Motorhoming in Spain … On the road again!

Well, here we go again!

We loved every minute at Cabopino but to be honest the last two days we seem to have been a little bored, we’d seen everything there was to see, had done everything there was to do, and had tidied Harry to within an inch of his life. I’d cleaned out drawers, the fridge, the hob, we’d washed the floor and generally had everything ship-shape.

Time to move on!!

Bye Bye Malaga, hope to see you again soon (in particular some of it's residents)

Bye Bye Malaga, hope to see you again soon (in particular some of it’s residents)

Actually more like time to move backwards!! We are retracing our steps back along the south coast of Spain, we were in such a hurry to get to Malaga to see our friends on arrival, that most of what we saw was a blur, so we’re going back to see what we missed! At the same time this enables us to stay with the sun!!

With the sea on our right-hand side this time round!

With the sea on our right-hand side this time round!

The hubster managed to get Harry out of his tight spot in two manoeuvres and trust me that is quite an achievement, absolutely brilliant start to the day!

We said goodbye to our new found friends this morning, it’s a funny feeling leaving a site after having been there for so long, it’s a case of leaving the known and throwing ourselves back into the unknown!  I’m quite sure we will meet these friends again along the way, I certainly hope so. We’ve been so lucky with the few people we’ve met, they’ve been real gems and have made our stay all the richer for having spent time with them. We met up at the campsite bar last night for a farewell drink.

We set off this morning and my heart skipped a beat, as we drove along with the sea on our right hand side this time! What a view! I never tire of seeing the sea, the boats, the waves and the beaches, it’s glorious! Today the weather has been a balmy 21 degrees and it’s been most welcome. I do love a good frosty day back in the UK but this is such a treat, I’m going to savour each and every minute. We played a game of ‘spot the cloud’ – it didn’t last long as there wasn’t one to be seen!

Seriously, could you ever tire of seeing this?

Seriously, could you ever tire of seeing this?

Typical Sunday drive, cyclists by the dozen and reversing motorhomes! A very common sight in Spain :)

Typical Sunday drive, cyclists by the dozen and reversing motorhomes! A very common sight in Spain 🙂

We set off for the camp-site that I had earmarked in the ACSI book, would you believe it, we’re the 4th January and it was fully booked? So much for good planning! We have continued along the old coast road and found this camp-site, set back from the coast but perfectly fine. We are parked under the avocado trees and I’m glad to say there are no fruit because if one were to fall on Harry’s roof we’d have a massive dent! It’s facilities are fine and clean, we’re parked up in the winter sunshine and we have internet connection and electricity all for 14 Euros! I mean, honestly, you can’t really complain at that can you?

We will only stay here one night and plan to move on tomorrow to the next town, Nerja and possibly stay there a couple of days and do a little bit of exploring.

Our trip here was lovely and we easily got back into the habit of preparing a flask of coffee and managed to find a spot on a beach for a wee refresher, and of course Charlie got to have a bit of a stroll with the sand between his paws! I don’t think he’s overly keen on moving on everyday so we may just take our time and not rush quite as quickly as we have in the past, well that’s the idea, we’ll see what transpires!

Our spot for coffee, view from Harry's window!

Our spot for coffee, view from Harry’s window!


Oh I have a funny story to tell you, that I now feel able to tell as we have left the camp-site!!

On Christmas morning we were sat drinking our morning coffee, waking up slowly and coming to terms that we were not working on Christmas Day. We noticed two young boys about 7 and 9 years old coming knocking the door of the motorhome that was parked up next to us. This motorhome belonged to a Swedish couple, who were the grandparents of the two, young and very excited boys. They were there knocking at the door calling for Grandpa and Grandma to open the door, obviously anticipating Christmas gifts from the grandparents. We watched, it melted our hearts, “how sweet?” we watched in silence as we saw the sweet scene unfold. Sweet scene, indeed! Grandpa opened the door in his birthday suit!! Absolutely starkers! The kids didn’t flinch obviously totally at ease at the sight of Grandpa and all his appendages, we, however, will never be the same again!! I can only imagine what ‘our’ faces must have looked like as we clapped eyes on Grandpa’s treasures!! We closed the window and finished our coffees in fits of laughter, honestly we’re such a couple of ninnies!!  Happy Christmas everybody!!

6 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … On the road again!

  1. That sounded a little bitter sweet,or rather perhaps that’s how would have felt,still another new adventure. Regarding grandad in his birthday suit,it’s a wonder he disint have a sign saying merry Christmas,pull my cracker. X x

    • Pull your cracker!!! ha ha!! I’m just glad he didn’t have any decorations hanging from it!! Boy it was a heck of a start to Christmas Day 🙂 We’re back on the road now and in no time back to our old tricks. Had a great day today, looking forward to writing up about it. xxx

    • What a lovely quote, although try as I may, I just can’t forget it!! What a rude Christmas awakening but very, very amusing none the less. The views here are ‘ten a penny’ it would be so easy to take them for granted, I am bowled over every day by how beautiful it is here. Take care Judy, hope you like today’s photos!!

  2. Lol… taken by your adventures and great anecdote. Didn’t realize that there were lots of RVs in Europe… this may change my bucket list of adventures to be had!

    • Hey Carol, thanks for the ‘follow’! RV’s in Europe, it’s full of them, France is incredibly RV friendly with free parking almost in every town and village, some with free electricity and services! Spain also loves RV’s but is more targeted to campsites and you can’t fault them, they are large, clean and have all the facilities you could possibly want. Spain also has the most incredible coast with roads that would rival any motorway back in the UK and they are mostly free to boot!!! So I think you will definitely be needing to review your Bucket List, you have to do it, it’s fabulous!!!! Keep following and I’ll do my very best not to bore you too much!!!

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