Motorhoming in Spain … First post of the New Year

Welcome to 2015! Can you believe it? Time really does fly when you enjoy yourself!

Although I’d decided what I wanted to do on Christmas Day, I hadn’t given any thought at all to the New Year, so when our new friends asked if we would like to join them at the local Indian restaurant, for a meal on New Year’s Eve, we were more than a little flattered and accepted their kind invitation to gate-crash their party!


We went to the Jaipur Palace and we were all very pleasantly surprised, a beautiful meal, beautifully presented and it was absolutely delicious. What I found really refreshing was that they didn’t have a set price menu for New Year’s Eve, we were able to choose from the menu and the prices hadn’t been augmented just because it was the 31st December!! It was a lovely evening, we ate, we drank (not too much I’m glad to report!) and were back home in our respective beds by 11pm.





The Hubster and I prepared our 12 grapes, a Spanish tradition, one to be eaten on each toll of the bell on the run up  to midnight, we then lay on our bed with the window wide open watching the firework display, from the local Italian restaurant, just above our heads, we had ringside seats!! (I may add that their set menu was 110 Euros, per person – not including wine!)

This morning, was the annual New Year’s swim down at the beach … yes you did read that correctly, OK we have blue skies and warm weather but wild horses wouldn’t get me into the water! It the Swedes that do this. every year apparently (they must be crackers!) We walked down to the beach with camera and dog (no swimming costumes for us!) I was amazed by the turnout, it was a wonderful event, the atmosphere was one of fun, laughter and happiness. I was in awe as my two new friends, Jan and Judy, decided they were going to take the plunge … literally! What brave ladies!


As swimmers and onlookers gathered on the beach, dogs ran amok, playing with each other and kicking sand up and generally annoying most people, personally I found it joyful to see these animals totally ignoring the humans and getting on with the more important things in life, ie: chasing each other, crashing in the surf and weaving in and out of human legs!



Little by little people started preparing for the big dip, they removed clothing and stood on the beach, shivering, waiting to go into the water, the wind whipped up and it had a biting chill, I was grateful I had my fleece! There was of course the obligatory “exhibitionist” who created quite a roar of laughter as he disrobed!


The siren sounded and they were off, the swimmers (from now on to be known as ‘the brave’) joined hands and ran into the surf, there was a synchronised intake of breath as they hit the water! I was very impressed how long they actually stayed in the water, to be honest, had it been me, I would’ve dipped my toes at the most gone in up to my knees, but these guys went right in up to their necks and swam!! As they emerged after their chilling challenge they rubbed themselves down with towels, their faces beaming with joy and above all achievement, they had every reason to be chuffed. What an experience!Hot coffees were shared, individual experiences recounted and body temperatures were restored!




Our little group decided it would be nice to get together for lunch and the men pulled out all the stops and prepared a paella as a starter and we followed that with chicken with mushrooms in a cream sauce, followed by fresh fruit salad, coffees and chocolates!

What a new year’s day! Not bad given that we had nothing planned.

I could write something deep and meaningful about the end of one year and the beginning of a new one, hopes, dreams, expectations and resolutions but we have got such a lot ahead of us, that I wouldn’t know where to start, so I’m just wishing for some good health and happiness and I think the rest will be up to us!!

I wish you all a very happy new year and hope that you’ll continue to follow our adventures. It’s been great so far, so let’s hope it continues eh?


5 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … First post of the New Year

  1. What I think is FANTASTIC is what I think,thank you for letting us share your tour, I for onel love it Happy New Year x x x x

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