Motorhoming in Spain … with a poorly old dog!

Well I don’t know whether it is law here in Spain but it appears that many campsites we’ve visited are located next to either the local dog pound or kennels and for some reason they all start barking and howling at approximately midnight!  Fortunately Charlie is now almost totally deaf and so can’t hear them or I’m sure he’d want to join in (some dogs on site do and we hear much shushing by the owners!)Last night the chorus eventually came to a halt around 2am!

Prince Charles

Poorly Prince Charles

At 4 am we were woken by Charlie making very strange noises, he wanted needed to go out and quickly! The hubster, half asleep and stumbling around the van, put on his shoes and struggled to find Charlie’s harness, lead and ‘a bag’ and lifted him down out of the van, as they left the van, I could hear Charlie’s tummy grumbling. Now I won’t go into too much detail because if you aren’t a dog owner you may find the information too squeamish! Having said that if you are a parent you can probably guess! 20 mins later they were back, Charlie looking relieved and the Hubster looking tired and cold!

Again at 8 am Charlie wasn’t well, and it’s been touch and go all day. So, according to all the rules, we’ve given him nothing to eat. Poor little soul keeps walking to the food drawer and making little whining noises, he thinks we’ve forgotten to feed him!  We’re crossing our fingers that he won’t need to go out during the night tonight!  I could so easily have made this such a funny story but as Charlie is elderly and we didn’t think he’d make it this far, it seems a little mean to joke about it, when deep down we’re actually quite concerned. We’ve thought back to what may have caused this, the only thing we can think of is, stress from the constant moving around. So we’ve decided to come to this campsite and settle for maybe a week or so and see how the dog copes with a little bit of stability.

We were going to go to visit a castle today, but after much research on the internet and talking to fellow campers we learn that the town was totally inaccessible in a motorhome, it didn’t appear to fair much better for cars, so we gave it a wide berth. We’d decided to stay at a little site on the coast but I’m afraid the Sat Nav lady and the map just couldn’t agree on how to get there and to top it all off there was a new motorway that neither of them knew about and as a result we ended up sailing past it!


Sat Nav Lady totally confused, she lost the roads!! All of them!

Instead of faffing around, finding a roundabout and turning round we decided to forge ahead and go on to the next campsite on our list. We’re at Roquettas de Mar. It’s a large site, with hard standing for Harry and we have palm trees and a lovely large cactus next to our pitch.

The road here was fabulous, we were back on the tunnel –viaduct –tunnel- viaduct road again.


Tunnels, plenty of them.


Snow capped mountains


Sharp intake of breath


That’s dedication, we couldn’t work out how he got on to the rock!

There were a few good intakes of breath thanks to the views and sometimes due to the sheer drops, but I think I’m overcoming my fear of heights, very slowly but it’s definitely not as bad as it was when we started out. I can’t say the same for the Hubster although he was much more relaxed this time round. Harry behaved impeccably although sometimes I do wonder whether he’s just lazy, he does NOT like hills!! We were overtaken by a car towing an old caravan for goodness sake. It’s a good job we don’t have a deadline!! We’d never make it in Harry, I think he’s a little like us and is learning to chill out a bit!


View over Calahonda, in Almeria





Oh and another breathtaking view – just for good measure.

After all this travelling, one of the best times of the day for me, is when we stop somewhere unexpected for a coffee or a bite to eat and just simply enjoy our surroundings. Today we were up with the seagulls on top of a cliff with incredible views.


Coffee Break for all including Harry


Mid morning break’s view


Up with the birds

After dinner this evening we decided to go for a walk, unfortunately when we showed Charlie the lead, he turned around and got in his bed! So we set off without him, we walked to the end of the site, where there is a gate that gives onto a series of pathways which lead directly to a very long, shingle beach. It’s a flat walk and the path surface is wide enough and hard enough for us to cycle along, so we’re hoping to take Charlie down tomorrow in his trailer. We’re going to take a flask of coffee and some biscuits and spend some quiet time there.

Fingers crossed that Charlie feels better tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … with a poorly old dog!

  1. Ah poor Charlie, lets hope he is soon feeling better. I have just de flead the cats. oooo itchy. i combe them then squash the fleas in a face wipe, they are full of blood then for good measure flush them down the loo. Still have chest infection but holding my own, filled the pond up to day and had breakfast in the garden in the ittle bit of sunshine. To night is freezing. isnt it strange seeing you with lovely pictures of the sun, Amanda on face time showing me australia and we are so cold. xxxx

    • Oh hi, I didn’t know you were poorly, I hope you’re up and about quickly. We too had breakfast in the sun today, it was lovely. Yes I’ve seen the forecast, not so good in the UK. I would love to escape the winter every year, this has been so brilliant and very uplifting. Don’t know how I’ll cope with the winter when we return, I’ll probably get a massive bout of depression. Lucky, lucky Amanda!!

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