Motorhoming in Spain … just chillin’

Well it’s that time between Christmas and New Year that appears to be a kind of nothing time, once special day is gone and we are waiting for the onslaught of the other!

It appears that we have succumbed to what can only be described as a Foodie Feast! We have two sets of neighbours who’ve known each other for many years and kindly they have let us into their inner circle! These people are very much like us, they like the sun, they like their food and they like their wine, they can tell a good tale and have the ability to make us laugh. So, yep, we like them! Over the last couple of days they’ve invited us to join them for some wonderful meals and good company.


Today was our turn to cook. Well that’s all very well but bearing in mind we only have four of everything and there are 6 of us, it meant that lunch had to take place at Judy and Steve’s van; well it’s only proper, they are the ones that get most of the sun and they have 6 plates, 6 knives, 6 forks and 6 glasses!!! Right – that’s the venue settled and now for the menu. In most circumstances the hubster can cook for the masses at the drop of a hat, but for 6 – in Harry – with very few implements, I’m afraid we copped out and went for Pate, Cheese, Bread and Wine!




I know, I know it was hardly cordon bleu but it just goes to show, it really does depend on who you are sharing your meal with. It was a really lovely couple of hours spent sitting in the sunshine, nibbling away, chatting and just generally enjoying each other’s company. Great fun.

Charlie delighted just to be with us, lying at our feet, hoping and praying one of us would drop a tasty morsel. He wasn’t overly disappointed!


If you read my blog yesterday about us moving to a new pitch and just squeezing in I thought you would appreciate this photo of Harry’s proximity to the fence!!! Nice one, Hubby.


4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … just chillin’

  1. Just got the weather forecast for tonight.Frost and cold everywhere,so your pictures of your sunny afternoon warmed me up, well done with that parking by the way. X x

    • Oh bless you Yvonne. I’ve seen the weather on the news over here, they have had heavy snow up north so we’re going to stay put for a while yet!! We have had a really windy day here but we went down to the beach – the sea still looks wonderful, I don’t think I would ever tire of seeing it. I really love the colours. So glad my photos are bringing you a little bit of sunshine xxxx

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