Motorhoming in Spain … Home Sweet Home = Cleaning!

As I said yesterday, it feels like we’ve come home.  We know our way around, we know which of the showers is the strongest and the hottest! We know where to put all  our rubbish, where to fill the van with water, where to empty the grey water, the loo and where to do the washing up. We recognise people’s faces and it’s good to see them all. Friendly, happy people that say hello but don’t get in our faces!! We’re so terribly anti social aren’t we? Actually we’re really not that bad, we went and had a coffee with our ex-neighbours Kevin and Jan earlier on and caught up with what’s been going on.

We chose a pitch last night on arrival and no matter how much we played with the chocks, two at the back and one at the front right hand wheel, then two at the front and one at the back, we just couldn’t get Harry level. Ah well, we thought, it’ll do for the night and we’ll sort it out tomorrow. That’s all very well, but I had a terrible night’s sleep, I was slipping down the bed and eventually ended up turning around and sleeping in the opposite direction! I woke up, with my head slap bang up against the wall of the van, with a headache and feeling very disconcerted and ever so slightly drunk, it’s a very strange feeling, I find myself holding on the the head rests and the counter as I walk up the van to the bathroom, it’s a little bit akin to being in a moving train! Decision made, move pitches! We walked around the site looking at all the available pitches and found one just 5 spots up from where we were last time we stayed. Before settling in, we drove down to the local Lidl and did a massive shop, thinking we would have most of the heavy stuff (water, dog food etc.) in stock ready for the closing period of Xmas, if we need anything else we can walk down to the village.

The rest of today we have been cleaning Harry and sorting out the cupboards! After 6 months of living in Harry, the cupboards do seem to get a little bit of a mess, even though we’re getting very good at putting things back where they belong. It tends to be the clothes that get in a mess, plus we have now put away the very summery clothes and actually pulled out a couple of woolly sweaters, boy am I glad we packed them, we definitely needed them in Granada and Cordoba. Here on the coast, however, it’s mild. It has been very overcast and cloudy today, but we’ve had the windows open all day and it hasn’t been chilly at all.

I haven’t taken any photos today but may just go out at twilight and take some photos of the Christmassy lights here on the campsite. I may not so don’t hold your breath!! I’ve just popped two at the bottom of this post, I hope you can see them, they are panoramic photos that the Hubster took on his phone yesterday at Granada.

We are trying to decide what we will do after Christmas, which direction to go in, where to stay and for how long. I’m up for travelling back along the southern coast of Spain retracing our footsteps back to Almeria, it’s a lovely spot and nice and warm. Portugal is out of the picture for the moment as the weather really isn’t ideal for motorhome life and of course we have to think of Charlie. Seeing how happy he was on arrival here yesterday and today he’s been so happy and relaxed, we don’t think he’s overly keen on the constant travelling and overnight stops.Never the less, he has been absolutely brilliant. I can’t wait to take him down to the beach tomorrow, I’m quite sure he will recognise where he is and he’ll love a bit of a run in the surf.

As for Christmas Day, we are hoping to take the van, and park up somewhere overlooking the sea, we will cook ourselves something nice and tasty and watch the waves. No decorations, no presents, no sleeping on the sofa after stuffing our faces, no Queen’s speech and NO WORK!!! The last Christmas Day the Hubster had off was once in 1986 and once in 1991 so we are just pleased that we can spend the day together and enjoy it. Some may find us a little odd but after years of making sure everyone else’s Christmas is a pleasant day, we just want something simple. I just hope the sun shines and that I can get a good internet connection so that I’ll be able to Skype the family!






4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Home Sweet Home = Cleaning!

  1. just to say my friends live near L,Ampolla. post code 43895 They have almond and I think olive groves. they have a few dogs. great dane is one black and white is it pie bold or something like that. their biggest place is Barcelona Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2014 07:24:32 +0000 To:

    • Well it’s christmas morning and we’ve woken up to clear blue skies although it’s a little nippy just yet! We’ll be off to the beach with Charlie later, hoping I can get some photos of him having fun:)

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