Motorhoming in Spain … Facing new Challenges!

I dropped off to sleep last night listening to the tinkling of pine needles landing on Harry’s roof. It’s a sound I’ve come to love, falling leaves, pine needles, berries, I listen to them fall and then roll the length of the roof (because we are rarely parked on a level!) where they drop to the ground.

I woke this morning to a huge clatter/bang on the roof, a pine cone!! Wow now that can beat any alarm clock!! The wind has picked up and when it blows, it blows. It’s a northerly wind so it has quite a bite to it. Although we’re lucky that we do have blue skies and sunshine too and we’re extremely lucky that we are squeezed into the spot we have, Harry is nestled in between a caravan on one side and a motorhome on the other so we’re protected on both sides by neighbours so we’re not suffering from any rocking!

The whole campsite is hunkering down, awnings are being retracted, upturned flower pots are being swept up, tarpaulins are being tethered and ground sheets are being staked-in well. The large, tall pine trees are swaying in an alarming fashion, I do hope they don’t lose any limbs! The smaller trees are dancing with each other in time to the gusts.

I went first thing this morning with my bucket of washing up from last night. Of course all our crockery and glasses are plastic. We all have a specific way of washing up, mine is to do all the soaping up and then to rinse under running water. (OK probably not the most environmentally friendly way but it’s what I’m used to.) Well, the wind was so strong that my bottle of washing up liquid kept blowing off the top of the sink into the path! Then the steady stream of water was blowing horizontally, so I had to hold my dishes, plates, glasses and cutlery in mid air (and to the right a bit) in order for them to be in the water! Then once they were rinsed I placed them carefully on the draining board where they were lifted off and deposited on the ground, dishes rolling away down the hill gathering sand and plant life on their way! It was a massive challenge, only to get them back, rinse them, to find the sponge had now been blown away! I could’ve done with 6 pairs of hands! I ended up on my own laughing out loud, I couldn’t help myself.

A great day for washing though, so I nipped down and did some hand washing and it is now hanging on the line. (l reckon if the wind continues like this, it’ll be dry within the hour!




We decided to go and walk Charlie down to the beach, I was secretly hoping the surfers would be out. As we left the campsite we saw this ambulance leaving the site, unfortunately due to the average age of people here overwintering, it’s a sad sight that we see quite often. Fingers crossed that all will be well and whoever is inside will be well and back to celebrate the New Year.



Walking down to the beach was easy enough, we had the wind at our backs and so it gave us a bit of a shove! Although there was no way we would be holding a conversation, the wind took our words off into the distance in an instant. Charlie didn’t seem to mind, he’s just happy to be out and about with new smells to sniff at.




As we approached the sea, it was a lovely inky blue with tiny white horses. The palm trees looked all straggly as they were fighting against the wind. I was surprised when we arrived that there were so few waves, in fact less than on a calm day! I think the northerly wind was so strong, waves were having trouble forming!!






As we left the wind really picked up and sent sand coursing over the surface of the beach, we walked back uphill with the wind in our faces, no mean feat. Charlie squinted to keep the sand out of his eyes, I had my sunglasses on but it didn’t stop me getting sand in my eyes, ouch!



We got back to Harry, the washing was dry and we treated ourselves to Bacon Butties. And now as I finish this post the wind is calming down, at this rate I’ll be sitting out in the sun in my shorts by this afternoon!!



8 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Facing new Challenges!

  1. very bracing that was, i felt the wind and the waves. Its so interesting , now i am not one for reading books, i do have problems but I could read your blogs over and over , infact i do. xxxx

  2. Such days always make me think of Winnie the Pooh and the Blustery Day. Of course, I love the picture of Charlie. I also enjoyed the colorful laundry and the deep blue sea. I laughed at your dishwashing debacle… adventure. 😉 I also soap and rinse. Congratulations on finally winning over the wind. 😀

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