Motorhoming in Spain … Dusting down the bikes!

May I first show you a photo of Charlie, he’s feeling much better! Not 100% just yet but definitely got a smile back on his face! Thank you all for your kind messages, they obviously kicked him into gear. I’m glad to report he didn’t get us up during the night!!!


Looking chirpier this morning

I had a lovely FaceTime session with a friend yesterday and she asked “So what do you do all day?” Aha, well you’d be surprised how we fill our days and still seem to run out of time!!

So let me take you through today!

We woke at 6;30! Took the dog out for a quick brisk walk in our pjs!!! (it was still dark so nobody saw us, we hope!)

Then I went off and had a shower and washed my hair (it was still dark and there was a full moon!) I made a mental note to get up to try and get a photo of it tomorrow – it was 7:30.

Then we had a cup of coffee or two and did a bit of tidying up, putting the bedding away, washing up a few cups etc. Then we dusted down the bikes and pumped up the tyres and attached Charlie’s trailer, although he looks better, he was a little lethargic so we thought we’d take him down to the beach in the trailer. Oh my! the face on that dog when he’s being pulled along, he just loves it. He’s just like a little Prince, he has quite a haughty look as he passes people!

We arrived at the beach and let Charlie off the lead for a wander, it was lovely, it’s a really long beach and although it isn’t sand, (very fine shingle) It’s lovely it makes a really satisfying crackle when you walk on it. It is lined by tall palm trees and it also has the most beautiful, lone, tree slap bang on the surf, it’s really attractive.


Tree lined Beach


Lone tree on beach


Shingle beach with Agua Dulce in the distance


Coast roads, A7 upper and N340 lower down

We continued along the beach as there is both a cycle path and a pedestrian path so it’s a really quiet, pleasant ride along and most importantly, it’s flat!! We continued until we came to the tiled promenade where we sat and watched the sun on the water. The local residents walking up and down the prom, obviously a New Year’s resolution!! Then we returned to the beach and let the dog out again for a walk, this time he didn’t want to get back in the trailer so the Hubster very deftly got him to walk along side the bike! It made me laugh, I would’ve ended up on my backside!!


Paved prom with cycle lane


Charlie feeling much better today!

The ride back to the campsite takes us along a rough path through tall grasses and in the distance are the mountains which look fab in the early morning sun. We worked out that we’d done about 8 kilometres in all!! Not bad for a couple of lazy beggars!


Our campsite is between this spot and the mountains!!

We got back to the van, via the camp-site shop, water, bread etc. and set up the table for breakfast, freshly ground coffee and the biggest and most delicious pain au chocolat I’ve ever tasted. Looks like we’ll be needing another bike ride tomorrow!! You’ll appreciate just how unfit I am when you hear this, I stepped out of the van and my knees gave way and I ended up in a praying position at the foot of the steps!! My legs had turned to jelly as for my behind! I feel as though I’ve been horse riding!!


Breakfast al fresco


Don’t ask!!!!

We then set about washing, I’m afraid we’ve become a little lax and had a bit of a backlog. So we paid 4 Euros for the use of the washing machine and washed the covers from the two benches in the van and we did a load of hand washing too. We have a good system, I do the washing and the Hubster (who has thicker skin than me) does the rinsing and the wringing out. We have set up a line between two trees and everything is drying nicely. It’s a lovely day, not as warm as it has been, it’s quite hazy but the sky is white and yet the sun is coming through nicely and there is a breeze, it’s perfect washing and cycling weather!


Carriage fit for a Prince

As we were hanging out the washing, a neighbour came over for a chat, he’s English. The usual, “How long are you here for?”, “Where have you been so far?” “Have you been motorhoming before?”, “Where are you going next?”, “Are you happy with your Hymer?” and of course “Gosh how old is your dog?” then the chap says, “Where are you from in the UK?” We say we’ve come from Surrey but before we were in Cheshire, that’s when he says that he thought the Hubster’s face was familiar, he used to be one of our customers at the pub! He then calls over another camping resident who also had visited the pub while we were there!! As we all agreed, it’s a small world! Although if we’re honest, we didn’t recognise them so they obviously weren’t regulars!!

Well by now, it’s time for our aperitif!! So sitting down in the sun with a glass of Rose (yes I know it’s become a habit!!) with a little bowl of crisps and we set about discussing the meaning of life, the best bits of our trip, what we want for the future!! Well, I can tell you that’s no lightweight chit chat, we talked and talked and talked until we both realised we were starving – so as I type this, the Hubster is cooking up a rather delicious smelling Chilli Con Carne!!

And there you go – it’s already 4pm!!

We shall eat, wash up, play some cards or computer games, walk Charlie and before you know it – it’s bedtime!!

Hope you’ve all had a pleasant day too. Take care


10 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … Dusting down the bikes!

  1. Love that question – what do you do all day? – as with you our days pass by fairly quickly with all the moho jobs, what a lucky life we lead 🙂

  2. What a lovely, relaxing day. 🙂 I adore the picture of Charlie and am delighted to hear he’s feeling better. I also love the picture of the lone tree on the beach.

  3. Blimey that was so funny, the bit about your legs turning to jelly,I can’t stop laughing,makes me feel better if not a bit cold as I am freezing here. Lovely photos especially the big lonely bonsai tree,

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