Motorhoming in Spain … Xmas is over and we’re causing Mayhem!

Christmas Day was very special … very different but we really enjoyed it. I had an element of doubt as to whether Christmas in the sun would be every thing I thought it would be. I wondered if on Christmas morning the sight of blue skies and bright sunshine would somehow remind me how far from the family I was. None of this happened, we woke up and the atmosphere on the campsite was one of warmth and happiness, everyone going around their business. We greeted neighbours and were greeted by happy ‘Merry Christmas’s’ with smiles and joy.

We kicked off the day with a good old fashioned Cooked Breakfast, it wasn’t what we had planned but we’d visited Kevin and Jan and the smell of their bacon and eggs got our juices flowing, so we did likewise! Then it was coffee and mince pies at Kev and Jan’s van. We left them as they had friends coming over for Christmas dinner and all through the campsite there was much activity and people in pinnies! The smell reminded me of my sister’s kitchen, which up till now has been ‘the best’ place to be on Christmas Day. The aroma of roasting turkey, stuffing and all the trimmings was in the air, it was all slightly surreal!


We took our chilled bottle of bubbly, some nibbles and a blanket and headed for the beach. We were amazed how many people were there, but found ourselves a lovely, quiet spot, laid down our blanket and toasted to absent friends and family, it was wonderful! I thought Charlie would be wanting to go down to the surf, but he decided to lay with us on the blanket and just before we left i took him down to the water’s edge.


It didn’t feel Christmassy but it felt special, we stayed about 4 hours and wandered back to the campsite. We cooked our simple but very tasty meal of steak and sautéed potatoes and opened a special bottle of red wine that had been given to us by some very dear friends back in the UK.


All in all a brilliant day, we didn’t overeat, we didn’t fall asleep in front of the TV, there wasn’t a bauble, a pressy, gift wrap. or a cracker in sight, but it didn’t seem to matter – we enjoyed the simplicity of it.


As life is, nothing is perfect and the one compromise we’ve had to make is having a pitch that is totally in the shade, now this normally wouldn’t be a problem, but I want the sunshine, after all that is one of the reasons we are here. Unfortunately when the sun goes in, or standing in the shade, it is decidedly chilly and I’d taken to wearing a woolly jumper and my big sheepskin boots while everyone else on the campsite was wandering around in shorts and flip flops!  We’ve made it our mission to find another pitch which comes with ensuite sunshine.


Now on a terrace just above our pitch is an empty pitch, it’s a relatively small pitch but it has the sunshine from 9 am till about 4pm so that’s really interesting. We’ve seen at least 3 vans trying to park there, there’s a lot of pushing, shoving, the wife shouting, left a bit, right a bit and then a massive high pitched ‘STOP’, two minutes later they’re gone! Why? Well slap bang in the middle of this ideal pitch is a pine tree with a very large trunk, to the right there is no way you can enter a van, to the left hand side there may just be enough room, so we took the bull by the horns and asked reception if we could give it a go.

We arrived, firstly we tried to park horizontally, nope that didn’t work as we ended up blocking the access road, then we tried reversing into the spot, nope we couldn’t open the door! So we drove straight into it and there is about 3 inches on either side, we had every man and his wife out watching us, tutting, shaking their heads, I know damn well what they were thinking ‘Fools, they’ll never get that in there!’ Well, they don’t know Harry and they certainly don’t know the hubster and me! If we set our minds on something, we will try everything humanly possible and guess what? After much shoving and pushing we got Harry into the tiny space! I swear Harry held his breath and pulled his tummy in! I look at the van now and I can’t believe we got in when others didn’t – although after all the manoeuvres we were both hot, sweaty and needed a shower! The tree is so close that we can’t open the door properly, but we’re in! Result – we have a pitch that is flooded with sunshine, I’m not convinced that the neighbours are overly keen to have us here as they’d been spoiled with an empty plot next to them for quite a while, but hey, all I can say is ‘Tough luck’ we’re here!  Charlie is delighted to have the sun on his old bones, as am I. We do however need to have a bit of a shifty later as we aren’t completely level and as a result all the cupboards and drawers shoot open as soon as we undo the catches and I foresee an accident happening as the coffee mugs slide when we put them on the table!! Small price to pay for this wonderful warmth. 


4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Xmas is over and we’re causing Mayhem!

  1. Ithink that sounds about right for you two, i love the snow coming down your page. Christmas here was fine also. Still no snow they keep saying we are getting. Work has been interesting, no trying on of sale clothes , customrs not too happy, they are trying things on on the shop floor. ha ha. Apart from that nothing changes and am I pleased, went to bhs woking found a smashing coat but no bavy, contacted head office they couldnt help, rang camberley , always so helpfull in that area , none my size but reading had 5. We went to reading the journey was so bad took at least 1 and half hours, well I have never seen such a massive shopping centre with a river running through the middle, every one happy, escalators here there and everywhere, river side cafe,s , the journey home took 20 mins, but boy was I pleased to see WOKING on the sign post. Coat amazing , good fit price and warm. have fun love the photos , was that last one a selfie, if so do you have one of those sticks. My brother was a photographer and years as when i was a child he had a box on trypod with a lead that you walked away from then pushed the silver button, they all think this stick is a new invention…wrong.

    • OMG Reading that’s where M and S sent me for my Section Coordinator training!! It looked nice though. I’m so glad you got your coat, well worth the journey. Yeop I’m llike your brother a tripod and a remote control to set off the camera…very old fashioned, no long stick for me!!!

  2. Harry holding his breath and pulling his tummy in made me laugh out loud! It sounds like you have a lovely day. Hurrah for finding ensuite sunshine! Well done! Thanks for the mini mental vacation with your lovely pictures and delightful words.

    • Hi Judy, well today has been really windy, but still absolutely lovely compared to what the UK is receiving! We’ve seen that they have snow, frost and ice brrrrr! Here in northern Spain they’ve had very heavy snow so we’re feeling extremely priviledged to be down here in the sunshine. I hope you enjoy today’s photos, it may be windy but the sea is still blue as is the sky. I think this trip will stay with me forever:D

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