we did a leisurely 4 kilometres! I can hardly believe it’s the same dog! He’s just wonderful, we love him to bits. Everywhere we go, someone stops to stroke him and ask us all about him, strange really because he really isn’t what one would class as a ‘cute’ dog!!

  2. Hi, hubby has been following and enjoying your blog as we are also travelling now with our 2 doggies and visiting some of the places you have been. He was reading your blog to me this morning and at the end you mentioned you were parked under a pine tree. I’m just writing because some pine trees have the nests of processionary caterpillars in them which can be very dangerous and even deadly to dogs. You are probably aware of them but if not you need to look out for white fluffy structures that look like candy floss. If Charlie eats one at the very least he could loose his tongue and even one hair from their bodies getting in his drinking water could be deadly. I would hate for anyone to loose their beloved pet so hope you don’t mind me writing. Anyway that aside Merry Christmas and keep up the blog it’s great.

    • Oh my goodness thank you so much for the info, we’ve not noticed any of them around but will definitely be on the look out. We’re fortunate in that ‘normally’ Charlie doesn’t eat oddities but it would be just our luck, so we shall keep an eye out for them. Let me wish you a Happy New Year, may it be a healthy and happy one. I hope you had a great Christmas, I can’t believe it’s come and gone, and we’re back to studying maps again! Take care and thank you once again.

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