Motorhoming in Spain … The Best of Days

OK so the video I uploaded yesterday was a disaster, I’ll try again and hopefully I’ll have the correct settings and that will solve the viewing problem.


Also this is the photo that I told you I was going to try and capture. It isn’t the most ideal thing to have to get up and out of your warm bed and walk across a camp site to go to the bathroom in the morning but honestly when I see views like this – I wouldn’t have it any other way.


The perfect “bathroom run” view!

Right so today – what’s been going on? Well last night I received an email from a couple of fellow travellers from Cabopino saying they’d moved on and were now at Roquetas de Mar …What???? that’s where we are!! They arrived a day after us and this site is really quite large and so we hadn’t seen each other. We caught up with them for a coffee this morning and yet another pain au chocolat (I’d already had one breakfast!!) It was so lovely to see them again and catch up with their trip, they’d had some really scary van problems (brakes!) and I know which road they took, and brake problems are really the very last type of problem you’d wish for, on that road! But they arrived safely and have had a visit from a mechanic at the site and the problem has been fixed.


Catching up with Judy and Steve

After coffee we got ready and set off on our bikes with Charlie in tow for the town of Roquetas. What a cracking ride!  There is a cycle path (beautifully flat and paved) that runs all the way along the coast. The wind has been up today, it’s coming off the sea and is quite brisk! Great day for drying washing – that’s another whole post for me to write about “Laundry room etiquette”!!


Ready for our marathon to Lidl!

We cycled all the way into town and as we were there decided to find the local Lidl and buy a couple of treats, well we deserved them!! It makes us laugh as we cram the shopping into Charlie’s trailer which means he is squeezed in with some rather tasty smelling bits and bobs but he tries his best to ignore them and pretend they aren’t there by looking in the opposite direction!  On our return we sat on the front nibbling on naughties, admiring the view and giving in to Charlie’s demands for a morsel!!


The coastline here is truly stunning.

The beach is the local haunt for wind surfers, joggers, cyclists and kite surfers, wow absolutely fabulous. We really enjoyed watching the surfers zipping along the waves. Quite brilliant.


Kite surfers take to the air!


These guys really get some speed up!


I think someone else was having a great day too!


All the fitness freaks out today (including us ha ha!)

Charlie, who is now back to his 100%, was chuffed to be back on the beach. Please, don’t anyone try and tell me that dogs don’t smile!!! This is one happy, happy dog.


Is this dog smiling or is he smiling???? You decide!

We worked out that we had cycled about 10 kilometres, which for some, would be a snip but for us, relatively really unfit couple of blobs – it is quite an achievement! We got back and dug into the massive bag of prawns that we’d bought, with mayonnaise, fresh crusty bread and the obligatory glass of Rose.

The sun is now spilling into Harry and landing right on me as I type, my legs are somewhat shaky but I feel really, really good. It’s been such an enjoyable day.

I shall leave you with some more photos from today’s cycle ride. I hope the video works and I shall start writing up my post on ‘Laundry Room Etiquette’!


Perfect location for birdwatching, loads of different species but I’m very ignorant but it was very, very sweet!


Colours of summer?


Seagulls and white horses



Shame about the bin, but that’s why the beaches are so clean!


Yet another cracking view!


2 thoughts on “Motorhoming in Spain … The Best of Days

  1. Wow! Stunning views! Charlie looks fabulous and definitely smiling. 🙂 Second breakfast! Thank you for sacrificing your warm bed to take the picture. So worth it! Happy your friends made it safe and sound. What a joy to read about and see your lovely adventure. I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: Thank you, Michelle.

    • ~Ah Judy another lovely comment from you, honestly I know without any readers I would continue to blog but it makes all the difference when I know that someone is reading my posts and it gives me some focus when I write them. We’ve had yet another fantastic day today, sometimes I have to pinch myself to check that it isn’t all a dream.

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